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Endings by Violet J. Night Endings by July 21, 2017 40295 words Sample 25%
Endings always matters. Not only in books but also in reality. Erina always knew how her life would end. Or at least she thought she knew. But coming home from her friends birthday party she realized that things doesn't always goes as we plan. As a Vampire stands before her and a stranger risking his life to save her. Erina, for the first time didn't knew how her end would be.
A Wonka Presents! Story - The Cat Who Never Was by Madeleine Masterson A Wonka Presents! Story - The Cat Who Never Was by July 21, 2017 6036 words Read a sample
This short story is about an unusual friendship between Anya, who lives with her Mum and although she never speaks, does have a talent for drawing things, like Oodles, the cat who never was; this special magical cat is drawn by Anya but these two friends become lost to each other and only by trusting in a deeper magic will they both find what they seek. Once more Wonka tells us an enchanting tale.
Nails Without Pictures by Michael Sellars Nails Without Pictures by July 21, 2017 3255 words Read a sample
When Jack finds a tiny corpse in a shoe box in his back garden, he begins to question his sanity. But is his mind the only thing he's lost? Originally published in Nocturne Magazine.
Dark Guardian: Shadows Of The City by Ammar Habib Dark Guardian: Shadows Of The City by July 20, 2017 9302 words Read a sample
After a gang of sadistic, mutated thugs kidnaps a psychiatrist, Ethan is forced to chase after them. His hunt leads him through Crown City’s ancient crypts in a race against time. But what Ethan will find in the darkness is a danger he has never faced before, one that displays the worst part of the city’s underworld—the devils dwelling in the shadows.
Kiss of Stone by J.D. Clandice Kiss of Stone by July 20, 2017 34491 words Read a sample
When Samosa Green learns that Stone, a fellow student at the local college is a genie, she does not believe him until he convinces her she is his Marked One, bound to receive unlimited wishes forever. But their bond brings them incredible joy and a dark, twisted fate neither one could have seen coming.
The White Rose and the Red by Bard of Burgh Conan The White Rose and the Red by July 20, 2017 8432 words Read a sample
The Battle of Wakefield, from a Conisbrough perspective.
Anodibe Whatkins by Warren Emens Anodibe Whatkins by July 20, 2017 7434 words Read a sample
Barely surviving birth in a devastating wildfire, Anodibe seems to seek revenge by striking out at everyone and everything that touches her.
Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of God by Muhammad Naga Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of God by July 20, 2017 24025 words
Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca, unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam faith. Believed by Muslims to be a prophet and messenger of Allah SWT (God), Muhammad is almost universally considered by Muslims as the last prophet sent by God to mankind.
Forty Acres and a Mule by Darrel Bird Forty Acres and a Mule by July 20, 2017 7334 words Read a sample
Josh Barnes has had most of his land stolen, and he marries a black girl just after the civil war. John Bertram is dead set on having the girl back on his farm. He takes her by force.
Das gute Troll Buch Ein Runterfallen by Thomas Krantz Das gute Troll Buch Ein Runterfallen by July 20, 2017 15158 words Read a sample
Nachdem Tommy einen leichten Schlaganfall hatte, fängt er an, von einer besseren Zukunft zu träumen. In seinen Träumen besucht er eine Stadt der Opulenz und eine Welt, die vollständig von Robotern kontrolliert wird und so etwas wie das globale Bewusstsein. Aber seine Träume werden immer echter. Wird er verrückt, oder ist es eine Vision einer möglichen Zukunft? Dies ist das erste von drei Büchern.
The Corpse by John Dodsworth The Corpse by July 20, 2017 2592 words Read a sample
A man brings a cadaver home to enjoy sexually with his estranged wife, but is dismayed when he finds his wife prefers the corpse to him.
Undressed Wounds by Michael Sellars Undressed Wounds by July 20, 2017 4772 words Read a sample
Still struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife, Steven finds something in his attic. Something that shouldn't be there. Something alive. Originally published in Fusing Horizons from Grey Friar Press.
The Cheating Wives Club: Tinky by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Tinky by July 20, 2017 1016 words Read a sample
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
Don't Do It by Chloe Mason Don't Do It by July 20, 2017 11945 words Read a sample
"Kailey? Kailey, who was that?" Katy asked. "I have no idea." "Why is someone ringing my doorbell and uncontrollably pounding on my front door?" "I don't know. I really don't." "Should we answer it?" Hanah asked Katy. "No! No, we can't. We can't even go downstairs." I replied, scared. "Why not, Kailey?" Jessa questioned. "Because the person on the other end of my call said not to."
Sight of eyes by Penric Gamhra Sight of eyes by July 20, 2017 7343 words Read a sample
John, accidentally stepped on Simone's foot and squeezed his love into her. The beautiful coincidence soon becomes a love bridge . They aimlessly crosses the one-way bridge. An obvious choice they have chosen of ease.
Bohloko Pelong by Ramathabathe Minah Motau Bohloko Pelong by July 20, 2017 39718 words
The book is about a woman who lived I poverty with her children.
The Other Manila by Mike Bozart The Other Manila by July 20, 2017 1827 words Read a sample
Agents 32 and 33 of the hard-to-define entity known as psecret psociety investigate the small North Coast (California, USA) enclave of Manila on Arcata Bay. They soon realize that they may be stranded for fifteen hours. But then, a pair of kind Asian gents accost them and let them know an option for getting to their desired destination. With time on their hands, they head out to the sand dunes ...
Lucas - A Faction Series Prequel Book 1 by Lindsey Jayne Lucas - A Faction Series Prequel Book 1 by July 20, 2017 21689 words Read a sample
In Tudor London, Lucas Drake is cruelly stolen from a family he loved with all his heart; a family then left to suffer through agony and death as he is dragged through the pits of hell to become a blood-thirsty creature of the night. Encouraged to embrace his inner demons by those who created him, can one man save him from his eternal torment? Or will he have to find his own way out of the dark?
Między prawami. Polowanie na Wilka by Vera Eikon Między prawami. Polowanie na Wilka by July 20, 2017 63950 words
Komisarz Berg (pseudonim „Proca”) jest oficerem Centralnego Biura Śledczego Policji. Pracuje nad rozbiciem narkotykowego mokotowskiego gangu, z którego bossem ma również prywatne porachunki. Zadanie staje się tym trudniejsze, że wokół komisarza pojawiają się podstępne osoby, a całe otoczenie okazuje się przesiąknięte kłamstwem, korupcją i zdradą. To pierwsza część serii "Między prawami".
The Witch And I by Seun Ayoade The Witch And I by July 20, 2017 11188 words Sample 20%
In his first year of university, a young man falls in love with a strange girl who isn’t fully human. A bizarre adventure ensues.
Sovereign: The First Chapter by Mark Brockett Sovereign: The First Chapter by July 20, 2017 3174 words Read a sample
SOVEREIGN: THE FIRST CHAPTER is a collection of three flash fiction stories. The chilling horror runs a chill down your spine, while the action gets your heart pumping. These fictional tales depict a larger picture that only you can piece together.
Kehkashan by Kehkashan Kehkashan by July 19, 2017 16 words
Beautiful art of poetry for all those who love to write and read
Lost Girls by Graham Wilson Lost Girls by July 19, 2017 106587 words Read a sample
4 passports of vanished girls. The one who found them is missing too. A dead mans diary may hold the key. Now a new search begins across Australia and the world desperately seeking any trace of each of these girls.
UnCovered by Gary Hancock UnCovered by July 19, 2017 7143 words Read a sample
A young girl from rural Mississippi is introduced to the world of espionage and her career that stretched from the 80s to present day involved many of the people you recognized from the news. The retired agent is targeted for assignation. Preview: My neighbor's small dog saved my life today.
A Year in Haikus by Teresa Hubley A Year in Haikus by July 19, 2017 6896 words Read a sample
This poetic diary covers a year in one woman's life through haikus written one per day, regardless of writer's block, catastrophe, and monotony
Jackboot (A McConnell Novel, Book 1) by Will Van Allen Jackboot (A McConnell Novel, Book 1) by July 19, 2017 98213 words Read a sample
When the justice system fails those you love, you make your own justice. How? Plan. Prepare. Execute. Ordinary American John McConnell embarks on a dark, vigilante journey, lighting it up with judicial gunfire to reveal a powerful, deep state conspiracy bent on controlling the world with perpetual war.
Highway to Hell by James Hold Highway to Hell by July 19, 2017 2846 words Read a sample
This is a sequel to STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Please read that story first. Haunted by nightmares, Becky returns to the old house where she makes an unpleasant discovery.
The Cheating Wives Club: Taylor by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Taylor by July 19, 2017 849 words Read a sample
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
Tabaniday by Michael Sellars Tabaniday by July 19, 2017 3557 words Read a sample
When a weird creature the size of a house appears at the end of Timothy's street, his first instinct is to contact the Department of Incidents and Occurrences, even though Doctor Sheehan told him there was no such government department... Originally published in Morpheus Tales magazine.
The Unlucky Thief by Danielle Kozinski The Unlucky Thief by July 19, 2017 13742 words Read a sample
Black and white, a blue crystal it cradles within. From the Sunken Moon it came, in the green earth it must remain. Kept safe in the hands of a king, kept safe in a living embrace. Lost it cannot be, but lost it was.
Nothing Left by Brian McMickle Nothing Left by July 19, 2017 74370 words
The recovery from a broken heart can be an odd process, especially when forced to do so in the midst of a family vacation. Through a series of strange situations, chance occurrences, and quite a few drinks, Jack Rawlings Jr. seeks to answer the question of how to get through the hard times and find something better.
The Nymphactory #1 by Emma Reine The Nymphactory #1 by July 19, 2017 14547 words Read a sample
Emma and Adrianne - two perfect eighteen-year-old girls, from perfect homes, on a summer vacation, their special reward for being the best students and the best daughters. And that’s not all. Stunning bodies, angel faces, innocent. Just the type to catch the eye of certain guys: the guys who won’t miss a chance to get whatever they want. This is how an orgiastic summer with no brakes begins.
You're Not Invited by Janice Alonso You're Not Invited by July 19, 2017 1127 words Read a sample
Skylar is excited about her middle-of-the-summer pool party. She knows exactly who she’s inviting: but she will NOT invite Mary Kate. Last spring Mary Kate had a sleepover and she didn’t invite Skylar. Now Mary Kate can see how it feels to be left out.
The Sunscreen Scene by Karen Lackey The Sunscreen Scene by July 19, 2017 Read a sample
This children's book gives a broad overview about your skin and sun exposure. This short book is a simple rhyming story that gives an overview of how UV (ultraviolet) light can affect the skin. Plus the important role of special lotions that help block the UV light from penetrating the skin. The rhyming pattern takes a complex topic and hopefully makes it easier for children to understand and read
O ensaio de um homem indignado by Lucas Hiroshi O ensaio de um homem indignado by July 19, 2017 4103 words Read a sample
Este conto faz um ensaio sobre o comportamento das pessoas diante da certeza da existência de Deus e, dessa forma, analisa aspectos do consciente da sociedade sob essa condição. O conto é guiado através do grande solilóquio reflexivo de um intelectual indignado com a sociedade em que vive.
Dystopian Health Collection by Mad Robots Dystopian Health Collection by July 19, 2017 26505 words
If You Love Dystopian Stories You Came to The Right Place All Stories Of Our Series in One Anthology This is an anthology of the short story series Dystopian Health Collection - Stories about human health in dystopian societies. In each story, we explore a new topic around health and how modern developments can turn into a dystopian society.
The Unicorn Theory by Tessa Valis The Unicorn Theory by July 19, 2017 3990 words Read a sample
A short story challenge in which a young man learns that sometimes the key to the future lies in the past.
You and I by JL Peridot You and I by July 19, 2017 6535 words Read a sample
"Amy" (not her real name) is caught between a guy she has nothing in common with, except in the bedroom, and the boy she's wanted for years who doesn't seem into her at all. Will she settle for mind-blowing sex or hold out for real love?
Bad Influance #1 by Adrianne Van Houten Bad Influance #1 by July 19, 2017 6326 words Read a sample
Summer's coming again. This time bringing, not only a heatwave and together with it the memories about crazy things I did the last year, but also my terrible cousin. Now I have to spend ten days with that evil creature under one roof and make this time as pleasant as possible...
And Everything but Wretchedness Forgotten by Michael Sellars And Everything but Wretchedness Forgotten by July 19, 2017 2536 words Read a sample
Alone in the trenches following a devastating barrage of enemy fire, Robert discovers there is more than just his own innocence at stake in this godforsaken war. Originally published in From the Trenches by Carnifex Press.
The Frozen Maze by Sarah Zama The Frozen Maze by July 19, 2017 10854 words Read a sample
There isn't just one path through the maze. Will she find her own?
Soulhazard, vol.3 by Ivan Popov Soulhazard, vol.3 by July 18, 2017 7885 words Read a sample
There is no comfort zone in the post-Q world. You might be going through your morning routine just to have a stranger spring out from the wall, or a self-driving car run you over because you crossed the street at the wrong spot, not to mention dark figures with clubs skulking behind the corner. You have to be very good at your game, in order to survive. If you know what your game is.
All for Love - 3 Series Starters by Kris Pearson All for Love - 3 Series Starters by July 18, 2017 175462 words Read a sample
Read the first full-length standalone New Zealand romances from Kris Pearson’s Wellington, Heartlands and Sheikhs Series. Once you’ve finished these heart-and-soul filled novels you’ll find plenty more to enjoy by this superb storyteller. The Boat Builder's Bed... Melting His Heart... Taken by the Sheikh - all sexy standalones that lead on to more of the same.
Criminal's Word by Chanchal Criminal's Word by July 18, 2017 1478 words Sample 20%
Do you believe in god? Do you believe in destiny? What you do. “I am asking this question to a guy, whom I am seeing in the mirror. It is another part of me. It is my better half. He always does what I do. Whenever I see myself in the mirror, this guy shows me who I am. Sometime I hate this guy. Sometime I love him. He is my best friend. But sometime he becomes my enemy. But now I don’t have any
The Ironborn Claim by Dawn Brumbley The Ironborn Claim by July 18, 2017 116921 words
Ironborn wolves have been disenfranchised for centuries. They live their lives as servants, outcasts of the other packs of Europe, disregarded as impure mutts. For the first time in a thousand years, they have the chance to change that. Aura and Nick, pureblooded Ironborn, take a gamble and present their claim in front of the Council in Geneva, while Aura struggles to know where her heart belongs.
Midnight at the Satyr Inn by Rebekah Lewis Midnight at the Satyr Inn by July 18, 2017 11463 words
Strange things are happening at The Aegean Inn. Rumors of mysterious flute music and a horned shadow caught on camera inspire London to spend a night and see if there is truth to the hype. What she finds isn’t a ghost, but something much more erotic.
Britt the Naughty Cowgirl - Volume Nine by William A. Patrick III Britt the Naughty Cowgirl - Volume Nine by July 18, 2017 25006 words Read a sample
Eighteen-year-old Britt the naughty cowgirl goes on adventures with her pal, Branden. They get into all sorts of trouble. For adults only. Contains graphic depictions of adult sexual activity. Volume Nine. Warning: this Britt Volume is much more hard-core than previous versions.
Kisah Hikayat Nabi Muhammad SAW Utusan Allah SWT Yang Terakhir by Muhammad Naga Kisah Hikayat Nabi Muhammad SAW Utusan Allah SWT Yang Terakhir by July 18, 2017 43631 words
Ketika cahaya tauhid padam di muka bumi, maka kegelapan yang tebal hampir saja menyelimuti akal. Di sana tidak tersisa orang-orang yang bertauhid kecuali sedikit dari orang-orang yang masih mempertahankan nilai-nilai ajaran tauhid. Maka Allah SWT berkehendak dengan rahmat-Nya yang mulia untuk mengutus seorang rasul yang membawa ajaran langit untuk mengakhiri penderitaan di tengah-tengah kehidupan.
The Last Prophet Standing by Jane Aimee The Last Prophet Standing by July 18, 2017 15797 words Read a sample
At a time of national apostasy, prophet Elihoreph delivers a message of doom to King Cabul. The prophet's prediction comes to pass while he goes into hiding. After many years, he comes out and through a display of Divine power, a revival breaks out. The prophet becomes carried away by pride and...
Con música en el alma by Always Asker Con música en el alma by July 18, 2017 2956 words Read a sample
Dos jóvenes preparan juntas un concierto de música, una canta y la otra toca el piano. Pero la cantante tiene un secreto que la carcome y no sabe si será capaz de confesar sus sentimientos siquiera por medio de la música que tanto ama.