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The Day Hell Froze Over

It was impossible – or so he thought. The day the devil never thought would happen.

Preface: “When hell freezes over” is a phrase people tend to use to portray the fact that something will NEVER happen. Like, if two girls are talking and one asks the other if she’d consider going out with a particular (overly disliked) boy. The other girls’ response may be “When hell freezes over” because she would only ever consider going out with him if something that absolutely could not ever happen, happens.

Anyways, the idea for this story came to me care of that rather visual phrase, and the following is what my occasionally spooky mind tends to think of when I’m idle.

~ Kathleen J. Shields - Author

The Day Hell Froze Over

It was another scorching day in the sulfuric pits of hell. The fire and brimstone were blazing. The damned souls of the underworld were sweltering. Their repetitive slogging through their daily tasks; doomed to labor through their own individual hell stories for the rest of their afterlife. Behaviors portrayed crushed spirits. There was no hope, no escape and absolutely nothing to look forward to. The Devil was thrilled with what he had accomplished.

As the steam rose, three new souls dripped in. Immediately boiling, they were covered in hot sticky sweat from head to toe. It was so humid, they gasped for air. Hardly able to breathe, the sultry, acidic steam scalded their lungs. Coughing, gasping, withering before the king of hell, they all fell to their knees. The ground was so hot, they scorched their skin, their clothes began to smolder. Within moments their garments ignited. They rolled on the ground, tried to pat out the flames. They were panicked, horrified an in complete terror. It was right where the devil wanted them.

A bellowing laugh grabbed the new souls’ attentions and forced them to their feet. Now standing there with tattered rags, frayed and burned, barefoot, they realized within their heart that their lives were now over and their eternal torment was about to begin. Trembling, awaiting the words of their new master they prepared themselves.

“Your souls are mine! There’s no escape, only work, and heat and starvation. You will be my slaves, forever laboring in the pits of hell with no rest. This is your punishment for being evil.”

While the devil was right, there is no escape from Hell, he was wrong when he said there is no hope. Fore there was one soul, one rebellious misunderstood soul, that held onto hope no matter how horrible things became. Her name was Faith, and while she hadn’t had any when she was still alive, she found some in her death.

Faith had been a member of Hell for a couple of weeks now. She knew what was expected of her, what her daily duties included. Fortunately, these duties were just monotonous tasks; assignments to keep her preoccupied with the grindstone. She may have been more exhausted than any word in the dictionary could ever describe, but for Faith, she was more disillusioned with the heat than anything else.

Faith was originally from up north. The hottest it ever got was maybe 80 degrees. The coldest? Well below zero. But she enjoyed the cold! She loved playing in the snow, skating on the ice, feeling the sharp sting of icy wind on her cheeks – this is what she was truly missing.

The heat in Hell was unbearable. She didn’t simply sweat; the liquids that escaped her pours sizzled. When she exhaled, she released smoke. Her skin throbbed with discomfort, an indescribable affliction that was a constant reminder of how horribly hot it was.

Faith had just about had enough. The idea that this heat was something she would never escape from tormented her mind – enough so, that her mind came up with a plan. While she hadn’t had faith before, she was determined to have faith now. She had aspirations that all of those stories she heard growing up, all of those promises of a better place, a wonderful afterlife with a wonderful entity, just may have been true. She remembered being told that if you pray, genuinely pray, with all of your heart, that God would hear you and answer your prayers.

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