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The 7 Deadly Sins Collection.

7 short collection of Poems by Anthony James Day.

7 Deadly Sins, 7 Deadly Book of Poetry... 1 Deadly Poet.


I am an Ozzy guy. An Ocker through and through. All I care about is footy, the pub, beer and of course getting a screw. I live up to the expectation of me to be loud and crude. I have an ancient sexist attitude. I tell the world there is only one way to have fun. I only show my masculine feelings and deny the rest. My sexuality will pass the most stringent test. I would never be found dead at an opera or ballet. And with personal poetry I dare not play. But in reality I am unsure of myself and what my heart contains. So I drink to excess and sleep around. Cause it is better as far as I see it... to do so. Than face all my insecurities and pains.


I'm in fear comfort. Afraid that I may enjoy the homely joys of a fire place and a snug bed. So instead I tough it out. Put up with the harshness of the elements. The aches pains of the cold ground spent nights... make more sense. Than being caught up in a nine to five spiralic lifestyle. Only when I'm travelling on, can my faces honestly wear a smile. Slavery of the everyday grind. I'm glad to leave behind. Leaving my trouble miles behind at some long forgotten and left in the past town. Part of me would like to stop wandering around and set down in some little quite place. But the fear of comfort brings me back to me senses. The challenge of my body and soul to overcome the agony of reality as it really is... on the outside.


I met a woman from the tropics... who was so Philanthropic. She shared everything she ever had. She spent all her money... on helping the poor. Which some of her friends thought was funning... they thought... she should be living with more luxuries. She said in reply... "what can I do with more overpriced vinegar and mouldy cheese?" She didn't practice charity just to make herself look and feel good. But she gave to others cause she knew she could make a change. She felt it was not a life to live... if one takes and takes and never does give. Due to her being benevolently kind... a love in heart and mind, will remain in the one's, she leaves behind as she goes to her Nirvana.

My Art and Me

Type writers tapping like a morse code. As the mind rushes down a road of thought. Creativeness of all soughts. But words? What can they say? To the soul? To a blind mind? Here it is! Blood... Heart... what ever... else. Take it as you wish. Scale it like a fish. Gut it. Cut it into a thousand pieces... my art... and me...

Drink Myself Sober

I will drink myself sober. Tomorrow I won't be hung over. The beer... than room temperature... a few degrees... keep it colder. In the morning I will still be feeing as good as I feel now. I will pass beyond the intoxicated zone some how... just keep drinking until I stop thinking these sad depressing thoughts. Playing Russian roulette and noughts and crosses... till the sun does rise in the west... Or I win this gamble with time... searching for some one of my own kind. Someone who understands my hurting heart and its need to heal it's self... with some love. But maybe I don't have any choice but to be another self destructive supernova. Drowning my pains and myself as I... drink myself sober.

Dick Around Her Heart

He rapped his dick around her heart.

From this time on...

a problem did start...

He had no plan of staying with... this girl.

While she was beginning to make him...

her whole world.

The sexual affection he showed her...

wasn't exclusive.

He cared for her... he really did.

But he had others for which he felt the same.

But when she spoke of love...

she only uttered his name.

She was sure that he was the ONE...

from the very instant they made love.

She spent the time they did the act...

looking desirously at his well toned body...

with eyes of love.

While most of his time was spent...

staring the ceiling above.

He did not realise what he was doing...

with his kisses and caresses.

To him... she was another of many other addresses.

She held every moment they shared precious.

He liked being with her.

But he liked being with women... of all descriptions.

Her love was unlimited.

While his was with many conditions.

She couldn't let him leave...

while he would keep trying to walk way.

She had to make him stay...

he had to make her see... it was over...

and that was the way it had to be.

But things aren't that easy...

Now that he has rapped his dick around her heart.

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