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It was late evening. Emma Stone was walking slowly along the beach. She was enjoying the sunset.

There was no one around. She knew it was crazy to hang around when there was a clear warning to

stay away because of the expected storm and possible huge waves.

She was a brave person and actually wanted to see the waves for herself. If anyone had been

around, they would have told her to return. She was different from others. When most women

preferred clothes, shoes, and jewels, she would always prefer traveling to experience nature. She

also loved reading romantic novels and would spend hours on her kindle.

Her friends would tease that she would end up with a person like one of the heroes in the novels but

she doubted it. She was just an ordinary person who lived a plain and boring life. She had her own

coffee shop next to the beach.

The sound of the wind and the turbulent waves woke her up from her reverie. She looked across to

see the huge wave. She took her camera and started taking pictures as fast as she could. Then she

bolted towards her shop. A few steps and she banged into a wall. Stunned, she looked up to see it

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