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Cross Of Iron by Christian Bewell Cross Of Iron by Sep. 11, 2018 2,560 words Read a sample
Brad is clearing out some stuff at his recently deceased father's house when he hears a noise. This incident brings up some past issues that he must deal with in order to move on. A short story.
The Devil o' the Highlands by John McKenzie The Devil o' the Highlands by Sep. 11, 2018 2,830 words Read a sample
Tackling the route of an ultramarathon just for the hell of it, with a less-than-savvy support runner.
The Star Hero Tyggarman BOOK 1- The Star Doggie (Vol 1-10) by Jaguar T. Thornproof The Star Hero Tyggarman BOOK 1- The Star Doggie (Vol 1-10) by Sep. 11, 2018 61,830 words Read a sample
Tygg was a tiger boy who decided to help the star doggie return home, but afterwards Lord of the Black holes followed with his desire of knowledge kidnapped the doggie and left his planet on the on the mercy of time and black hole, leaving Tygg with only one desired question...
RIp This Off by Marshall Zann RIp This Off by Sep. 11, 2018 100 words Read a sample
Seriously, I dare you. Put it in a rap song that you know I will hate. It's ok. I want to hear these turn up here and there. That's the fun part of all this.
Upward Over the Mountain by Mike Ramon Upward Over the Mountain by Sep. 11, 2018 1,120 words Read a sample
A man pays a visit to his childhood home for the last time.
Kort door de bocht by Richard Otten Kort door de bocht by Sep. 11, 2018 37,180 words Read a sample
Wat u nu gaat lezen is een verzameling van korte verhalen die ik in de afgelopen tien jaar heb geschreven. Het is een mengeling van zeer korte verhalen en verhalen die enkele pagina’s beslaan. De genres zijn zeer uiteenlopend. Dit ebook is totaal niet professioneel opgezet, ik hoop dat het op uw apparaat redelijk leesbaar is.
The Unforgettable Night by Samar Pratap The Unforgettable Night by Sep. 11, 2018 3,300 words Sample 20%
This story is about a boy who is trapped by a ghost in a haunted old church. Does the boy successfully escape? Does he survive to live another day...Read ahead.
Seeking Souls by Jodie Rose Seeking Souls by Sep. 11, 2018 29,710 words Read a sample
Follow two of your favorite characters from the Keepers of the City series, Jayce and Alex, as they break away from the clan and start their new adventure down south
Careful What You Wish For by Martin Sowery Careful What You Wish For by Sep. 11, 2018 59,230 words Sample 20%
an everyday dystopian tale of alien abduction, telepathic politicians and the blue butterflies of the apocalypse
Izinto zehlabathi by Zongezile Matshoba Izinto zehlabathi by Sep. 11, 2018 7,050 words Read a sample
Le yincwadi yamabali amafutshane ngeyona ndlela. La mabali ahlekisayo agxile kwizinto zemihla ngemihla nezingeselwanga liso ncam. Amanye alamabali agxile kwimbali yethu, ngenjongo zokuyigcina iphila nakuncwadi.
Философ Хмурая Морда by Aliaksey Danilau Философ Хмурая Морда by Sep. 11, 2018 11,590 words Read a sample
Книга включает в себя самые бескомпромиссные стихи. Включены те, которые были написаны недавно. The book includes the most uncompromising verses. Included are those written recently.
Detective Joseph Carlton: The Case of the Missing Sock! by Dusty Detective Joseph Carlton: The Case of the Missing Sock! by Sep. 11, 2018 5,740 words Read a sample
The Case of the Missing Sock was one of the most baffling murder cases Detective Joe had ever worked. The victim was an old man shot execution style in the back of the head in his own apartment. He was decked out in a dress suit, tie and shoes but only one sock.He was a loner. Why was he dressed up; expecting someone or going out? It was not a break-in, so he had to have let the killer in...
A Pact by Kay KING A Pact by Sep. 10, 2018 Sample 20%
Esmeralda find herself wrapped onm a PACT and divided between her Life and the Love of her Life.
La vida en una ciudad del Norte by Pedro Hugo García Peláez La vida en una ciudad del Norte by Sep. 10, 2018 2,510 words Read a sample
Ellos viven en una pequeña ciudad del norte llena de convencionalismos, pero sus ansías de vivir les llevan a romper ciertas normas. La Historia continúa mientras tratan que no les corten las alas.
A Memorable Teeth Cleaning by Mario V. Farina A Memorable Teeth Cleaning by Sep. 10, 2018 1,340 words Read a sample
I went for a teeth cleaning. The technician was one I had not had before. She was different from the others. She began to talk and did a good deal of it while I needed to keep my mouth open. I would like to have been able to speak, but I was not always able to make my opinion known. I think you'll find this story amusing.
A Arte do Terror - Volume 5 by Vários Autores A Arte do Terror - Volume 5 by Sep. 10, 2018 36,910 words Read a sample
Em A Arte do Terror — Volume 5, usamos como tema base o centenário do fim da Primeira Guerra Mundial. Com este tema, os autores selecionados, participam com contos baseados em fatos ocorridos durante a Primeira Guerra Mundial, envolvendo a realidade com o fantástico, cada autor reescreveu o que conhecemos como um pouco daquela guerra.
We See No Evil (The Cornelius Saga Book 4) by Tanya R. Taylor We See No Evil (The Cornelius Saga Book 4) by Sep. 10, 2018 26,900 words Read a sample
Mira and Rosie Cullen can't help but attract the undead, but in this spooky tale, a mere black-out can mean the difference between life and death. Will the Cullens be doomed or will Mira and Rosie uncover the harrowing mystery just in time?
Una vida en Poemas by Jaime Barrios Una vida en Poemas by Sep. 10, 2018 8,250 words Sample 20%
Poesía que brota de lo más simple del alma y que rebosará tu mente de sensaciones
BnW by Kevin Williams BnW by Sep. 10, 2018 290 words Read a sample
another graphics experiment; cartoons+ pics. from girl-bot guards in steampunk hyper-violence to buffalos. BMW behold my wheels, a car bnw Brave new world (The title) BOW. (TBA. our AI overlords, I'm guessing.) the middle letters go mno. alphabetically. HA! we move up to bow.
Madimo a Rakotsoana by Tseliso Kennedy Mofubetsoane Madimo a Rakotsoana by Sep. 10, 2018 8,590 words Read a sample
Buka ena e hlalosa ka tsa bophelo ba morena Rakotsoana le setjhaba sa hae se neng se hlaselwe mehleng ya difaqane. E hlalosa diketsahalo tse lebisitseng hore ba qetelle ba fetohile Madimo, ba ja batho. E buwa le ka moo morena Moshoeshoe – “Ra-Basotho” a ileng a pholosa maphelo a bona le ho ba neha bophelo bo botjha.
The System (The Bubo Series Book 1) by Jess Peters The System (The Bubo Series Book 1) by Sep. 10, 2018 60,300 words
At Seventeen-Years-Old, it is time for Daniel to become a man and contribute to society. Medical and science is where he wants to be. To research and create a cure. Rations and living conditions are better there. to help in saving humanity and freeing everyone from this Safe Zone. To get there he must pass The System. The Safe Zone protects them, but The System seeks to save.
Белорусские сияния by Marco Codognotto Белорусские сияния by Sep. 10, 2018 940 words Read a sample
Сборник стихов по пейзажам и народу Беларуси, художественная гимнастика и вдохновленные фотографиями Павла Сущёнка. Чувства, эмоции, сердцебиение сердца между очаровательными природными и городскими пейзажами северо-восточной Европы, нежные взгляды и магические гимнастические движения.
Slice Of Life Literary Magazine (Issue 3) by Ajay Tulsiani Slice Of Life Literary Magazine (Issue 3) by Sep. 10, 2018 2,340 words Read a sample
Slice Of Life Literary Magazine contains a story about a man who's about to lose his only friend at work. The man doesn't know how to help his friend, and later wonders if he wants to help him. The story is followed by a beginner-level crossword, the answers to which can be found in the story. After the crossword, there is a lighthearted personality assessment quiz and a poetry park.
Primavera Extramuros by Augusto Anibal Toledo Primavera Extramuros by Sep. 10, 2018 5,280 words Sample 20%
Escribir como si enviaramos un mensaje en una botella al mar, con la necesidad frenetica de comunicarnos sin esperar respuesta, y publicar para validar cada palabra, donde cada una de ellas va más allá de su significado, un libro con una voz oscura, sordida y pasional, en sus páginas muestra la huella fehaciente del idilio y el odio en el vértigo de lo cotidiano.
Dangerous Honesty smashwords pdf attempt by Ebony McKenna Dangerous Honesty smashwords pdf attempt by Sep. 09, 2018 20,820 words
trying to make a pdf
Wanda's Appointment by JT Therrien Wanda's Appointment by Sep. 09, 2018 2,130 words Read a sample
Wanda experiences a series of strange, unsettling events during her doctor's appointment.
Aliens From the Sky by C.O. Amal Aliens From the Sky by Sep. 09, 2018 63,440 words Read a sample
No humans would forget that day. That day was a burn mark in their heart. It was that day those things arrived. To kill and eat every resource our planet earth has. They were a hive. If one of their head was cut, ten new heads will replace it. But humans made a stand. And this was not the end…
Hypnotizing awakening by james milano Hypnotizing awakening by Sep. 09, 2018 7,810 words Read a sample
Hypnotizing lives of seemingly clarity we live, dive into poetic thoughts and emotions of soul, heart and dreamy wonders.
Loving a Straight Boy by Joseph Lance Tonlet Loving a Straight Boy by Sep. 09, 2018 3,000 words Read a sample
A short-short story that may have you questioning what you would endure for love.
You Just Sit on Your Butt and Turn the Wheel by Frankie Lassut You Just Sit on Your Butt and Turn the Wheel by Sep. 09, 2018 21,470 words Read a sample
This is the story of the greatest bus driver ever to drive the streets of Coventry, and what’s more, there will never be another of God-like status, here, or anywhere else. He shines divine light and other drivers are like mere candles in comparison.
F is For...Flash Fiction by Dustin Lewit F is For...Flash Fiction by Sep. 09, 2018 840 words Read a sample
Hi everyone, 2 new pieces of Flash, Not Too Much Trash, Fiction from the pen of that crazy dude Dustin Schuyler Lewit. Copyright 2018 by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. All rights reserved. Enjoy for free, please! Thank you, Dustin
Virginia. by Von Kambro Virginia. by Sep. 09, 2018 1,790 words Read a sample
A fifteen minute play about race relations that feature a single African American Father and his teenaged daughter.
Jacqueline & Other Stories by Sandra Maggs Jacqueline & Other Stories by Sep. 09, 2018 36,040 words Read a sample
Travel through the ages with this collection of stories. From an era of fairy tales, to a dystopian future, it's ready for unmasking. If you're looking for an answer to an unsolved mystery from the late 1800's, or wondering about the old lady with all the birds, this book is for you. From the dark to the light, they're here to enjoy. But be careful, you might just find what you're looking for.
Rogue by Evangeline Oxum Rogue by Sep. 09, 2018 1,880 words Read a sample
When you've been on this job as long as I have, nothing surprises you anymore. Nothing, that is, until the day you find a little girl all alone in a ship full of dead bodies.
365 Mikro Bilimkurgu I by Mehmet Kardaş 365 Mikro Bilimkurgu I by Sep. 09, 2018 9,160 words
Her gün tek twitlik mikro bilimkurgu öykü yayınlayan BK Mikrohikaye'nin 1. yıl öyküleri. Sezai Özden'in çizimleriyle.
Super Farmer episode1 by Meenakshi Sundaram Super Farmer episode1 by Sep. 09, 2018 30 words
Farmers are the backbone of the country. What if the backbone goes super? Read the all new exciting episodes of super farmer.
Super Farmer by Meenakshi Sundaram Super Farmer by Sep. 09, 2018 30 words
Farmers are the backbone of the country. What if the backbone goes super? Read the all new exciting episodes of super farmer.
All her Hues - The Sun of Nemak by molola belmont All her Hues - The Sun of Nemak by Sep. 08, 2018 2,740 words Read a sample
Two women who share an inexplicable bond and a penchant for finding trouble must fight for everything they love. Caught in a trap set by dangerous enemies, the women must surmount overwhelming odds in the fight of their lives.
A Rose Too Far by Gordon Milburn A Rose Too Far by Sep. 08, 2018 2,570 words Read a sample
Romance is wasted on the Youth
Singapore's Blood Meridian by Jonathan Lee Singapore's Blood Meridian by Sep. 08, 2018 62,170 words Read a sample
The novel is about the strange and intriguing experiences of an English literature teacher who is being locked up by a struggling artist. It explores existential issues, the problem of evil, the meaning of life and art, and the multi-layered aspects of Reality. It is dedicated to Cormac McCarthy.
@My KitchenTable by Gordon Milburn @My KitchenTable by Sep. 08, 2018 11,720 words Read a sample
At My Kitchen Table, where we load the baggage of on to our Children and perpetuate our legacy of Stereotypes, Racial and Religious prejudices. Here Trevor is forced to face his prejudices when subversively convince, by his terminally ill Wife that a roadtrip would be beneficial.
Vintage Charm by Ann Sepino Vintage Charm by Sep. 08, 2018 2,030 words Read a sample
“You mean to tell me, Madame, that that contraption you are holding is a mouse?” | Juan Silverio - He’s nice and gentlemanly, not to mention the most gorgeous piece of man to ever traipse through my living room. The problem with him is that he was born in the 19th century.
A Princess Lost by Odette C. Bell A Princess Lost by Sep. 08, 2018 39,400 words Read a sample
Andalusia is no ordinary pirate – she’s a runaway princess. She ran to save her people from her betrothed. He intends to use her to start a galactic war, unless she can stay out of his clutches. When she runs into one of her old guards, she's pulled back into the life she disavowed. She can no longer afford to run. It is time to rise up and do what she should have done from the start - go to war.
The Man on the Bicycle by Mike Ramon The Man on the Bicycle by Sep. 08, 2018 2,550 words Read a sample
A young boy witnesses a terrible accident. Years later, the man the boy grew to be learns the truth about the accident he witnessed in his childhood.
Hattie's Place by Katherine Stillerman Hattie's Place by Sep. 08, 2018 92,750 words Read a sample
Hattie Robinson just had her heart broken. Alone in turn-of-the-century South Carolina, what future does a lonely elementary school teacher really have?
Si te vieras - La historia de Lucía by Carol Besada Si te vieras - La historia de Lucía by Sep. 08, 2018 65,870 words Read a sample
Si le pedís a Lucía que te describa su situación actual, probablemente te diga que está «conforme». Tiene suficiente con sus amigos, su familia, un ex que aparece cada tanto y un trabajo que hizo a su medida. También tiene planes, que lejos están de incluir el amor. No es que no crea en eso. Es que a ella le cuesta dejarse llevar y exponerse. Hasta que un día, Pedro se cruza en su camino.
And God Requireth That Which is Past. The Real Faces Behind the Fiction by Tsira Gelen And God Requireth That Which is Past. The Real Faces Behind the Fiction by Sep. 08, 2018 25,520 words Read a sample
The Real Faces Behind the Fiction is a brief introductory Encyclopedia of the series "And God Requireth that which is Past" - a historical saga about the Achaemenid Persian Empire. It tells how the images of the characters of the novel were created, which of them were real historical people and who are the products of the author's imagination.
Hitch and Miss by Savannah Sweetwater Hitch and Miss by Sep. 08, 2018 29,730 words Sample 10%
Hitch and Miss, a Looking Lake Mystery Series Novella After a life of ease in the California sunshine, Dixie Taylor and her daughter Paige face a sudden reduction in circumstances. A mysterious attempt to blow up their Santa Monica mansion seals their future. It's time to leave California in the rearview mirror and head for their new life in the Ozark hills. But what will they find when they get t
The Return of Thomas Ford - Revenge of the Picts by Áine Ní Aodha The Return of Thomas Ford - Revenge of the Picts by Sep. 08, 2018 25,610 words
A work of fan fiction. This is a sequel to The Survival of Thomas Ford, following Thomas, Lorna, Finlay and other characters from the Tartan Noir thriller. This sequel contains its own mystery, murder, mayhem, supernatural events you enjoyed in the prior work by John A. A. Logan. Special thanks to John for allowing me to use his book and characters as a starting point.
Internal Screams by Kennie Kayoz Internal Screams by Sep. 08, 2018 3,050 words Read a sample
Many things that go on in life make us scream, then there are just as many things if not more that make us scream internally as we hold it in because we don't want others to hear those screams. This poetry are the results of internal screams