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By Deepa Venkitesh

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Copyright 2018 Deepa Venkitesh

It was late evening. Emma Stone was walking slowly along the beach. She was enjoying the sunset. There was no one around. She knew it was crazy to hang around when there was a clear warning to stay away because of the expected storm and possible huge waves.

She was a brave person and actually wanted to see the waves for herself. If anyone had been around, they would have told her to return. She was different from others. When most women preferred clothes, shoes, and jewels, she would always prefer traveling to experience nature. She also loved reading romantic novels and would spend hours on her kindle.

Her friends would tease that she would end up with a person like one of the heroes in the novels but she doubted it. She was just an ordinary person who lived a plain and boring life. She had her own coffee shop next to the beach.

The sound of the wind and the turbulent waves woke her up from her reverie. She looked across to see the huge wave. She took her camera and started taking pictures as fast as she could. Then she bolted towards her shop. A few steps and she banged into a wall. Stunned, she looked up to see it was a man wearing a loose white shirt and shorts. He steadied her and they both ran to her shop.

She recognized him as Shark Jones, the resort owner. She wondered what he was doing on the beach but said nothing. He looked at her and asked why she was on the beach. She replied sheepishly about her likes. He smiled and gave her a squeeze. They both watched as the waves hit the shore. It was not as bad as predicted but strong enough to have washed them away if they had lingered on.

She got up and prepared coffee for both of them and also offered sandwiches which he gladly accepted. They talked for some time and got to know each other. He got up to go but asked her if she wanted to stay in his resort. He was unsure of leaving her alone in her place. She was unsure but something in his look made her want to say yes and she agreed.

She locked her place and went with him to his resort. There were not many people around. The staff welcomed her and made her comfortable in a room. He came along later to see if she wanted anything. She thanked him for his kindness. He was touched by her behavior and on impulse kissed her. She was taken aback but smiled shyly. He asked if she would mind going out with him, the next day. She agreed to go and kissed him back. He grinned and walked away.

She had a good sleep that night of heroes, beaches and happily ever after. The next morning, she woke up early and decided to go over to her shop to see if it was still intact. To her horror, all that remained was a total mess. The beach had been washed over completely. She sat down and felt faint. Suddenly, she felt strong hands holding her. It was Shark Jones. He held her close and tried to pacify her. She held on to him and broke into tears. There was nothing left of the shop. He lifted her chin and kissed her slowly. She felt relaxed and tried to smile at him. He told her that he suspected this would happen and that was why he had taken her along. She thanked him.

They went back to the resort and contacted the insurance office. He helped in dealing with the paper work. He brought her a light breakfast and made sure she ate it. She smiled at his kindness and held his hand. He stroked her hair and told her that he too liked her and always wondered if she would reciprocate his feelings. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and said that it would not be enough but he would take it slowly so that she would not be uncomfortable. She

thanked him for being so understanding. Shark Jones was cold to women but Emma had somehow attracted him and he felt it was his duty to protect her. He told her to stay on in his resort and also asked if she would run the cafe in his building. She was very happy to hear it and accepted the offer. He took her in his arms and gave her a hug and also kissed her again. They were both happy and quite oblivious to the people who were clapping hands nearby.

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