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Harry Walks Into A Bar by Sharon Livingstone Harry Walks Into A Bar by June 16, 2018 4,220 words Sample 20%
Harry Marples is recovering from The Bad Day and everything is going well until he agrees to meet Ruby at a bar and finds his ex-girlfriend there instead. Not to worry, Harry will make it up to Ruby. If only he can get her to talk to him.
LA DISTANCIA ENTRE NOSOTROS by karla LA DISTANCIA ENTRE NOSOTROS by June 16, 2018 54,720 words Read a sample
Fernanda tiene 27 años y es diseñadora de interiores. Tras pasar una ruptura amorosa con quien fuera su novio por más de 7 años, emprende un viaje por la costa oeste de Noruega acompañada de su amigo de la infancia y de un chico originario de Bergen, Hordaland “Styan”, de quien se enamora. Al regresar a casa su ex novio le pide otra oportunidad, pero ella ha encontrado en su nuevo
One Way Ticket by Alia Hess One Way Ticket by June 16, 2018 8,080 words Read a sample
When Sasha Roborovskiy happens upon a bizarre website on the darknet offering him a start at a new life with a research team in the lawless wastelands of America, he thinks this is the chance he needs to turn his life around. However, the opportunity comes with a catch, and Sasha's not sure it's one he can live with.
Sandra's Last Goodbye by Rori O'Keeffe Sandra's Last Goodbye by June 16, 2018 1,580 words Read a sample
Sandra visits her ailing mother one last time, and carries away a memory she will always cherish. Driven from her home by cruel older siblings, Sandra and her mother's bond is as strong as ever, if not stronger. Sandra receives a message from her mother on the night she died - was it a dream, or did her mother truly visit her? ~1,000 words.
X4-R by Hawk and Young X4-R by June 16, 2018 8,520 words Read a sample
X4-R is a robot, a Zarook, on a planet at the edge of the Hawthorn nebula. He’s a mop. You can call him Xar. His job becomes more complicated when he stumbles upon T-N4, or Tina, and a ship he never could process before. His directives change, leading a sequence of events that nearly gets them all shut down.
Kefka and sabin by james milano Kefka and sabin by June 16, 2018 240 words Read a sample
A joker god jokes to a monk hero in a war of jokes. A battle of wit from the characters of final fantasy.
Thirst to Kill, Section two of three by Kae Bell Thirst to Kill, Section two of three by June 16, 2018 8,750 words
The FBI's investigation continues, as the team searches for the Flint's daughter on the New York farm. Continued from Part I: While chasing two escaped convicts to an upstate New York farm, the FBI are attacked by a dangerous creature. When a local girl goes missing from the farm, the FBI finds a strange link between the convicts, the missing girl, and the creature. Conclusion: June 18'
More Songs Of Other Lands by Linda Marshall More Songs Of Other Lands by June 16, 2018 11,520 words Read a sample
A selection of poems translated from German, French, Turkish, Russian and Romanes.
Easton by Sherry Wood Easton by June 16, 2018 58,360 words Read a sample
“It’s about survival…or, if you want, death..." A woman is rescued from a sadistic group of vampires, but as she tries to put her life back together, she realizes there are things she's not remembering correctly and must go to her hometown of Easton, Indiana to put the pieces back together.
Saint Brig by Ian Lewis Saint Brig by June 16, 2018 8,860 words Read a sample
Brig- a young man tossed out of his parent’s home on graduation day. Why? For daring to be himself. Unwilling to conform to their religion, or pretend to be straight, Brig leaves home on a journey that will test his fortitude in ways he never thought possible. This is the beginning of Brig's story, which concludes in the book Missionary.
Hunters of Life and All that Matters by Matthew Thompson Hunters of Life and All that Matters by June 16, 2018 59,570 words Read a sample
A Domino Galaxy Stand-Alone. Mackenzie Scott is a freelance CSC hunter (Coalesced Specimen Control). Haunted by his father’s death, troubled by his illegal substance abuse, he is amongst the last bastion of freelancers, licensed to hunt and kill the deadliest of specimens. However, it’s predicted that a CS5, known as a Destructor, will descend on the planet this season. Are CSC ready?
Duos by 00waring Duos by June 16, 2018 2,250 words Read a sample
Free and Dom know each other, but dont know each other. Each time they get close the odds are stacked against them. Free wants destruction. Dom wants peace. Who will win? A love story like no other. Duos will have you hooked.
The Homeless Birds by Gita V.Reddy The Homeless Birds by June 16, 2018 7,650 words Read a sample
Ranjan meets a most unusual bird in his garden. Bigger than him and able to talk, the bird is lost and doesn't know in which direction his home lies. It is said, ‘When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.’ The Homeless Birds shows how human beings and human habitat sometimes threaten other species and their space.
Mutasd meg arcodat by Dorottya Csink Mutasd meg arcodat by June 16, 2018 7,280 words
Csink Dorottya Mutasd meg arcodat c. verseskötete 82 költeményt tartalmaz
Treasures of Life by Samuel German Treasures of Life by June 16, 2018 8,300 words Read a sample
"Treasures of Life" is a collection of 60 poems written by Samuel German. These poems answer the question: "If you could call one thing in life a 'treasure' what would it be?"
Out of Texas 10 : All You Need Is Love by James Hold Out of Texas 10 : All You Need Is Love by June 16, 2018 5,420 words Read a sample
A mad scientist creates a humanoid monster using DNA illegally obtained from professional wrestlers. To track the beast J takes on his "EL 7" identity. What follows is a "El Santo / Blue Demon" movie parody as he and Jo confront the mad scientist and his monster at their hideout. Can the two survive an encounter with the deranged creature? Read and find out.
Stories for an Ignorant Man by Ina Disguise Stories for an Ignorant Man by June 16, 2018 7,740 words Read a sample
A selection of stories written whilst musing on a very beautiful but distressed man that Ina briefly worked with. He had her fired for trying to give him a book.
Uncanny Tales of Crush and Pound 21 by Christopher D. Carter Uncanny Tales of Crush and Pound 21 by June 16, 2018 38,170 words Read a sample
In this finale to the third adventure, our heroes are faced by villains at every turn. Crush is pitted against Lord Felino in the high mountains of California, and the dark stranger holds a secret that no one would guess. In the nuclear plant, the DAM and their new found comrades face off against the STUN's most deadly pair of malefactors, Deke and Carlos. Will they survive and save the day?
It was because of me by Tendani Ndou It was because of me by June 16, 2018 2,090 words Sample 20%
The boy does not know who to chose between the baby mama and his other girlfriend, but it all comes clear at the end of the story
Journeys to the Center of Space by V Bertolaccini Journeys to the Center of Space by June 16, 2018 71,000 words Read a sample
Something is buried deep under an ancient mansion! A celestial traveler of colossal magnitude and origins! Astronauts enter a colossal mind-blowing gateway, with trillions of portals, and are chased throughout space and time by something hideous! An ultimate starship is launched to explore the unexplored depths of space and encounters an ultimate deadly life form that starts killing them all!
Lesbian Housewives by Jenny Summers Lesbian Housewives by June 16, 2018 3,910 words Read a sample
A young prude woman has her mind and body transformed by a group of sensual suburban housewives.
Hedda Stein-Sun's UnRemembered Islands by Anthony Nordvik-Nash Hedda Stein-Sun's UnRemembered Islands by June 16, 2018 71,810 words Read a sample
A great, fast paced adventure with Vikings in the 1980s - for readers 11 plus and adults too. Join Hedda on her amazing adventures with longboats, deep secrets, daggers, cakes and pastries. Hedda is a young 12 year old Viking from a disgraced Clan. She might have one chance to restore family honour. Awe and danger follow her journey. Join these exciting and fun travels, discover the hidden truth
Artistic Licence by Lindsay Debout Artistic Licence by June 16, 2018 7,210 words Read a sample
Fear of a stalker leads to a life-changing encounter for Julia. A female-friendly short story for adults.
Momentum by Yefon Isabelle Momentum by June 16, 2018 22,160 words Sample 10%
Eden, an exuberant spec ops female operative, teams up with a strange Captain from an interstellar system named, Zephyres. The fate of the world hangs from a balance as they flee the the Nargoths, a nefarious enemy from across the galaxies, who is after salient pieces of equipment, meant to heal the dying earth. They journey across the earth in a tumultuous chase for the fate of mankind.
I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding Of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin. by Kixi Rajki I Love You And You Love Me. The Wedding Of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin. by June 15, 2018 61,190 words
Set in the KnM Blade sci-fi universe at the dawn of the 4th millennium, these events take place after the events of 'KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way,' where the Zhann Alliance's victory over their merciless foes, the Atul Government & Skycom Corporation, yields a temporary peace, giving the opportunity for Kixi Rajki & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin Zaneca to finally tie the knot in a grand ceremony.
And Us by Deedee Nevers And Us by June 15, 2018 65,940 words Read a sample
A dark riverside walk. A chance meeting of two people thrown together by a fate neither of them understand. But their attraction is undeniable, as are those things that stand in the way of their future together.
I'm Sorry, Oliver by Alison M. Tomlinson I'm Sorry, Oliver by June 15, 2018 59,090 words Read a sample
The spiritual battle raging over a mother’s health takes a dramatic turn when she commits to discovering the truth about her child’s death.
Deep Blue Tide by Maria Morisot Deep Blue Tide by June 15, 2018 9,600 words Read a sample
A resurgent title by Maria Morisot, coming from the clouds of interoperative truths; spent on days of copious vomiting of language.
Creases by Jack CJ Stark Creases by June 15, 2018 9,550 words Read a sample
When a piece of paper is folded, it results in a crease being left behind. This crease remains as a sign of the trauma it once received. Sometimes, people can have creases.
Last Will of the Cyclops by Hawk and Young Last Will of the Cyclops by June 15, 2018 3,580 words Read a sample
After Captain Sy "Cyclops" Petcher passes away, his estate is left to his grandchildren. During their yard sale, truths arise to their grandfather's wild stories. Could he really have been able to see the future with his eye patched eye?
Acribus: Possessed by Mikael Florin Acribus: Possessed by June 15, 2018 75,440 words Sample 20%
What would you do to save your friend from a fate worse than death? Find out what the mage Marcus Fadelocke would do when his friend is threatened. Will he break out his latest magitech inventions and go in guns blazing? Or will he go the diplomatic route to ally with the Nephilim to garner the support of angels to combat the demonic threat?
Undercover Inspection by Beth Whitemore Undercover Inspection by June 15, 2018 3,410 words Sample 20%
A woman undercover at a company is suspected of having illicit materials and must be searched, much to her enjoyment.
Thanksgiving Muffing by Beth Whitemore Thanksgiving Muffing by June 15, 2018 3,600 words Sample 20%
An argument during the holidays leads two women into a very sexy encounter for both of them.
Sordid Office Tales by Beth Whitemore Sordid Office Tales by June 15, 2018 16,600 words Sample 10%
These are some of the stories of the sexual exploits of a rather well-endowed sales rep at a fairly average company.
Anton znaczy przyjaciel by Paweł Durżyński Anton znaczy przyjaciel by June 15, 2018 15,130 words Sample 20%
Wtem z całej grupki wyszedł słodziak i zaczął niezdarnym krokiem iść w stronę Jara. Chłopak zastanowił się, czy przypadkiem to pies nie wybrał jego, mimo że to on jako człowiek miał dokonać wyboru.
Revenge after the Party by Beth Whitemore Revenge after the Party by June 15, 2018 5,730 words Sample 20%
An accident during party leads one woman to punish another, leading to great results for both.
Office Revenge by Beth Whitemore Office Revenge by June 15, 2018 3,960 words Sample 20%
A woman, angry at one of her coworkers, decides to take revenge on her.
Office Party Mixup by Beth Whitemore Office Party Mixup by June 15, 2018 6,090 words Sample 20%
After some disagreements about how an office should handle party arrangements for christmas, two women face the wrath of an angry coworker.
War is Incredible by Miyoko Goto War is Incredible by June 15, 2018 8,810 words Sample 20%
The crime survivor or the participator from the police side story in Montenegro.
Moon Landing Hoax Or Real by Sha'Ra On WindWalker Moon Landing Hoax Or Real by June 15, 2018 8,360 words Read a sample
These books contain a form of free verse poetry, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man.
Kissing (Summary) by Miyoko Goto Kissing (Summary) by June 15, 2018 9,180 words Sample 25%
Kissing - if you are rich or high-tech groups involves in FRI, you know it. Here is the summary for the warning.
Office Note by Beth Whitemore Office Note by June 15, 2018 2,040 words Sample 20%
A mysterious note has unintended consequences for a woman at an office.
Cheating the Doctor Exam by Beth Whitemore Cheating the Doctor Exam by June 15, 2018 3,290 words Sample 20%
A man goes for a checkup with his sexy doctor while dealing with her jealous boyfriend.
Bet Gone Awry by Beth Whitemore Bet Gone Awry by June 15, 2018 4,210 words Sample 20%
A woman loses a bet and must face the consequences, which turn out better then she could have hoped.
40 Days of Acid Rain by Miyoko Goto 40 Days of Acid Rain by June 15, 2018 2,160 words Sample 20%
Future Research Institute material from near future Poland.
Catherine: Love On The Plains by Liberty Orion Catherine: Love On The Plains by June 15, 2018 16,280 words Read a sample
Catherine wants a baby but her husband is a drunk. The new doctor is yummy and willing to help. Steamy 19thC romance on the plains of Kansas.
Rosalind: Love In The Observatory by Liberty Orion Rosalind: Love In The Observatory by June 15, 2018 16,430 words Read a sample
Rosalind and Jay used to be from the same social class until Rosalind fell from grace. During their steamy encounters will Jay accept that she loves him and not his money?
Martin & James Visit The Witch by S.A. Schneider Martin & James Visit The Witch by June 15, 2018 5,130 words Read a sample
Martin & James find trouble but this time aren’t out on a mission. The two are visiting a shop, not just any shop, a mysterious shop run by a witch. James isn’t sure how Martin knows this woman, but they obviously have a past and now Martin needs her help.
Martin & James vs. The Crazed Weatherman by S.A. Schneider Martin & James vs. The Crazed Weatherman by June 15, 2018 5,900 words Read a sample
This time the duo are high above the earth fighting the powers of a god. Martin & James have encountered many enemies and vanquished them, but this time it may be too much. Flying in a zeppelin and looking for a madman that can channel to forces of nature, they may find that there is finally someone that even they can’t handle.
Velvet by Lisabet Sarai Velvet by June 15, 2018 5,580 words Read a sample
I must really be horny, to be sitting here fantasizing about the keynote speaker. Marta Hausman, CEO of, controls the stage. I can't take my eyes off her. Finally she concludes, and sits down. She scans the audience, looking bored. For a moment, I have this bizarre notion that she's staring at me. Dream on, girl. What interest would a hotshot like Dr. Hausman have in you?