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Before he could utter a word, he had received three slaps.

Subsequently, he felt a sharp pain in between his legs. He had been kicked.

He could not tell when he landed on the floor of the house.

The beautiful maple wood floor that was a comforting place to read for him had become a location for reflection.

In his mind, he began to think of what he could have done wrong.

Mike Dugan was a very calm and humorous man. He had never lifted a hand to hurt a fly let alone hurt another human being.

To be subjected to the worse beating of his life at this point in time was not only a surprise to him, it was very painful.

Painful because of the culprit in the whole abuse. The one at the giving end of the beating was Jenny Mahore.

Jenny was beautiful, bold and outgoing. A spectacle to behold and admire and very respectful.

It was out of fashion for her to have behaved the way she did.

It was what gave Mike reason to be lost in reflection.

He had to reach the bottom of the matter.


Mike and Jenny had been dating for 9 months. They seemed like the perfect couple.

In fact, they were the envy of many people.

When they went to the gym on Saturdays, the way they coordinated their exercises and giggled all through the sessions were a thing of beauty.

The way Jim spoke about her to any and everyone was amazing too. He could not help himself. If he was not talking about sports, he was talking about Jenny.

To a bystander, it would seem as if Jenny never did any wrong in her life. Mike adored her absolutely.

He proved that by saying it daily and sending here rare gifts from his many travels.

He could afford to travel as his work was online. That afforded him a lot of time and money.

It would be a lie if it was not emphasized that most of the money was spent on Jenny.

Mike knew how to make a woman feel special. His concentration was always on Jenny when in town and gave her no cause for jealousy or insecurity.

Jenny just knew how to make Mike happy. She would dance for him, watch movies with him and ask him questions in order to learn from him.

The thing that attracted Mike most to her was the fact that she enjoyed the movies he enjoyed and was smart by all standards.

He questions were thought provoking and in different areas of life.

Her mind-set was so far elevated above the mind-sets of other beautiful ladies Mike had dated.

They didn’t like educative movies or science fiction. They didn’t like any movie that allowed you to think.

They didn’t bother to pick his mind on subjects and a long list if other boring stuff.

These questions Jenny asked gave Mike the opportunity to display his mental prowess.

Though very smart, he hardly had the opportunity to display the awesome power of his brain.

He had swept almost all the academic awards in his academic life.

Since he was a child he always had the knack for books. A trait that earned him the nickname “book worm”

Books had served him well. For through books he discovered what he really wanted to do in life.

These same books helped him to become a successful business man and a loving man.

He was determined to keep Jenny because she was unique in every way.

For that reason, he accommodated her when many people will just be angry.

It is a known fact that most men hate to wait. That was not the case with Mike. He could wait for Jenny at the salon for hours on end.

He never got tired of waiting for her no matter where he went.

It was a very strange case for many people to observe such patience. That was Mike for you.

A gentleman of gentlemen.

This trait was magnified for all to see when one day, he got down from his car to direct traffic as the traffic light was broken by a car that slammed into it.

Despite his sacrifice and good work directing the traffic, some people went ahead to insult him.

You know how people can be. Astonishingly, all he said was “I will do better”.

Can you believe it? He was a true gentleman.


The morning before that fateful evening where Mike received those historic slaps was quite cumbersome.

All was clumsy and things were much disorganized. Benjamin, Mike’s best friend was holding a party for his wife in Mike’s house the next day.

Everybody was so busy with preparations that there were no times for pleasantries.

Nobody greeted anybody. And though it would have bothered some people, these people knew they had respect for each other and would get back to pleasantries when it mattered.

Ben was celebrating his wife for giving him a child. Though most men think it is normal for their wives to give them children, Ben knew the risk involved and the pain one goes through carrying another r human being for nine months.

Actually he was educated on this subject and the reason he must throw the party by Mike.

Good old Mike. If we all had friends like him, we will do the right things most if the time.

He was like one of those parents who saw into the future and could tell you what to do and what time.

And by doing them, you realize, these people actually have a lot of wisdom for life.

It was the main reason the party was being held at Mike’s house. To appreciate him for that wonderful idea.

It was at the preparations for the party that the events leading to Mike’s misery began.

Benjamin’s phone went off. Since he had calls to make and couldn’t charge at the same time, he took Mike’s phone and put his sim in it.

He slipped Mike’s sim card in Mike’s pocket and casually told him, “I am using your phone because mine went off”.

Mike just beckoned him to carry on. “Why not?” he said, “my phone is your phone”.

No. Your phone cannot be another person’s phone. It is a mistake none of us should make.

When it was time to go home. Benjamin just put Mike’s phone in the hall and removed his sim card.

Before he did that, he had received a message from his wife on Mike’s phone.

The kind that women send to men to turn them on after they have done something they appreciate.

To say the message was enticing would be limiting the integrity of the message.

It was beyond enticing and would make every man run from a 100 million dollar deal just to be caught in the arms of whoever crafted such a message.

Lo and behold, Jenny did the unpardonable sin that most women commit.

She took Mike’s phone and began to go through the messages.

Many women have been advised that this habit will either kill them early or break their relationships.

However wisdom is not always found at the doorstep of those you expect to find it with.

She saw the message from Ben’s wife to Ben and it devastated her.

She had found what she was trying to find and it didn’t make her happy.

Why try to find it in the first place if it won’t make you happy.

Her next actions were a bigger mistake than the first.


She called Mike to the hall. Mike was expecting praises for advising his friend and helping him set up the birthday party.

Without warning or finding out what really was the matter, Jenny took matters into her hands. Literally.

We all want to be understood in life. It is prudent to give people the chance to explain themselves in all situations.

You will never know what you will find out.

Patience and seeking to understand others is very important.

As much as we can get angry too, we must never take decisions or actions when we are angry.

Throwing all this words of wisdom to the wind, Jenny displayed another side of her and it was nothing to write home about.

Mike never expected such a reaction from her no matter he had done wrong.

It is wrong for a man to lay hands on a woman.

It is equally wrong for a woman to lay hand on man. Especially to slap him.

He loses all his self-respect and though he may forgive you. He may not give you the chance to be his queen ever again.


Still in the mode of anger and with Mike on the ground, thinking and recovering from his moment of shame and pain.

Those unmistakable words were blurted out. “It is over”

With that said, Jenny stormed out of the house.

Mike was single again.

Whether they will be reconciled is a thing for another day.

A good woman must be found.

Will Mike go on another search or fate will bring Jenny back?

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