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Cosmic Idyllic Paradisic Euphoric

Sunny Jetsun

Sometimes the end of life comes peacefully, as the passing of the day.

S. N. Goenkaji

Exploring the Universe of the Heart

Gratitude, ‘You're on my algaerithm already ~ Love * Light’

All names, characters, images and incidents portrayed in this book are

fictitious. No identification with actual persons and places is intended or

should be inferred. Copyright Disclaimer ~ Under Section 107 of 1976,

Copyright Act. Allowance is made of fair use for purposes of knowledge.

The moral right of the author has been asserted 2018.

Copyright © 2018 Sunny Jetsun

All rights reserved 978-1-910363-72-0

Cosmic Idyllic Paradisic Euphoric

Sunny Jetsun


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Smokin' pot taking off the edge of having '

to leave behind what I adored so much!

All about exquisite Love, Kindness and Calmness ~

Part of my becoming Intuitive ~ Your heart's not open.

Here have a spear, spare Trishula, burning deeply, feel it!

“I don't know what I feel about anything” I love, I can’t Love.

How long lost in the same menagerie, lookin’ for each other?


Letting go of the Yin*Yang

Firing it Up with Full Intent, to be Co*Creators.

That Flame ~ Sharing It in Crystalline Wisdom.

She had a lot of coquettish expression on her face.

Filled with free Love Spirit from everywhere ~

You were a Goddess at that moment ~ smiling.

Shiva Shakti duality ~ Identical Identity Frame

of your Cosmic soul coming back to you.

Cutting out all the different directions ~

Having the allowance for it, coming

closer to you every day ~ delicious


Ideally I AM * Orgasm ~ Not Egoism

Sublime rhyme, Harmony is harmony ~ Divine is divine!

Slipped on a wet patch ~ nice to pass out on the beach.

Light ~ you are an Angel flying in Love’s sweet Spot.

Invoking the purple flame; send in the Next Level!

Danced on raw chocolate, full power ~ wavy edges.

Being Radiant ~ Receiving Vibrational Ecstasy


Want to be the Master

We’re all Slaves to the five senses * inside my mind.

Sixth sense of Intuition ~ going with the natural flow.

Goswami experience ~ ‘If it makes your heart sing’.

Lookin’ at each other ~ how wicked is this, don’t bite it!

And they ARE so much in the GREED, such a NEED?

So scared, that they have so much money in their Bank!

So fearful that they don’t recognize their Paranoia ~ If you

can’t go to a concert without worrying about being stabbed,

what’s the point? “It was Lawless!”


Orgiastic * Centaurs

Our Intimacy ~ Primal sensations ~ Pagan nudity.

Rolling out a Jesuit Inquisition to keep them pure!

Dissolving her in the night… the question is……?

“How will we stay FREE?” ~ Multi*dimensions inside.

‘Projecting my hot desires, crawling into her Psyche’

Adorning her magical pool, sexual effervescence, magnificence,

sumptuously decorated ~ eye ravished, gorgeously fantastic.

A good job for a God or any divine being ~ Seizing us!

Materializing luminescent, exotic songbirds in a vacuum

Lavish silver testicles discovered in an Orchid garden.

Satyrs playing Pan pipes inside a frenzied Nymphaeum.

The delights of imitating nature ~ on a summer’s eve


Naked ~ or with my socks still on? Keeping Love not enslaved.

I like the variety ~ naked with socks and naked without socks.

I’ll try and keep sane in this seemingly crazy world, until then

letting our Love feelings keep this tantric nectar flowing free ~

and these happy sparks of bliss burning brightly in our hearts


Super Satin Organism

Psyche*delic ~ if you look in the mirror!

Reflecting your colour * light spectrums.

“You’re my #1 Goddess Priority!”

They’re doing it ~ living science, being source.

Allowing the mother ship to land in your Rose garden.

Playing polyrhythms with their djembes ~ flying sorcery

Gazing through fluxing*55 Prismatic crystal chandeliers.

Harmonies, feelings in y/our galaxies, sexual vortices ~



Tandoori Clowntown

Pamela loves lithium in her chili curry.

She was wearing a red hot Crimson Sari

“You look like a billion Rupees”.

Investment in money or free time ~

Expressing the XXXX streams of Consciousness

It’s All for You * LSD; try an anti-stress mudra.

Let’s have another Capital Injection…..

Can’t get enough! Who is/not Benefitting?

‘The things you own, the things owning you’

Entering the best Trance Temples in Goa.

Helps you see how free you are ~

Molecules sitting by the Ocean



‘To see the ONE in all you see’

“Who wants Heaven on Earth?”

Dazzling green stars in her oniric eyes,

twinkling in cascading, luscious hair ~

“I am the dreamer you are the dream”



Thinking Is Too Much Mind ~ Being Kind

But we got a Brain to train’ (beyond insane).

Told don’t acknowledge it, only physicality!

Of course no ambition, society’s definition.

It’s better defeating the Will Power, why?

Surrendering to the beach time sunshine.

Is it so Important what You, really Think?

Now I know, you’re an Alien, showing more empathy and

Positive energy flow than our elected, sociopathic leaders.

Coke killed the culture + Meth amphetamine showed up!

How to let go, how to do that purring like your pussy cat,

tuning in at different levels, enjoying Cosmic meanings?

Playing with the nucleus of your beautiful Lover’s heart.

Shamans in touch with Orchids, Charas, fresh Marijuana.

Before the ‘drugs of the axis of evil’, they were Medicine.

Help psychotics with LSD & ecstasy come to their senses.

Sub-atomic levels of Vibration, DNA, MDMA, letting it go ~

Protection of Lovers, hippies, free thinkers, poets, travelers.

Our Spiritual healers bringing ~ gifts of Consciousness


Funky Goddess ISIS

Rock up for a picnic ~ Reality is Artistic.

Highly suggestable to being Alpha waves.

We’ll start to watch it and be brainwashed!

Face it, Daleks are pretty stupid too.

Dancin’ like a maniac, where am I?

DMT. trip to telepathic dolphins and whales ~

Being chased by Orbs of light for a few nights

with other non-human beings ~ Off Planetary.

He’s left some vital evidence ~ Wisdom.

Raga, don’t take anything too seriously.


You have to do it

If you start giving generously, things will change.

Can you give me LOVE? And it will be LOVE.

Don’t wait for them to come to you.

Trusting in my inner self ~

I don’t have to Know and I’ll

give you intuitively the true answer.

Real intelligence is beyond the mind…

Listen to it as it is ~ no identifying with it.

“I am angry.” “What does it feel like… when

my attention is absorbed in sub-conscious Space?”

Identification with Ego-created thoughts in my head.

Take an almond put it over your 3rd eye ~

Putting your tongue into the Soma.

“Oh, it’s anger passing through ~”

In the eternal stillness


Unhappy Orangutans

Made extinct in the kingdom of Animalia.

“Do you want to move to Acapulco?”

‘It never rains but it pours and pours’

‘A utopian lining to every rainbow cloud’

It’ll shake you up a bit ~ I hope I don’t get dementia…

A cool wound, those endorphins must mean something!

Being Aware, I’m observing this Theatre of Consciousness.

Like the Realisation of a dream * I am Cosmic source Self.

Transmutable ~ Love is Freedom witnessing it witnessing itself



The Monastery Highest

Love ~ I’m glad I came



Astro * Therapy Celebrate * Together

“I wanna lover ~ who takes some time”

Always wanting to desire it ~

Planting the next Unit….

It’s all about Fear too.

All living the bollocks.

Gotta love the Surreal!

Living It ~ Cosmic stream


Psychedelic Chandeliers

Baptising a goose in the Garden of Earthly Delights.

What does it mean? Whatever you want it to mean.

“I don’t want anything hard in my heart!”

Why do without it if you can do with it?

His girlfriend ended up going off with a footballer.

What are the colours and feelings of a Sufi Mantra,

vibrations of LSD-25? ~ ‘Whirl in, turn on, drop out’

“Woman needs to feel love to have sex

Men need to have sex to feel love ~

Have a double drop * energy fields of Life

100 mgms.* Out of Mind * relax and let go!

Experience a really great trip.


All Charas

It comes from the most holiest places in the World.

Those spending their life going round beautiful sites.

“Isn’t the Planet a wonderful Space and it’s our home!”

Shouting from his throne, “Bring the Chief Pharmacist!”

Making a prescryption for an Industrial Ketamine user.

‘Extreme pleasure’ ~ you’ll get a come down from that!

Falling in lust with the Trauma, fully conditioned Love.


What Women Want’ - Program

“A vibrating, large phallic symbol, does what it’s told,

makes the housework perfectly, brings in the dosh!”

They’ve had Robots in Japan for a long time,

needs a stair lift ~ everyone has needs.

He developed feelings for you ~

Wanted to be classed as a Human.

Here is the Mystery, enigma of mind’s thought elements

I Love Beautiful Women” ~ Intimacy without Intra-crazy!

Erotic Sari dancers ~ immersed in C E L E B R A T I O N

“You can have everything I possess except Parvati”

Looking for the missing link ~ that doesn’t exist!

All the freaks in the World ~ “I’m Welcome here”


Venice ~ wet dream

“I was in Guatemala where I saw the best eyes and lips”

Tigers want to feel Love ~ “I love You” Why not, simple!

Breathing Love ~ there can be no Secret about it!

Recycling funky inside ~ time is on outside, being one.

House of the soul ~Transcending time and space.

Here’s that Shit Life urchin, Ragamuffin

living in an Indian road laborer’s camp!

Psychedelic surrealism * looking in the Psyche

Inside the Mind ~ melting the Identity Forms…

Very trippy allegories.


Brain Washing 101

“What was never lost can never be found ~ ”

Walked into a room full of Matisse’s coloured light…

‘Constant Predatory’ ~ All just a concept Mein Fuhrer!

Always on Air; if you let it get you ~ it’s gonna get you!

Invisible Paranoia on top, try being a United Force


Holy Fools

Love is happening of its own accord ~

‘10 reasons why dark Psy*trance is Shit!’

Trishula of Shiva ~ “I’m so imminent!” OK...

“Yes she does coke but not with you!” Star chasm.

That’s where we work out our politics

on the dance floor ~!

We’re Shiva People


Shrouded * Barakah

“Tell me you love me.” * “I Love You”

“I don’t know why they want to hear that”

“Why do women want to hear you say that You love them?”

“I know Baba, because they wanna own you, mould you ~”

Decloaking female slaves ~ veiled, threats of separation!

Are they very open to brainwashing?

Alternative, Free energy ~ Pain relief.

Now, Illegal to feed homeless people!


Sweeter than a Sugar Cube

In the multi*dimensional ~ don’t project anything, allow it

to be what it will be. If it’s not the picture we’ve set down,

we’re gutted! You know what I mean? We’re not here now.

I’m not present, I’m over there ~ don’t project that onto me.

Positive reinforcement, not Alcoholic, fueled Aggression!

The girl was ordered to marry the Rapist who violated her!

They hate you all of a sudden! “But I’m not doing anything!”

Escaping the delusion that you were ever in Love & Loved.

Light goes and a bit of paranoia bypasses the heart chakra.

Not spiritual, can’t Love anymore; not talking, she can’t stop!

Don’t tell me I’ve been dumped again! We are all in Love ~

A flash of Inspiration ~ “that’s my train, leaving the platform!”


Lava Baba met Laser Baba at a Storm Rave

Hug Drug ~ Sensory perceptions tuned Up.

The failure of, ‘Just Say No’ to Propaganda!

F E E L I N G ~ Serotonin, Consciousness.

Amazing fantasy dancing in a sea of ecstasy.

Fascists don't want to change their strictness”

Government exaggerating the risks in Paradise ~

they don't know the Truth only their own Paranoias!

Officially lying about everything to destroy Public Trust.

“If you Smoke it you'll become a Heroin Addict!” Fake Media.

Budgeting for a Federal Bureau of Narcotics on the rampage!

Dropped out, Stoned and who cares about an horrendous War?

‘Controlled Substances Act’ the reason for more Police Dragnets.

“If you smoke dope bad things will happen but we don't know what

they are!” Trying shotguns in the illegal DMZ. that you forced us into!

People who wish to freely experiment should Not be Institutionalised

when not encroaching or hurting others; try that at your Green party!

Who owns my right to Life, Liberty, Pursuance of Happiness mate?

THC. CBD exposure; Cannabis the most popular drug in the World!

From the UN. 1/25 people across the Globe use it, so what’s wrong?

Three million people criminalised under Clinton for inhaling a weed.

1980-98, $214 billion spent on the ‘War Against Marijuana!’ Uhhrr!

Their insane, spinning Propaganda deceit, when it’s nicer than nice!


Infinity Direction

Swimming round different dimensions ~ Masters of the Universe

Peace activist eyeing a Jedi, nailed to a Cross and forgiving ‘em.

You can go in forever, You can go out forever or never think about it.

The Federal Reserve in Reality Guarantees, Perpetual DEBT!

Corporations carry out Government Policy on their own behalf.

‘The moment you punch a time clock you enter a Dictatorship.’

Use your Energy to transcend this State of Affairs.


Synchronistic Fusion

Crystallization of being ~ coming directly from Observation.

Just there, watching life’s movie, you’re not the doer ~

Using all those songs to work through my own suicide!

Got a natural sociopath in charge of the camp!

“Get rid of that Opinion, you are the Maestro!”

‘Anatta’ such beautiful poetry in any tragedy!

There is no conspiracy, absolutely nothing ~

You are behind the watcher, actor, director.

All knowledge is there ~ Cosmic visionary

Deeply oozing within Heaven’s frequency


Solomente Uno

I’ll skip the flying & swimming with sharks ~ She makes the Pan.

There’s 7.5 billion + Individual Minds attached to this Planet!

“I can’t even get my 1st chakra going!” ~ Sure he’s Joking.

Labial Love bursting out of a beating heart vortex!

Then there’s Birds & the Bees making tantric puja!

There’s Adam & Eve’s magical enchantment!

Looking for the Love ~ we are the Love!

In each one of us


Capt. Terror - Presidential Abomination!

Imaginary walls collapsing in a victory nightmare.

Made the fire sacrifices too; whose eyes dies?

“Frightened them out of their natural ecstasy”

Demonic dark forces ruling, eating children.

A Capitalist Army marching from the Vatican.

Eternal War ~ I prefer to take some Peyote!

Flying with you in the Electric nut house.

Where’s the smouldering Love Magic ~


We’re all dancing together

“I danced in the dream of reality ~

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Ecstasy?

Bursting the bubbles, that were very nice.

Clenched your face ~ no happiness in selfish!

Capt. Delicious’ lips on Aphrodite’s mons Veneris


Kali ~ Maya can drive anyone mad

I got a Text from England

Daffodils * blooming ~

Blackbirds are laying eggs.

Longer days and Golden Sunsets

Find the Space

Allowing the Form to be

You are the action ~ friction

Free whirling helping them go on the journey.

Everything is Simple ~ so natural

as a Rock * Is God


You were a Mango Baby!

“You’re in Love with the World”

Product of a Love marriage ~

brought up free, to be what I wanted to be.

Mind fed with emotion ~ Siddhartha left his family behind.

Polyhymnia the muse of sacred poetry relaxing

in the nude by an infinity, splash pool ~ Love like Heroin!

The biggest hook can catch the deepest, darkest feelings!

We’ve all been there, written books of hymns and Zen rhymes,

Sufi Haiku, Intimacy Sutras, Painful Sonnets, Magical Mantras.

Is there one to make a woman fall in love with you forever?

Do you want that? Of course I want that. So you have that &

I’ll have that then, ok? “I’ll be your slave to the end of time!”

Circumstances change nothing lasts in the multi*dimensional.


Cultivation in the ‘Brahma Vihara’ Garden

Having the Highest Feelings towards all beings ~

Highest Life Attaining Inner * Outer Peace together.

Pigeon holed, the Predators are out! Buddha’s lesson,

Peace or War ~ over a family’s possession of a River?

Is its intrinsic value more, flowing with water or your blood?

No Wars were fought on behalf of dhamma, becoming calmer.

Peacefulness ~ Impartiality and friendliness to All, after bathing

In the waters of such Loving Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity.

Conquest ~ spiritual not political ego’s greed for military power?

“Victory breeds hatred, the conquered sleep in deep sorrow ~

cast aside, victory and defeat. A peaceful one dwells at ease.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, hatred ceases by Love”



Land of Sensual Pleasure ~ Nave Nave Fenua

‘Flesh is Flesh * Spirit is Spirit’

Birds of Paradise subduing the Lizard.

Musical composition ~ extinction of any horizon mirage!

Sa belle chat noir, for extra spice, Sensuality, meditation.

Chrome yellow pareus ~ In the presence of soft purring.

He's becoming a Maori ~ 'Prostitution is a Sacred act'

‘Smallest amount of money can buy the mortal flesh’

Crushing the fruit on her body and giving it to me ~

Naked Super Humans climbing a giant coconut tree.

“You are lying!”

The fish have spoken ~ Superstitious divinity.

‘By goodness evil is conquered’

Dream of the Poet-painter ~

Mysterious waters


Pilot * Baba

Eco activists not plague, horror, monsters, terrorist aliens!

“I think I need a Jellybean from an Off-Planet Android”

I like swimming with Russian mermaids on my Cliticat.

She married him and became one of his 366 wives!

All your Earth dreams are over ~ I can't believe it!

“Thank God she wasn't a Bikini Atoll bunny!”

Shocking! You gotta put it out there!

Drop the World” ~ “Let it go”


Goa Suprasurreal

You are Your Self ~ the best refraction*reflection in town.

“You are a bio*genome product of God knows what!”

“And look what curry did for England” “Exactly, Tikh!”

Too busy to be depressed! Life is a continuous Party!

Explain why you can drink Vodka and not try Ecstasy!

Creativity is that which is all around ~ Life is Spiritual.

Tibet was once the strongest of the strong in Dhamma.

Jesus was an Open Source Activist ~ arriving in the free

Cosmic * Spatial.


No Slave * No Master!

‘No touching, no photos!’ My name is Sperm Avatar ~

Freedom is Courage! You are always Free to respond!

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will”

Freedom, choice is there in any given situation ~

Our behaviour is the conditioning ~ of our genes.

You are Ego within this Phenomenal Theatre.

He answers to his name, the Sage knows it.

He’s not the doer ~ the natural puppeteer.

You think it’s the Id reflection in the mirror.

We are Devils, you are Slaves” ~ “I’m not!”


Fantastic Reality

Barefoot jumping around in the uncensored Sun.

There’s something lovely about butterflies today ~

It’s boundless, raw, naked, Unconditional Love for all.

Resonating ~ just enjoy each and every moment please.

Simple not making things complicated, complex projections.

“Snow comin’ on Sunday” ~ “Is there anything to read?”

Old enough to get a tattoo, young enough to be pierced!


Om vibrating the World

Let the music do the talkin’ ~ “All I could see were Stars”

“I shall be spanking it this year Babe” In Candy Ville!

“Hey Baba are you a bit more coherent now?”

You don’t need to have a memory ~ when you’re here.

This Is It


Global Back Drop

If they can turn us on to Coca Cola why not do it for Love?

Flash it up on the hard drive, a download of subliminal bliss!

Absolutely, absolutely people are always giving that Love back ~

Interactive not just there with his headphones, in a Smart Galaxy.

Reconnecting ~ give attention to your own heart, not a busy mind.

Not talkin’ negatively to yourself, a vision of demons don’t project it

onto me! What are we resonating with? Well with Conscious LOVE.

Don’t have to take recreational drugs, it’s not MDMA, the trip but life.

Forgetting that it’s permanently blissed out- in tune with the Universe.

Alert! I put it away when I needed to, these things are weakening us ~

Giving the Monkey Mind the power of Maya! Freedom to have no puff.

Sitting well with yourself otherwise you go off on Skid Row.

We’re back on an emotional Wobbly Bob ~

To experience Love * to come Alive


Romantic * Tantric * Psychedelic * Chic to Chic

Heaven or Hell, it’s up to your Allowance; plastic or hemp?

Fantastic * I took the red pill went down a bunny rabbit hole.

Stop the Party! ~ Captain Methry’s run out of Class A drugs!”

Tantra mantra, you’re higher ~ being able in yourself to feel it.

Raw Chocolate neurotransmitters supplying the whole brain ~

Space Essence, being in it consciously, has its special tuning.

Tamed it down ~ ‘doing the wrong things for the right reasons’.

Don’t like the sin but love the sinner!” For how long is Eternity?

Gave him Scrumpy-Jack in his pram; being a slave to a cigarette!

Try making some bhang ghee, charas butter from the mountains.

¼ on a bun would take you to the Moon, brings on Lunar whities.

They want to Control our reactions. What do we do? Consciously

Integrate yourself into the big picture, wanting to see themselves.

Do you know the price of onions has gone through the roof?”


Pure White Gold

Radiant Star of Energy.

Frangipani was the smell of all my Lovers,

feeling luscious ~ sexy Chromosomes.

Simply phenomena……

Life is a Tiger’s eye Shark

Life is a King Cobra’s mate.

Life is a thank you friend for giving

‘A birth without violence’

Life is a desire to touch ~

Suffering is the same in any language.

Life is the same in any language.

Sensuality ~ “You left and found karate,

I became a Buddhist dearest”

On the middle path


Feeling Super Heat

Brazil, You could smell the Kundalini!

Unfolding fragrant musical wild flowers ~

Loops ~ the beautiful harmony in Chaos.

It’s just a Mind-concept you give yourself.

She understood, she is playing, Attention games.

At the Temple, Altar of the Butterfly’s Adoration.

“Nothing can harm you, it’s all there for you”

Going to the edge and living it somehow….

Individual and multi*dimensional heart frequencies ~

You smell also what you live, we had strong smells last night!

That’s fake Cod fish”


Progressive Trance in Shanghai

Different Vibe ~ different tribe, different reality!

“I’m the one who can smell her Wet seasons”

Wild Pheromones ~ blossoming in abundance

“It’s the same bed, but in two different Universes”

Now look for feeling ~ energy, not the appearance.

All we have to do is be One with no minds moving.

No things, forms blocking, distracting Consciousness

from the Central Sun * it’s not Black Magic!

Looked in every Temple ~ the Love is within.


Swami’s Angels

The closest you can get to the light

Rhythms of the Universe ~

Sitting on a volcano of ecstasy.

“It’s not Big busty but super tasty”

You want Availability ~ all of my Presence.

Emptied the joint bank account and went to Thailand”


Still in Love

“I'm at home, why not stop by for more blissful kisses?”

Changed reality for another perception inside their dream.

Feeling I am a different being lying naked next to you,

wanting you to touch me deeply in my heart.

Taken for granted because I still adore you.

I came back to carry on kissing your smile.

Ask me anything you want ~

forgotten how to give in return.

Lost the passion, desire energy?

Now we've become a lovely memory.

His Image held it together ~


Stars Inside

gone to Heaven

after you ~

I gave her a diamond



Fondling bevies of gopis, swooning in a soft languid breeze.

At this moment I really want a lot of women to play with”

Valuable in the reflection ~ how long for your Purdah?

Eight Chakra Baba going to the fountain at the Holy Mountain.

We need a million Tantric temples like this around the World’

Don’t Open your mouth until I tell you” ~ “Here’s a drop!”

Live in the moment ~ You can only decide for Your-self.

Don’t believe anything anyone tells You”

Engorged Psychedelic Clitorises ~ Go & find out for yourself!

Drop All Labels, no answers to be found unless you want one.

Unravelling, revealing, Individual processes of your own quality.

A matter of Understanding, eating that soup, what we cook ~

we have to eat now and get up from the table when it’s empty



Be Mind-full of Changing ~

no disturbance of thoughts arising.

Happiness is beyond feeling ~

together feeling for each other.

Cannot but share each other

Waves of Amour ~


Inside Aphrodite’s Temple

A visit ~ with You


Poetry is not merely an art of expression

but a Spiritual discipline’

In natural beauty

Loving to play ~

Against all the Insanity

existing in this World

The Cosmic Truth of Tropical fish

Swimming ~ being here, Awareness

of the plumed serpent eating a mango

Afternoon truth


But now you’re not here for decision making

You are here to purify your mind”

Dhamma Nurture Nature

It’s Virtual Not Reality!

Love Immersion

Patience at the Gate

tripped over the heart


Magnetoscopic * Bio * diversity

He’s single, he’s happy; no one’s bending his ear!”

I don’t like fundamentalists of any shape or Form”

I’m just the messenger ~ please don’t shoot me!”

White lies are to protect people from the truth’

Oxygen, food, water, all perfectly balanced ~

Interdit, no entry ~You can change it if you want.

Using terrorism to wage war on sovereign countries…

I don’t like rats.” Who’d like to adopt a child soldier?


Kings and Queens and Nutty Things

Taken over by new Past Pain, “I hate ignorance!”

Today animals have no feelings, ordained by UK. Gov.

How does immersion in Plastic pollution help any of us?

Conditioning woven in, they believe it’s right; ego-dystonic.

If she wasn’t evil she wouldn’t be hoarding it, but sharing ~

Helping themselves not the people; they’re the really bad guys!

The greatest weapon of the Military Industrial Complex is the media’

Generating Power, War, propaganda, money, despair and devastation!

Invasion of the Land of milk and honey. Who’s reflecting the Sunlight?



Once we learnt to split the atom, a danger to the Universe”

The Manhattan Project, Project Bluebook, Projekt Saucer.

These people will die for their God without any humanity!

Skepticism is healthy to discover the truth ~

I understand the first time, but not the second….

You said, I’m losing the plot; is there a plot?”

I wouldn’t be without Kailash cream!”


It makes common sense

Have a wonderful day * Om Shanti *

find your true self at one with Mother nature ~

All under control! “Ha, ha, have a happy life Love”

Heaven is not a place but a Space of Consciousness’

The measure of love is to love without measure.” ~ St. Augustine

Sentenced to prison for mentioning the religion which you can’t mention.

Lost the freedom of communication; It’s a mess, People have lost Trust!

Don't blame anyone, respect the Truth. Auction and Negro Sales, today!

Peace Not War! * How many Unicorns can you see on a starlit night *


Who Runs America?

Offshore wealth recycled back to Global markets.

I never got pre-programmed!” Castles in the air.

I love her, end of story” “It’s true man!”

I took her under my wing” In you, go ~

They all live in fear, the big stick Baba.

I don’t mind climbing trees” the bottom line.

Life’s what you make it” ~ Spreadin’ em out


Indoctrinating * Black Sunrays

The structure of secrecy at the top of the food chain ~

On a need to know… keep the public from getting excited.

No such Agency’ NSA. controlling mind programs, propaganda

develops coercion, confusion, couldn’t handle it, defies reality!

Concocting false information flow, starting a war for Machiavelli.

Predatory Psychological Warfare, I’m in the Earth Space Defence.

Who’s keeping us from accessing our higher consciousness Sir?

HARPPE, False flag, DEW Alien Bogeymen, demagoguery of Fear.

Now expecting a UFO invasion, creating the spectra of horror!

Already to rock and roll * Psychedelic life-forms ~

The Disclosure Project, wrestling the sociopaths


Holding up the Dhamma

Be aware of what you wish for, your desires and wants.

Shot the last White Rhino; what is wrong with this world!

Don't blame anyone, respect the Truth! Peace Not War!

I’m always on holiday ~ It’s the way forward Baba”

They made it very clear ~ have no time for ravers”

Lust feels like Love until it’s time to make a sacrifice’

We don’t sell the Sun” it’s all about comin’ together.

I’m a nice feminist.” Mammals with a conscience,

I don’t need any philosopher to tell me what is

morally right or wrong. Gurus stating the obvious.

I love a good, Who done it” “Need a larger load?”

What price can you put on Freedom?”



I might be old Baba but I’ve seen all the great bands!”

They put them in front of an Atomic Bomb explosion!

Solar Wind shock Cosmogony. “Cover your eyes!”

I could see my bones and veins through my skin!”

Felt like my body was on fire!” Ain’t Virtual reality!

Welcome to the Electrical-magnetic Universe


Obsessive * Space of Silence

Nice to have but not to need it; take it or leave it.

STOP the Government, Global Crime syndicates.

Cabal didn’t want anyone looking at Saturn’s Sun.

Eternally changing ~ can’t do anything about that!

Grounding, your feet are connected to the Earth ~

Joy is when we enter the river”~ she looks familiar

not separated from the source of nature, the ONE.

The Ocean resists no river showing kindness to all’


Trans-humanistic Nuance

Part human * part machine, Electric Android sheeple.

Look at the poisoned Sky full of toxic chemtrails Baba

Keeping wolves from the door! Who wants to be a real boy?

Increasingly falling digitally in Love with nanobot-technology.

AI. virtual memories of a hologram and our attitude towards it.

Society bypassed the joint of redemption, ruled by Corporations.

A dystopian plane of replicants, slaves, cyborgs, the underclass.

I stink of skunk, always”

She’s a believer.

Climbing over Walled Up street ~

In a light stream, Time running out.

Greed is God; is Good; for whom?

A new belief to create ~ freedom.

Found it in an Algerian bush script ~

Submission to the most radical ideology!

Violence couldn’t stop Spiritual revolution ~

Pope kicked out of the Medina by religious military.

Power of the sword and faith, explodes at Bamiyan!

In intensive care, You never gave in to fear or pain.

Does it make your heart sing?”


Victory over Death

Immaculation not emasculation, ‘Turning humiliation into honour’

They went to the place there they would be martyred; such cruelty!

Condemned to death for entertainment, amusement of the crowd.

Tortured ordinary people, the innocent children.

Then I awoke fighting the Devil!”

Beset by barbarians and wild beasts.

A dog was barking….

on the full moon


Rainbow City

Look at the toxic Chemtrails there Baba!”

Who founded the infamous 777 lodge in Antarctica?

Ask the 33rd degree masons of Rockefeller Island.

Why haven’t they been back to the moon, sputnik?”

Because they’ve never been there in the first place.

The Jesuits changed to a Helio-central * God theory.

Operation High Jump, Fish bowl, Deep Freeze, Area 51

Projekt Saucer, Starfish Prime, Operation Indigo Skyfall.

Who wants to blow up the Magnetoscope, Dr. Strangestlove?

High Altitude Ordinance, phosphor exploding in their backyards.

Powerful interplanetary shock waves inside the Earth’s Dome.

Conducting plasmapheric kisses.


You got hammers on your head!

I was head-hunted by different Insurance companies”

Overgrown garden ~ “I’d rather paint the walls green!”

Executive directives of the New racist Zionist movement,

Irgun’s terrorist fingerprints. Nothing comes from Nothing.

Israeli stratagem, Psychopaths, snipers murdering humans.

No insane deed goes unpunished’. The Illegal war on drugs!

Frightening Americans to be fearful of Arabs. The end times…

Capitalism Sociopathy, liberating ourselves from this Madness.

Off her face, on her knees; Shanti ~ release from her suffering.

It doesn’t matter what emotional states others around you are in

Radiate love as you listen and keep quiet ~

Smiling Alien Resident

What does today's flying saucer look like ~

Rainbow lights and holographic full sunbeams

flying through a supranova*Cosmos of our dreams

Nature's children playing in cascading streams ~

happiness in a Garden of delights


The Sun Is Gone

Operation Damocles, killing German rocket scientists in Egypt!

Why should one lot be above the law and everyone else not?

Achieving in manifestation. There is no Them, in the twin flame.

Movement of the eternal, fulfil it, in the presence there is no karma ~

Doing it in the NOW ~ nothing to debate and you discounted stillness!

Deluded people dependent on cause & effect, projecting past & future.

The road to Hell is covered in good intentions!’ Self-medicating ~

no matter what you intend it’s a crazy illusion, om a day like this.

Psy-Matrix programmed polarity ~ going beyond Mind’s duality.

Be in the One not distractions of reality; disconnected silence.

Them, is only separation, it’s all of us, this high light species.


5G Bot. Kind of Trippy

I know that through Mossad; my mother in law’s sister’s sister, met a ~

It’s not put the people in the ovens, it’s take the ovens to the people!’

Ipad, I phone, a mini cellphone-antennae in the house, in your bed!

They behave like devils, MANIA of GREED-PROFIT, EM. Pulses;

They’re taking Nature, the human out of the equation.

Radiant energy blasting the signals to your brain ~

In front of the Tower ~ going UP and UP in frequency

You’ll get taken away!” Are You a Robot for Wall St?

Having synthesised memories, mirror images over time.

It’s all about Unconditional Love ~ Space beyond Form


A Replacement Sacrifice

No emotion in him ~ virtual simulation.

You can’t trust them, can you?

I’m carrying around the past”

You gotta let it go and go on ~

Be in the present, not about yourself.

Thank you Honey for being on this planet.

I’m too old to be fooling”


Well Fuck Me!

Restrictions, the curfew, Martial Law over where, when, with whom you

can dance, where you can go, what you’re allowed to do, what you think

Who you can Love, who you can touch, feel, sweetly kiss and caress.

What’s in your pocket, holographics projecting real, imaginary events!

I’m all right Jack!” Full in love with their own egos, Narcissus blooms.

Forgive them for they are unconscious of what they are doing!”

Separation from the consequences of your selfish actions ~

Seeing twin flames, radiant lights shining deep in the heart


700,000 Volumes

A bold coquette back on the throne ~

Buried alive but ideas are harder to kill’

Raining arrows, despising his humanity.

The Mind is Imagining too much…

His conditioned state, moaning…

Who’s fighting the Goyim, racist, infidel?

Sacrificing yourself for a better world!

Be Kind


Why the World is Insane

Emotionally based distortional diseases.

Pacha*Mama’s passing on her fears to her babies ~

Inorganic lower vibrations feeding off pure natural Organic.

Violence, war, cruelty, greed, rampaging energetic Vampires!

Taking over control, viruses infecting humanity’s vibrational field.

Parasites sucking their sustenance from Mother Earth’s frequency

resonating in sympathy with the dominating demon nuclear radiations.

Changing our true reality, creating Artificial, Virtual Malware simulations!

Mind Programming, perception, Inversions, living in a World made Mad.

Information constructs, decoding our world, tuning us into its essence


Conditioned Corruption of Truth

A Conglomerate Government of Pathological liars ~

Inorganic robots Inducing a virtual reality experience.

Controlling our perceptions, manipulations, coercion;

Humans made into insane slaves, killing, polluting.

Evil mind-set parasites possessing our Species.

Doesn’t everything have a little consciousness?

Obsessed with ‘I, death, Ignorance, destruction’

The natural order is of LIFE


Investigated Genocide

Hiding for their lives, burying their loved ones, hit by grief ~

Excessive violence, police carrying out extra-judicial killings!

A Government crackdown on the uprisings; Para-militarists,

masked men with heavy weapons firing on the protesters!

Haunted by what he saw! The spirits that were there….

Cannot give in to despair, resilience of the refugees!

Anything was possible, the usual rules don’t apply ~

You ain’t heard anything yet!”


Got the Nasha ~ Nashered out!

Lassi, a copper pan or you’ll burn the Nasha!

Quintessential Beauty ~ Sufis in poetic trance

Your dreams can turn into nightmares anytime!

What’s the true definition of a Monster, Baba?”

The first time I heard it I knew what it meant”

They’re taking liberties with our rights to dance.

Let go of the hate ~ Intricate whirling in Space

He’s FREE, Yeah, he’s another one!

The essence is the essence ~


Key of Simplicity

Living it through the Love

It’s about LOVE Not about Knowing everything.

Someone sitting on a throne ~ It’s back to front!

No different to you or me, all bollocks.

Turn it around, love it, not hate it!”

What would you like to feel?


There is no God, bone Idol

A machine has no feeling.

I live with a microwave ~”

If you’re not there all the time

Open to interpretation

but the one divine bliss

I’m on a wave ~ ride it

I’m in a tunnel ~ surf it

I’m in a deep, black hole

Love it unconditionally


Free Spirit

Alienated Aliens ~ Moral not military might!

He’s crossing the galaxies for true romance ~

Silent running, projecting our human emotions.

When Ashoka died all he had left was half a mango’

No more humans to be offered up for sacrifice Abraham.

How to improve life here on Earth? Outlawing slavery ~

Coffles, deportation, separation of loved ones, violence.

Deceivers’ Artificial Intelligence! Welcome to Agenda 21.

Mimicry, no creative imagination but Virtual reality illusions.

Putting body and mind inside a remote, Quantum computer.


Bringing It On!

He had a good job lined up at the slaughter house’

A psychiatrist studying the minds of old-fashioned Dictators.

Two ladies in purdah at a bazar for war surplus parachutes.

If I’m no good with a rifle then why am I here?”

An election with only his name on the ballot…

Female soldiers bighting the head off snakes!

Abolishment of involuntary servitude (slavery).

Jumping out of a window at Intelligence HQ.

A Vietnamese never called me a Nigger’

Fighting his way out of poverty.

Putting a Value on human life ~

Stop these perpetrators of Wars!

The Psycho-State of our Union!

Down with Lucifer’s Crown


I think Charas is the Best”

Sex gets in in the way of everything!’ she said.

Feeling with your heart, being on the Astral plane ~

I spend more time with the devil than I do with Jesus!”

We are that man standing on a stage barking like a dog”

Nobody is your Boss; that’s how I understand the Law”

Going into No-mind Space, beyond all the brainwashing

of your Government, denying our Human Principles.

Psy-ops, there’s a Rockefeller sitting on the throne!

Now we can smell a rat in everything,

because there is a rat in everything!”

Oceanic ~ seas of deadly radiation.

How to cast off this hypnotic spell!

Magical lights dancing in dhamma


Unexpected Super Psyche Tel E pathic L S De locious

I don’t know anything ~ She’s gorgeous & Super natural.

Apparently they’re from an eccentric, dysfunctional family.

Who would have thought!” Enjoying the freedom of the thrill.

Funtastic that one night stand, loving it with a Perfect stranger.

Perfect breasts, perfect kisses, smiling ~ being in the moment.

Came home she got naked, full power carnal knowledge surprise!

At dawn she took a taxi for her flight to somewhere in the Ukraine.


Switching on Your Tree of Light

‘Love is all around’ ~ Depends how close you are to yourself!

Something’s going on, play of energies, synergies, let’s see.

“What’s she doin’?” “gettin, stoned and gettin’ laid!”

“You would Not say No”

“I chased her out the Ward”

You gotta be Strong to Survive there.

Balance Problem


River of Life

Making Love to my Mind.

Water colours in Autumn

Then ~ swept over a Waterfall




Fucked up ~

with Acid eyes!”

Senility is wasted on most people”

Of course ~ it’s not being Realised

(fearful ignorance) as a Creative force!

His life as Alternative Consciousness



Streams ~ of Winter Snow

Emerging, from below the ridge.

Afternoon ~ discoveries.



‘Sign of a wealthy personage

Life is what you can afford’

to Live with ~


Attack of Love




She was Founded by a Famous tea master

Composing gardens and pavilions

harmony of moss

raked ~ the Sense of Sublime Peace



Song of Intuition

Wonder of a Buddha.

Dear father ~ I Love walking

barefoot with you

through an Indian summer’s seaside village

A long, long road ~ maturing priestess.

Noble silence’s pearls of Wisdom.

A one room school house.

Truth is so beautiful


‘lese majesty’

‘Less on Jubilee’

Jubilation, where is the Liberty?

Equality No less ~

Nothing less than ‘Lese’

Lest accepting things that don’t suit us!

‘Mad cows and Englishmen ~

go out in the noon day sun’



Where are You Now

Where will you be

April ~ showers



London College of Art & Design’

Working by the Master ~

Mona Lisa brought wild flowers,


The City University’s MBA

…sitting, listening to the Master’s Metta

Liberates the Heart,

early this morning ~ peacefulness

The Propaganda Machine’

… quietly accepting Dhamma

from by the river ~ Compassion


Sons & daughters


In the eyes of the Law

You Are Guilty!”



When You Lose Something


Give Something


to Someone true

Sojourns ~



‘Superman or Tarzan’

I Love you Jane

bathing in a waterfall ~

Golden Parrots singing in the trees.

Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood or Buddha hood.

Great Compassion ~ nuclear alms.


Anicca * Anatta

Please don’t miss isles ~

Silver porpoise, pastel flying fish.

Calmly observing each Instant…

Changing ~ Buddha dhamma sky.

True Happiness, taking the liner, Meditation.

Waves surf ~ the Sea of moments

a new beginning


This Big Connection with nature

Message to the animals, that we are coming,

coming in Peace. That we’ve got to come;

It will be cool and the animals responded.

Agreed not greed ~ Freed not need!



Shattered wing ~ mirrors.







Is there any reason a fertile field

shouldn’t be on an angle?

Whisper of ferns ~

Vincent’s cornfield, swaying



Why Travel is an Ultimate Experience.

Outside Fixed Spheres ~ Universal Image


‘The Frontiersman’

Always at the limit ~ the frontier

Word, symbol for Frontier of your mind.

Frontier ~ At your limit

Always on the Point of Discovery.

To live is to be ~ In Infinite Discovery

Consciousness of the new moment

and New Limit

The Frontier to the next moment


Moment of Discovery

The Universe is Infinite ~ Discovery

Living on the Frontier

Time is your Immediate ~ Environment

Now is the moment ~ Your Instant Adaptation.

Adaptation can be made Your Lifetime.

Adaptation is your end of your Frontier.

Static, your environment Lives on You


You are your environment ~ Your World

Now, again, Now ~ Adaptation ~

You lose the sense of the Frontier

The limit to limitlessness

Sense of Discovery, Timeless ~

You are existing in a fixed world

It builds within its sphere

Time Is Inside ~ You are inside

Inside Time.

Outside Time is Infinity

You are Infinity

On the Frontier of Discovery of you

Instantly Forever

** * **

Beauty in Heaven is

anything alive ~

growing in Nepal.


Toi * Gallia

You Are the smell of a damp forest

You Are the taste of the Azur sea ~

You Are the touch of a Mercy-full Angel

You are the sight of forever and ever

Vous êtes les sons d’amour



nature is the woods and the ocean

the trees and the cliffs ~

the fields and the meadows

the flowers and the seaweed

the hills and plains and lakes

nature is the butterflies

and for all our sakes.



Viking ship ~

Seeking a new passage.

Standing alone on the bow

Stars ~ of my village


Softly treads the Paris sky

I’m in your Country

but you don’t know

Long legged enchantress ~

Morning’s early Autumn beauty


Your Mother was a Painter

Ghee in my heart

Ghee in my brain

Ghee in my toes

Ghee in my fingers

Ghee in my knees

Sweet Surrender

Unique ~ Unique.

House in the Camarque

beside you ~ at dawn.

Your Mother was a Poetess



Now by a palm tree grove ~

Your father was a Fisherman

Your Father was a Pearl diver,

he would sit for your mother ~

already a bright, tropical 5am.

Vases of wild flowers, soft breeze

sound of the Crashing Surf ~

Precious times there


God is

Alive and well and has

acquired an abode in Nepal

still his best friends

are living along ~

the Gulf of Siam


Inspiration * doesn’t always come easy

sometimes it takes a 22-hour bus ride ~

Goa is my Meditation, connects me to the Cosmos


The throne of the Universe

is camouflaged on Earth

and has the name of



The difference between

‘Realty and Reality’

Is in the ‘i’

Realty or Reality ~

'Realty Company Limited'



Buddha ~ the last Resort

Dear Sanctuary

Pure light

Deathless Dhamma

Blessed are you

the middle path to ~

the cottage of sublime beauty.

Peaceful ~ Love ~ Creation



this day

I was at the end

and so too shown

to the traveller’s Rest,

the Inn of U Ba Khin ~

Offering of light Refreshment

he served ~ the clear day

Vipassana sky, a new breath

a new path ~ approaching

the Dhamma way



Indian Baby

mock a sin




do you know what a Bodhisattva is ~


We’re tapping the Same Dance

Where would I like to be sprinkled ~

by the infinite Ganges ~ river Chanters.

On the winds of the Goddess Annapurna

and in the hollows of little green trolls ~

Inside the hearts of murdered children



bring someone you Love

Love ~ ve * Evol ~ ve


Jewel Meaning

light & heavy

Simple * deep

life continues ~

in our Children.

Once upon a time

there were animals

flowers & trees

& birds singing ~


Known ~ own

Know ~ now

Knew ~ new


Sat * Sang

“I think I had a good heart attack”


Shade of pink

Silurian blue pink.

Mikado’s parasol

filigreed fingers ~

reaching Outward

to the sky.

Inside the thatched pagoda

of a golden Spider Queen.

Silken touch

pendulous in air ~

waves of Peonies & Lotus



Sons & daughters

Mother, Father, Lovers

having a child

children ~

a bouquet of fleurs.


petals opening

mother, father, Lovers,

having a child ~

Children of the World

Fertilising with truth

Love, blooming Spirit.


Sweet Amazement

I talked Children!

It sounded like Parrot

I don’t know Gorilla

I’ve only seen dolphin

& I’m just now ~

getting to know kitten

& the magic silence

of birds

in the twilight Ocean!


Looking out my window

is like looking into an aquarium

the Sky is like the Sea ~

the birds are like the fish

a kitten is like a Green tropical plant

music is like the breeze

a Loving thought is like a pyramid

a loving act is like day and night


Isipatana Parc is in Bloom Somewhere

Tinsel cranes come in to land and wade

The Meditator observing sensations Inside

equanimous to the flux ~ Ocean’s honey dusk.

Paddling hard the raft, pearls of rice and canes,

dancing peacocks coming of the rains; serenading storm.

Cobalt Rhinos cross a Golden Kimono skyline

Violet Giraffes silhouetted along a Golden Kimono skyline

Rubber tree Green frogs jumping in a Golden kimono skyline

Hearing a blameless ballad, the Vissudhi of a cream sitar.

Heavenly bodies embracing a new crest Invitation

to a mythological, White Elephant Liberation ~

Bharata Natyam ~ Sacred Union with her Lord

Diamond Blue Krishna astride the Brahma bull.

Subtlest almond renunciates, hidden opulence of illusion


Tinsel cranes land and wade ~

The Meditator observing sensations Inside

equanimous to the flux ~ Ocean’s honey dusk.

Lemon Lion roaring on Dammayanti’s Sun rise Sari.

Crimson Whales swimming on Dammayanti’s Sun rise Sari

Lilac Llama taking in a view on Dammayanti’s Sun rise Sari

Soothe, soothe, soothing ~ peach orchard, heart’s deep well.

The Trillenium birth of a Love jewel ~ Ocean Isle refuge.

Precious Human Power, path to lost treasure of the Universe.

Mental Formations, times to dazzling tides of jaded pains.

Emerging humans, six karma shades of Vibration ~

Renunciating, iridescent links, essential Illusions of chains.

Your fertile Mind fights all the shrouded hindrances.

Eruptions, growths, the brightest star becoming Sila clarity.

Ruby flamingos come in to land and wade ~

The Meditator observing sensations Inside


equanimous to the flux, across Lake’s copper dawn.

Peppermint reptiles camouflaged coils on Venus’ Sunset Sarong

Papaya swan, ripples ~ gliding by Venus’ Sunset Sarong

Mango crocodile basking on Venus’ Sunset Sarong.

Renunciate encore, Joy opals ~ all reality of Illusions.

Bhavana discipline ~ stainless fruits of being wise.

Observe the silver beating wings of Samsara.

Equanimous to the lit pagoda of infinite changing chromos-ones.

Reined garnets, father, Kanthaka’s master approaches In*sight.

Transcending Light years ~ of a true sky’s Visible originations.

Soft pastels, death, senses of delusions, arising vapours ~

saffron robes. Presence Inside Eternal Galaxies of Buddha’s eye.

Richest pastures run along the shores of pure Dhamma’s Source.

Seasons ~ passages, appear the Parami harvests, becoming ~

Rainbows end, Nibbana bounty the 1000 petalled Lotus blooms

** * **


Fear of birth

touches the petals

of my heart


Fear of me

touches the dreams

in my mind


Fear of space

between us

touches my love


Fear of the marvellous moments ~

Fear of the most amazing reincarnations

Fear of wonderful heroes suffering in pain

without really knowing


I am a hunter

I Live by what I catch,

by putting it back, once

having been nourished by it.

I am a hunter of dreams, catching so many

and riding them through the time of my life.

I am a hunter of hearts,

drinking their beads as Tiger scent.

I am a hunter of Universe’s joy

after the Astral serpent's kiss ~

I am a hunter a guest at your table

beloved host. I am a hunter, my

Grandfather is collecting red tulips in the snow.

I am a hunter with ancient codes ~

tracking the game over the Seven seas.

I am a hunter from dawn to dusk

to meet you face to face ~

I am a hunter my sweet child


Child of Saffron Wings

Sciamachy stage lights

saw your smallest hairs ~

and felt the ebony stick stirring,

beautiful ~ Madonna assignment

to the land of, O Lare, Cantare ~

Profuse Irish eyes, colors of the Nile

modelling their gaze and more.

From a turquoise gondola

I saw the light air ~

a whisper on your cheeks,

soft as a butterfly



The Chief has a young wife

Looks ~

of their eyes


To Chopin’s Greatest Hits

He used to Love

a fashion model

from Paris, France

who grew up with

the best of the Republic.


he’s more than happy

when a kitten comes

to be stroked awhile


Meditation is like ~

feeding the birds

each day


Life is simple ~

Sharing Loving Kindness

from the heart


Ordinary Streets

French Perfume

Welsh Ghost towns

English Industrial estates

Méditerranée Mimosa

Papayas in January


Savage Beauty


Beauty of Mind


Beauty of Mind

A madman drawn

by me’



Not staying Alive ~

but staying HUMAN!”


Universe of Your Heart

Waves of Love ~ to the Infinite.


IN CREATION ~ born humanely.


Flowing by the moon


Where did they get you”

Do you Know Where You Are”

Do You Know How Long You’ve Been Here”

Do You Know Why You Are Here?”

At the Ministry of LO V E



from your sweet lips

to your adoring lover ~

Yellow essence of Summer.

Your right to refuse to Kill.

You are not my prisoner!”


Consciousness * beep bleep bleep *

Tulip bulb bubble, “and all good things must come to an end ~

‘In the eyes of the Divine, every energetic entity is equally alive’

“I am not a bio-engineered Celto-druidic penisbot”

The power of the word to cast a spell on Gaia!

Viva la Chemicals ~ Sufi in Spirit


Braques was different when he returned

The Chief had a house up there

Under the cedars

Ideal weather for Fuchsia

Remnants of a 200 year old

Nootka village.

Aiming where?



It’s in the head

the Sky

Gone to heaven

after You

Stars Inside

I gave her a diamond













Mistral’s arrière-pays,

looking for a house

where the painters live.


Inlet ~ envoyage

I love

drawing maps

for you

exploring brilliant light

in your eyes

Where the artists Love

in your heart ~ meet.

Madly in Love

changing direction


I’m Loving You



The Monastery Highest


I’m glad I came



Om mani padma hum

You should be very quiet

when discussing escapes ~

A million healers working together.

Reflections against tyranny ~

Stillness on the lac du liberté



Marching in unison ~

through a sea of grapes

crushing only the fruit!

Not doom

but consolation

evoked ~

Sharing of stories

of anguish endured.



Even though a country is defeated,

its mountains and rivers remain ~

And o'er the castle ruins,

when it is Spring,

the grass will be green again’


Chinese poet, Tu Fu


Along the mountain road ~

Somehow it tugs at my heart

A wild violet’


Japanese poet, Bashu


Last Words ~

Decay is inherent in all component things,

work out your own salvation ~

with diligence.”

of a Buddha




The coral of Cassis ~ bracelet.

I gave to you there one winter

very pretty

fishing in her clear warm calanques



Centre for Troubadours

She composed a couplet ~

He stayed with her in great intimacy

and courted her and was her friend



In a world where women were officially adored.

A Lady grows more and more ethereal until Immortal.

Courtly, lovely, the mediator ~

coquetry with feudalistic vocabulary,

beneath its surface the deepest longings.

Struggling to be born ~ her unheard of equality and freedom.

Aristocratic daughters your chanson ~

a solo love song, ‘fin amors’

The highest expression of Provencal

Love Poetry



Landscape always seems to blend superbly.

A Centre for nearly all the great painters

and wonderful travellers.

We can still see a few eccentrics in the spring.

Flowering wild Asters ~

growing only in places lapped


by the waves of the sea.

Even the ruins ~

are disappearing


Poetic Shores

A wild Oleander filled valley,

along the little path ~

on his way to San Raphael,

he met two sweet




One of the first cultivators of Violets ~

Greatly astonished ~ wore roses in their shoes.

Intense blue because the water ~

is deepest at once


Unforgivable Crusades

Excitement to Conquer ~

Reflections in your eyes.

Is this the way to Jerusalem?

Arrival of Slaves, new blood spilt in the ground.

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