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Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Americans wake up and check the news to hear President Trump announce, “This morning I ordered air and missile strikes on Iran's nuclear program. Previous administrations did nothing. Obama made it worse. I destroyed it. I've made America safe again.”

At a press conference, political adviser Stephen Miller says, “Bunker-busting bombs penetrated Iran's underground facilities” He shows before-and-after satellite photos of eight industrial park-like facilities, bombed out and smoldering. “We eliminated Iran's reactors and centrifuges that made weapons-grade uranium. We've castrated Iran's military.” He takes no questions.

Sunday, September 22nd

Iran launches a dawn missile and rocket attack, striking the ships of the United States Navy Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf, American military bases on the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabian ports, oil refineries, and pipelines, and commercial oil tankers of many nations.

Video taken by a Saudi worker at the Ras al-Juaymah Saudi Aramco refinery: explosions one after the other, red and orange flames lick upward, and plumes of black smoke billow up, merge, and black out the dawn.

Within minutes of the first Iranian missiles, the U.S. dispatches missiles, fighter jets, drones, and strategic bombers armed with smart bombs and bunker busters in a massive carpet bombing of the Iranian defense system buried deep in the hills overlooking the Persian Gulf. An aerial posted by U.S. intelligence shows bright explosions like flowers blooming in a field.

Monday, September 23rd

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani states, “We are beating back America's cowardly sneak attack on our peaceful country. As when the Crusaders seized Jerusalem, America has aroused the anger of all Muslims. Iran will lead the war to drive America out of the Muslim World.”

The Pentagon estimates they've destroyed 3,400 bunkers, and Iranian casualties at over 11,000. 73 U.S. servicemen were killed, 343 wounded, and 19 planes shot down, with personnel possibly captured.

Iran claims to have damaged U.S. control towers, runways, and ships, and to have destroyed three-fourths of Saudi oil facilities. They say they have closed off the Strait of Hormuz, blocking 20% of the world's oil.

President Trump tweets, “I'm teaching not only Iran a lesson, but anyone who thinks America has gone soft. Our brave servicemen did all I asked them to do. In a few days, Iran will beg for peace.”

Tuesday, September 24th

On Israeli television, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states, “President Trump is the only world leader with the foresight and courage to take up the challenge and destroy Iran's nuclear threat.” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman speaks to the international press. “President Trump has shifted the balance of power in the Middle East decisively toward the forces of justice and progress.” Egyptian President Sisi offers his air force and army to consolidate the victory over Iran.”

Russian and China jointly propose an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations in the U.N. Security Council, with the U.K. and France concurring. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley vetoes the resolution in a 1 against 14 vote. Prime Minister Abe of Japan expresses concern that global oil prices will skyrocket if the Strait of Hormuz isn't reopened soon. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns the U.S. this war has many uncertainties and will be difficult to backtrack if things go wrong.

Thursday, September 26th

Pentagon spokesperson Dana White briefs reporters. “The U.S. Air Force and Navy have cut Iran's firepower by 70%. To counter the Iranian attack on our Navy, we've spread our campaign to all Iranian military bases, effectively destroying the Iranian air force and killing over 17,000 Iranian soldiers.”

At 7:00 pm EST, President Trump speaks on television. “We have won the war against Iran. This will forever be known as the Five Day War. I have accomplished in five days what previous administrations failed to in thirty-five years. I am offering a ceasefire and negotiations for a peace treaty with Iranian President Rouhani in Washington, D.C. If they continue to fight, I'll destroy them and we'll have regime change. What did I promise you? [Pauses, looks back and forth, hands in the air.] You can go to sleep tonight knowing your families are safe.”

A CBS poll shows approval ratings for the war at 53%, and for President Trump at 44%, his highest ratings since just after his inauguration. 91% oppose any use of ground troops in the war.

Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends says, “Trump is a war President. He's decisive, motivates and inspires the troops, and takes full responsibility.” Ainsley Earhardt adds, “During the 8 year drought of the Obama administration, America was waiting for a real man to stand up for America. Donald J. Trump is that man.”

The Senate and House pass the Authorization of the Use of Force against the Islamic Republic of Iran, with 12 Democratic Senators and 47 Representatives voting in favor.

Thursday, October 3rd

National Iranian Television broadcasts a video: barely visible through a cloud of dust, men clear rock and debris from the collapsed entrance to a bunker with picks and shovels. The men dig the bunker deeper into the bedrock. They climb onto a trolley at the end of the bunker, and ride it through a series of tunnels to an underground warehouse. They load a cruise missile onto the trolley, take it back to the bunker and install it.

Twenty-three captured pilots are displayed before a jeering crowd in Tehran. Some of the pilots appear resolute, others visibly frightened. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei speaks to the crowd from a big screen. “Our martyrs are many. Our nation grieves for them and their families, and honors them now. They inspire us to fight unto victory.” President Rouhani steps onto the stage. “Iran will accept America's proposal for a ceasefire and peace treaty.” He pauses to look over the crowd. “Once we have driven them out of the Middle East.”

Iranian defector, Col. Reza Modaressi, speaks to the New York Times, saying he wants the CIA to take him seriously and protect him. Iran has hardened gun and missile emplacements dug deep into the volcanic rock of Iran's hills and valleys and a system of tunnels to supply them, stretching the 600 mile length of the Persian Gulf coast, up to 50 miles inland. They fire long-range artillery, rockets, mortars, anti-aircraft, surface-to-surface missiles, and cruise missiles. Even if their ground level military bases and planes are destroyed, they house men and store aerial and undersea drones, mines, and ammunition. Only multiple direct hits by nuclear weapons can wreck the entire Iranian defense system. He predicts the Iranian defense system will survive, resurface, and counter-attack.

Friday, October 4th

An oil tanker carrying Saudi Aramco Shell oil enters the Strait of Hormuz to leave the Persian Gulf, escorted by a U.S. Fifth Fleet Task Force, including a mine counter-measures ship, cruiser, and destroyer. The U.S. Air Force launches the most intense bombing campaign in history on the Iranian hills overlooking the Strait.

The tanker is hit by an underwater explosive drone that blows a hole in its hull. Slick black oil forms a widening pool around the tanker, now moving slowly and subject to intense rocket and missile fire. Just as two Navy helicopters land on the tanker's deck to evacuate the crew, white phosphorus mortar shells set the floating oil ablaze. The fire enters the hole in the hull and explodes in a fireball that quickly engulfs the ship. Peppered by intense fire, the Navy Task Force retreats to the Saudi shore of the Persian Gulf.

Monday, October 7th

Video live-streamed on the Facebook page of Sailorgirl99, with an image of a cannon with a pink bow tied around it.

[Screen is black with flashes of bright light, a cacophony of rapid clatter, explosions, and whines.]

Woman's voice, New York accent, loud and emotional: Those whooshes are 155 mm cannon; the ka-pssts are 25 mm machine guns; that boom and sizzle is our surface-to-surface missile. You hearin' a fuckin' concert of war.

Man's voice, laconic rural Southern African-American: It's middle of the night here in the Persian Pond. Prob'ly sounds like a video-game, but we're killin' them, and their killin' us.

[Higher pitched explosions with flashes of light revealing metal surfaces and angles.]

Woman: Those are incoming rockets hittin' the deck and control tower. The Iranians aimin' for our antennas and communications center, twenty, forty yards away from our window.

Man: You wonderin' how we got time to shoot video—'cause we're doin' radar and visuals for an air attack. Iran got no air force left, so we're “just in case.”

[High pitched whine then explosion.]

Man: Mortar. They firin' mortars on a rolling sea and hitting us. Motherfuckers got skills.

Woman: The small shit is comin' from boats few hundred yards from us. We're destroying them with machine guns, cannons, fighter-bombers, and drones. [Camera angle briefly shifts away from the ship, showing spotlights and flares, the flash of missiles, and streaks of tracer bullets.] In the morning we're going to find deflated power-rafts, debris from boats, and oil slicks—kills. But next attack, new ones will lay down the same fuckin' shit.

Man: Why we riskin' postin' this video, could get us in big trouble if they track us down?

Woman cuts in, speaking angrily: 'Cause we read all the shit people sayin' on Facebook and Twitter, how the Navy can't knock out a small shit-ass player like Iran. We want you to see up close what we're layin' on them and the comeback we dealin' with day after day.

Man: You've only seen the small stuff from the boats. But we get surface-to-surface and cruise missiles fired from land. [Rapid fire of explosions and sparks of light.] Speak of the devil. They lay on those rockets to trick our missile defense—somethin' big incomin'.

[Red-yellow explosion in the upper right of the video.]

Woman: Yo, bro'! We took that missile out!

[A second later a huge explosion and red-orange flame in the left of the video, followed a second later by another explosion in the same place. A third explosion. The screen turns bright red from the fire.]

Man: That's Central Communications! Call in while I get the CO2 hose!

[Video goes dead.]

Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for the New York Times writes, “Trump's War Cabinet of National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Tom Cotton, and Steven Miller convene every morning at 11 am. Sources say they get verbal briefings from the Pentagon, NSA, and CIA, but no detailed reports. They don't seek advice from former Secretaries of Defense, think tanks, or Iran scholars. Trump hears out his War Cabinet then makes his decisions.”

An anti-war demonstration of 700,000 people marches to the Washington D.C. Mall, chanting, “Trump and his war have got to go, they've got to go, they've got to go.” Author and activist Alice Walker speaks. “Iran wasn't bombing us. They weren't threatening to attack us. Now hundreds of Americans have sacrificed their lives to kill tens of thousands of Iranians. Mother tears, father, sister and brother, son and daughter tears are flowing in a storm of grief. We must find our moral core, our soul as a nation, end the war and rid ourselves of the cabal that hatched it.”

The Washington police, under the direction of the FBI and Homeland Security attack the demonstration, beating and arresting protesters

President Trump tweets: Liberals are either weak or traitors, supporting the terrorist government of Iran. We will get regime change in Iran very soon.

Wednesday, October 9th

Gasoline prices rise nationally, on average $.79 per gallon. Uncertainty about tight oil supply and resulting inflation causes European stock markets to drop, and the American Stock Exchange responds with a 7% drop over three days.

The military is allowing no reporters on its ships and bases, and releasing no video of the war. The Pentagon reports U.S. killed in action as 946, with 74 captured Air Force personnel.

White House press briefing:

Kristen Walker, NBC News: Why is the number of American servicemen killed in action rising so sharply after President Trump declared victory?

Sarah Sanders: Our bombing campaign along the Persian Gulf is the most intense in history. Iran's casualties are more than ten times ours.

Tara Palmieri, ABC: The declaration of a Five Day War was premature. What criteria will President Trump use to declare final victory, and what demands will he make of Iran in negotiations?

Sanders: That will be determined after regime change in Iran.

Peter Baker, New York Times: Over a million people demonstrated in support of the Iranian government in Tehran, and all my information is that the war has united the mullahs, business class, rural people, and urban working class behind Supreme Leader Khamenei's war to defend Iran. What if there is no regime change for years?

Sanders: The war is inflicting enormous military, political, and economic pressure on Iran's government. It will fall.

Tuesday, October 14th

The New York Times reports that Russia and China are sending anti-aircraft, missile defense systems, cyberwarfare, communication, drones. and robotic technology to southern Russia. They train Iranians at a secret site in the Caucasus Mountains. The equipment is shipped across the Caspian Sea, and trucks distribute it throughout Iran.

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