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Muse Poop by Perry Jewell Muse Poop by Oct. 13, 2018 56,790 words Read a sample
A random collection of short essays, sometimes called rants, from the previous decade. Contains attempts at angst relief, humor, enlightenment and strange ideas that rattle and bonk.
The Cell by Shane Lloyd Price The Cell by Oct. 13, 2018 5,550 words Read a sample
A prisoner recounts the story of his experiences in prison.
The rapture sign of the three moons by Teresa Vanmeter The rapture sign of the three moons by Oct. 13, 2018 390 words Read a sample
Have you been dreaming of three or multiple moons? Well your not the only one. Is it really just a dream?
Autonomes by Saïd Autonomes by Oct. 13, 2018 3,000 words
Quand une mise à jour change votre quotidien, il faut l'accepter... ou se rebeller.
The Kalbrandt Institute Archives - Book II: Monsters by Chris Chelser The Kalbrandt Institute Archives - Book II: Monsters by Oct. 13, 2018 56,190 words Sample 20%
At a touch, Eva can see memories from centuries past. That is her job... But now the mistakes of her dead colleagues come to haunt her.
The Ben Harper Stories, Part Two by RC Monson The Ben Harper Stories, Part Two by Oct. 12, 2018 18,400 words Read a sample
The world goes mad all around as unstoppable forces meet immovable objects and Ben Harper further refines his unique absurdist perspective on life. Part Two includes the following titles: Rough Trade, Sins of the Father, Three Intruders, The Road to Lake Mirage, and Prize Pets.
Dawn of the Night by Albert Oon Dawn of the Night by Oct. 12, 2018 4,790 words Read a sample
Dracula and his army are conquering a weak Europe with more demonic forces infesting the East. Alucard, Dracula's son, and his wife Silvia are also vampires, but they're going to destroy Dracula in order to save the world. Even though they will die along with the rest of the vampires, undead, and demons, they go anyway despite the consequences and the many challenges they will face.
Murder In A Box by Melissa Dill Murder In A Box by Oct. 12, 2018 23,220 words Read a sample
Everyone loved Charon Runds, a popular medium who channeled both human and animal spirits. Everyone except his sister Sandrine. But when Charon turns up dead, Sandrine is the only one who can discover the identity of his killer. Armed with a box of origami cranes and a stolen employment file, Sandrine is on the case. Will she discover the identity of the murderer before they strike again?
The Other Side of the Mask by Alan M. Atkinson The Other Side of the Mask by Oct. 12, 2018 16,670 words Read a sample
This is a collection of three short stories about the supervillain condition, each one from a different angle. Also included are the first three chapters of my upcoming superhero novel.
Cold Pursuit by Jon Griffin Cold Pursuit by Oct. 12, 2018 2,770 words Read a sample
Skyler Millhouse is drinking coffee in his favorite coffee shop while writing his next article. When suddenly he notices a stranger that appeared to be following him. Now, he realizes that this stranger isn't "right." Will the look in the strangers eyes be the end of Skyler? Find out in the new noir espionage short story by Jon Griffin
Hellions Ride On by Chelsea Camaron Hellions Ride On by Oct. 12, 2018 13,310 words Read a sample
Hellions Ride On One job, one ride, could it turn into something more? His cut is life. Axel Devon Crews was born a Hellion and proudly found his place within the club. He has been ordered to transport a female to Chicago alone. He has one job to complete. She has this one chance to feel free. They have this one ride to share. Can one ride turn lust into love … a second time?
Back Track 3 by H.A Dawson Back Track 3 by Oct. 12, 2018 62,820 words
A mix of WWII concentration camps, a dedicated son, poison, murder, identical twins, blind revenge and a bunch of vigilantes manipulated by a hopeful individual make excellent reading of these exciting exploits. H.A Dawson's mysteries can stare you in the face and take you by surprise without notice.
Back Track 2 by H.A Dawson Back Track 2 by Oct. 12, 2018 21,550 words
Organ transplants, drugs and alcoholism accompany a nasty cocktail of corruption, abduction, blackmail and murder in these thrillers from H.A Dawson. Classic British psychological suspense involving a pair of private investigators and their clients. Plenty of intrigue, surprises and sometimes shocking revelations when a mystery leaves its calling card.
The Soldier by Mike Bozart The Soldier by Oct. 12, 2018 1,920 words Read a sample
Two young soldiers - an American specialist and a Romanian guard - are assigned an environmental task in southeastern Afghanistan in 2009. The area is very dangerous; Taliban attacks have recently occurred. Who will be 'the soldier'? Approx. 1900 words. Probable rating: PG-13 (13 and older). Loosely based on something a U.S. Army vet relayed to the author.
In the Dark by Amber Barker In the Dark by Oct. 12, 2018 12,940 words Read a sample
An intern studying a creature that was discovered deep in the abyss of the ocean makes a horrible mistake and releases a toxin so potent that each individual it comes into contact with transforms, an epidemic worldwide, survival is the hardest mission in the storm of ash and blackness encompassing the world.
Потерянные by Yena Marukeda Потерянные by Oct. 12, 2018 12,130 words Read a sample
Отчасти благодаря своей известности и несмотря на многие критические статьи, книга дебютировала здесь для вашего прочтения.
Истории невероятные, но возможные by Vladislav Kravchenko Истории невероятные, но возможные by Oct. 12, 2018 66,990 words Read a sample
Сборник из пяти рассказов историй пяти людей, их перипетий и приключений. Каждая из историй так или иначе связана с будущим человечества.
Predestined - Book One by Sasha Hart Predestined - Book One by Oct. 12, 2018 15,040 words Read a sample
In the wake of her abruptly ended engagement, Kayla travels to beautiful Hawaii to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding. As soon as she arrives on the island, she catches the attention of the best man, a dominant who will stop at nothing to make the prim and proper bridesmaid acquiesce to him. Will Kayla give in to her hidden desires or will she be able to resist the enigmatic Ryan Harper?
End of Endurance by Rachana Arya End of Endurance by Oct. 12, 2018 71,920 words
I knew that the time had come. Time to fight back and protect what was mine. My Sanity. My Baby. My Life. Too much had already been taken away by the man who vowed to love and honor me.I’d underwhelmed myself. I was lost. I could run but I didn’t know which direction to take. My name is Zoe Verma and I chose to battle a war already lost, never admitting defeat.
The Diary of Father Drake by Joe Zito The Diary of Father Drake by Oct. 12, 2018 2,140 words
Father Drake died trying to save a young boy from the vice like grip of satanic possession. What he leaves behind creates more answers than questions. The detective assigned to the case is at a loss of what really happened in a small farmhouse in rural Indiana. But the horrors within the diary of Father Drake will reveal more than the atrocities of a possessed boy.
Top-10 Restaurant In Ahmedabad-OMG City Discount by pranab kumar Top-10 Restaurant In Ahmedabad-OMG City Discount by Oct. 12, 2018 410 words Read a sample
Amazing Discounts & Deals in your favorite Restaurants
Diary of the Shattered Soul, #3 by Lainey Miller Diary of the Shattered Soul, #3 by Oct. 12, 2018 3,530 words Read a sample
Things seem to look up for Tess as Jonas asks her out on a date. However, trouble lurks around the corner.
El Gran Pequeño León by Astrid Orozco El Gran Pequeño León by Oct. 12, 2018 43,950 words Sample 20%
Esta historia se engloba en el género de fábula en forma de novela, contiene un estilo de escritura visual, poética, lírica y posee observaciones profundas sobre la vida, las relaciones interpersonales y la superación personal. Las obras que me inspiraron para escribir el libro son dos clásicos de la literatura: El Principito de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry y Juan Salvador Gaviota de Richard Bach.
Second Chance Layover by Lila Shaw Second Chance Layover by Oct. 11, 2018 17,810 words Read a sample
Two childhood friends are reunited at an airport during an extra long layover. He's the boy she secretly crushed on in high school. She's the little sister of his best friend. What was once off limits is suddenly too tempting to resist...except for an old ghost from his past that threatens to taint the present. *This work contains the complete story previously published as a serial in 4 volumes
An Unfortunate Death by Vince Iuliano An Unfortunate Death by Oct. 11, 2018 1,870 words Read a sample
a small drink of water, really. an accidental death in the suburbs. Harry Whipple is having a bad late afternoon as he strings the holiday lights.
Chemical Romance by Leonardo DiSalvatore Chemical Romance by Oct. 11, 2018 9,840 words Read a sample
A handful of stories that lead to mind blowing ends and creativeness wirh incredible concepts. Soon as you open the book and read the first story, you know its going to be a special collection of stories. After the second one, you know anything's possible. Please leave a review when you're done to let me know if you enjoyed it not.
The Tale of Two Barons by Linda Rae Sande The Tale of Two Barons by Oct. 11, 2018 99,380 words
A sensual tale-within-a-tale of a baron, a book, and a bride-to-be. Lady Evangeline is about to buy a book when Baron Jeffrey Sommers appears with the same intention. With only one copy available, they agree to read it together--despite the impropriety. Evangeline's reputation as a bluestocking could use a bit of scandal, but when life begins to imitate art, she has to read between the lines.
Rejection by james milano Rejection by Oct. 11, 2018 1,300 words Read a sample
we're rejected day by day, people, dreams, find out the essence of darace's rejections and how it was never rejection.
The Dazzling Child by Holyone Tombari Dodoh The Dazzling Child by Oct. 11, 2018 1,880 words Read a sample
The Dazzling child is the tale of a wonderful child whose creativity is almost supernatural. An even time story for inspiring children in the modern world.
What's He Like? by Frankie Lassut What's He Like? by Oct. 11, 2018 44,720 words Read a sample
This is a book about a small North-Western town called Millom. It started out as a little place which was built around an iron-ore mine. I was born in Ulverston, which is about eighteen miles away (the birthplace of Stan Laurel their particular claim to fame). Millom was plodding along doing nothing much but mining iron ore. The mines had closed down when I was a kid; and that was it really. There
Monstrosity: Apartment Complex On Deadman Lane  Episode 2 by K J Walt Monstrosity: Apartment Complex On Deadman Lane Episode 2 by Oct. 11, 2018 8,040 words Read a sample
After meeting all of the tenants, I know I can’t stay. They’re annoying as hell. And what’s with those demon eyes in the lobby? Maybe the fish oil pills they’ve caused me to start taking will kick in before I have heart failure.
Monstrosity: Apartment Complex On Deadman Lane  Episode 1 by K J Walt Monstrosity: Apartment Complex On Deadman Lane Episode 1 by Oct. 11, 2018 7,100 words Read a sample
It doesn’t take long to find out I had a Pimp Daddy of an uncle. A Pimp Daddy! He changed but he left me an apartment complex that is still shady as sh*t. I have to deal with it even though my Gypsy blood is screaming to move on.
Splash's Colorful Adventure by H. M. Ruiz Splash's Colorful Adventure by Oct. 11, 2018 590 words Read a sample
Follow Splash the Calico Cat on a color mixing adventure as she introduces young readers to the primary and secondary colors. This children's book is the first in a series starring Splash as she explores the Fine Arts World, including music, dance and theater.
Las flores de Dana by Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Chuliá Las flores de Dana by Oct. 11, 2018 3,850 words Sample 10%
Relato premiado por la Editorial Tierra, de Madrid, el día contra la violencia doméstica 2.017 y premiado por el semanario digital Las nueve musas, de Oviedo.
Summoned Pt 3 - Party by W.G. Spillman Summoned Pt 3 - Party by Oct. 10, 2018 15,000 words Read a sample
Angela meets a new friend in just about the worst way possible, but it leads to forming an actual team, and the end of Angela's "lone wolf" days.
Land of Uncertainty:  Poetry and Prose 2013 - 2018 by Rori O'Keeffe Land of Uncertainty: Poetry and Prose 2013 - 2018 by Oct. 10, 2018 40,730 words Read a sample
Love poems, intellectual verse, diatribes, and whimsical sentiments are all on display here for your amusement. I've found my heart where I left it long ago, pulled it out and made it sing. I love feedback, and if you give me a review, you will be among the 1% of readers that influence my future work. Adult reading.
The Suggested One by Mark James Wooding The Suggested One by Oct. 10, 2018 2,300 words
The Oracle at Delphi spoke: Behold! A hero will be born who may or may not rescue the people of Alfalfion from an impending doom! And this hero shall be known as the Suggested One!
Gurmanaffe Scorpion by Dr. Steward 7K Lar Gurmanaffe Scorpion by Oct. 10, 2018 3,260 words Read a sample
Benhoni is lead to Emzara. This is the book that at least 7 of you can't wait to get your hands on. Will Benhoni interpret the necessary information from the Bafticomputer?
In Memo by Marjolein Meijering In Memo by Oct. 10, 2018 1,210 words Read a sample
In memo is een kort verhaal over het leven en de liefde, geheel verteld door Post-its, smsjes en andere kattebelletjes. Het is eerder gepubliceerd in het Nederlandse literaire tijdschrift Passionate Magazine.
Wicked Welcome by Ginger Elinburg Wicked Welcome by Oct. 10, 2018 33,740 words Read a sample
One phone call was all it took to change her life forever. When Morgan gets the house of her dreams, she never suspected it would become the house from her nightmares. As strange events begin to unfold, she starts to question her own sanity.
Destiny changes by Deepa Venkitesh Destiny changes by Oct. 10, 2018 780 words Sample 15%
Destiny has ways to bring people together in ways no one can predict. Shark and Emma's lives were about to change forever. A short story that warms your heart.
Mech Troopers by Charles Eugene Anderson Mech Troopers by Oct. 10, 2018 16,730 words
There's beer in Texarkana, and there's civil war in Texas. Armed with combat mechs, Bandit and his small platoon of fighting machines must fight behind enemy lines to save themselves and rescue the ale. This novella is the first tale in Mech Trooper series.
Tricked by Fate by Deborah Didini Tricked by Fate by Oct. 10, 2018 2,700 words Read a sample
In this e-book, you may find a set of three flash fiction pieces: Closer to The Viking, Dusty Mansion, and The Twisted Words.
Crown of Power ( book 1 ) The Wooden Throne by Clifford Eddins Crown of Power ( book 1 ) The Wooden Throne by Oct. 09, 2018 30,510 words Read a sample
The Crown of Power will determine the fate of all. Mother Zeng of the McKamy Sisterhood, the oldest, most powerful sisterhood of witches plots to snare her rival, Talbert the wizard. Mother Zeng has King El-Aubrie's lost crown, but without the activation spells the power of the crown is beyond her grasp.
Teleportation - Do We Believe? by David Gill Teleportation - Do We Believe? by Oct. 09, 2018 56,100 words Read a sample
Mike Casino is the go-to man when things go wrong, and he finds himself lumbered with a seemingly insurmountable problem when he is tasked to resurrect a forty-year old attempt at human teleportation that went spectacularly wrong. He is sceptical about the project's chances, but some surprising discoveries begin to change his mind and end up changing his whole life in a totally unexpected way.
The Azrian Anthology: Volume #1 by James Speyer The Azrian Anthology: Volume #1 by Oct. 09, 2018 40,280 words Read a sample
Enter the world of Azra with The Azrian Anthology: Volume #1. Explore the depths of sacred forests, witness horrors of both monsters and man, and follow uncertain and unhinged figures as they navigate the tough Azrian landscape. The Azrian Anthology: Volume #1 features examples of both high and low fantasy, perfect for all fans of the genre. Looking for tales of magic and mythical creatures? There
Broken Bear by Alice Bello Broken Bear by Oct. 09, 2018 17,830 words Read a sample
What can a werepuma do? Stormy is lost. Her grandmother died a few weeks ago and she’s been driving ever since.
Bisou (Français) by Marina Roy Bisou (Français) by Oct. 09, 2018 280 words Read a sample
Bisou est la courte histoire de mon premier chat quand j'étais toute petite. Bisou était un vrai matou c'est le cas de le dire mais je l'aimais malgré tout ça. La vie des chats de campagne dans le début des années soixante ne ressemblent en aucune façon à celles des chats d'aujourdhui heureusement. Je me souviens de Bisou tendrement assez souvent.
GodSend: Out of Darkness Into the Light by David M. Wallace GodSend: Out of Darkness Into the Light by Oct. 09, 2018 11,890 words Read a sample
A faith-based anthology series consisting of eight fictional short stories. These stories center around ordinary people and their encounters with God's messengers and fallen angels. Themes of faith, hope, fear, temptation and persecution are explored.
The Switch by John Dodsworth The Switch by Oct. 09, 2018 7,280 words Read a sample
A story within a story. This melancholy tale explores ideas regarding family and love, while testing the boundaries for what can be considered fiction and non-fiction. An action-packed short story with a shocking twist ending. Readers will be left to fill in the blanks, wondering what was real, and what wasn't.