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Impregnating My Sleeping Daughter by Clarice Whet Impregnating My Sleeping Daughter by May 23, 2017 2016 words Read a sample
Later that day, a little bit after midnight, I went downstairs to watch the Saturday night porn on TV while everybody was asleep. Only when I got in the living room, I found my daughter sleeping on the couch. Fuck. She probably fell asleep again after watching her stupid series.
Collision of Darkness by Mr Big Collision of Darkness by May 23, 2017 12070 words Sample 30%
Michael and Amber were not looking but they nevertheless find each other... in a very unusual way. Adults Only! Contains burning hot and very explicit adult sexual material.
One Night, at a Diner by Circuit Static One Night, at a Diner by May 23, 2017 3407 words Sample 30%
Have you ever sat down for a nice meal at a diner, only to notice people arguing next to you. Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Paul certainly did, but stayed to finish his meal anyway. If he hadn't stayed, despite his discomfort, the night may have gone much differently for everyone. Especially for one young girl.
The Life and Death of Blinstrubs by Bill Russo The Life and Death of Blinstrubs by May 23, 2017 2913 words Read a sample
The life and times of one of America's most successful nightclubs - Blinstrub's Village. Follow the story of the venue and its glittering stars from the beginning right through to the tragic and needless end. Bill Russo draws the tale from his memories as a student in Boston's Kenmore Square in the 1960s as well as from a personal relationship to one of the key players in the club's orchestra.
Gli Eroi dell’Antichità (Edizione Italiana) by Anna Erishkigal Gli Eroi dell’Antichità (Edizione Italiana) by May 23, 2017 18061 words Read a sample
Il colonnello delle Forze Speciali Angeliche, Mikhail Mannuki'ili, si sveglia nella sua navicella spaziale distrutta, gravemente ferito, senza alcuna memoria del passato. La donna che gli ha salvato la vita ha una sorprendente abilità curativa. Ma chi ha attaccato Mikhail? E perchè? Ninsianna ha sempre avuto una relazione speciale con la divinità. Proviene da una famiglia con una lunga...
The Cheating Wives Club: Chun by Candace Mia The Cheating Wives Club: Chun by May 23, 2017 873 words Read a sample
In this series, a group of married women meet and tell their tales of infidelity.
Her Aunt's Guy 7 by Gina Candy Her Aunt's Guy 7 by May 23, 2017 842 words Read a sample
Kindy goes to live with her Aunt in Michigan. Her aunt lives with a really good looking guy, and her aunt works nights.
Falsehood by Hiranya Borah Falsehood by May 23, 2017 2954 words Read a sample
Her conviction was basically built on some falsehood on my part. She thought I can communicate with ghost and later on, I convinced her that I had the super power to read mind of a person and could see beyond the dress of a person. She wanted to trap me through her honey web, but I trapped her with my convincing words. In fact I sucked all the honey from her trap without being trapped.
Secret Letter: The Beginning by Roger Hayden Secret Letter: The Beginning by May 23, 2017 50611 words Read a sample
Victoria Owens’s life takes a sudden turn after she receives an unexpected chain letter about her upcoming high school reunion. She’s quick to dismiss the letter and focus instead on her busy day, amidst a preoccupied husband and eleven-year-old-daughter. But the letter is only the beginning of a series of anonymous gifts, each more bizarre than the next, which shed light on a past long forgotten.
Ragged Edge by Dustyn McCormick Ragged Edge by May 23, 2017 87047 words Sample 20%
Ragged Edge is an Urban Fantasy following Sean Gryphon as he risks his life, and more, to protect Dr. Ilsy Hillerman. Dr. Hillerman has discovered the missing ten pages of the Codex Gigas, an ancient manuscript called the Devil's Bible, and the author will stop at nothing to get them back.
Master Kane. Scene One by Amanda Smyth Master Kane. Scene One by May 23, 2017 1251 words Read a sample
Kneel, and enjoy the pleasure and the pain, that is, Tyler Kane.
Free Mauritian manga collection by Barbe Christelle Free Mauritian manga collection by May 23, 2017 106 words Read a sample
A collection of Mauritian manga and comics to showcase the talents growing in our little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Give it a try you'll be happily surprised.
Punjabi Poems by sukhbir singh Punjabi Poems by May 23, 2017 2072 words Sample 20%
This Book is contain punjabi poems which is written by me with the blessings of god. Please read & give your suggestions at
Runaway Surveillance by Marissa Craig Runaway Surveillance by May 22, 2017 180789 words Read a sample
Natsumi runs away from home seeking comfort in a city that uses surveillance to deter crime. Her boyfriend, the detective, can’t protect her from the dark side of the city when she insists on bonding with a group of runaways. They offer her friendship and purpose in exchange for obedience. It's Natsumi's choice to follow them, but not really.
O Zumbido by Jorge Machado O Zumbido by May 22, 2017 1489 words Read a sample
Rodolfo é um homem atormentado por um zumbido que parece não querer parar. Sua paciência é testada dia após dia enquanto convive com o barulho insistente que ninguém mais ouve. Sua mulher conhece bem sua condição e suas tendências agressivas. Numa noite como outra qualquer o zumbido se torna mais forte do que nunca e Rodolfo vê sua vida transformada por um ataque neurastênico final.
Tempest Rising: Episode 1 (Rising Storm) by Julie Kenner Tempest Rising: Episode 1 (Rising Storm) by May 22, 2017 30949 words Read a sample
Ginny Moreno didn’t mean to do it, but when she came home to Storm, she brought the tempest with her. And now everyone will be caught in its fury…
The Rose Man by Terry M. West The Rose Man by May 22, 2017 6637 words Read a sample
It’s 1987. Dane Morrison, a middle-aged ad agency sales rep, meets an enigmatic street rose salesman during a hot summer in Houston, Texas. As Dane learns more about the Rose Man, Dane’s dreams and reality become a hellish playground for the unearthly vagabond.And as Dane soon discovers, where love and hope are found, the Rose Man walks…
Ninja Obstacle Tournament Role PLaying Game by Rik Hunik Ninja Obstacle Tournament Role PLaying Game by May 22, 2017 3657 words Read a sample
This is a pencil-and-paper role-playing-game. These ninjas are not mercenary assassins. They are athletes on a television show, who compete in obstacle courses with extreme obstacles that resemble challenges traditional ninjas would face in the execution of their duties. Simple, fast-paced and exciting. Anybody who can add up three dice can play.
The Painter of the Pond by Erik Harssan The Painter of the Pond by May 22, 2017 1981 words Sample 50%
A painter paints a pond for his patroness and is saved by his friends.
Chasing Oranges by Claude Vicent Chasing Oranges by May 22, 2017 52082 words Read a sample
Dystopian, rock'n'roll, speculative space opera. Call it what you will. Chasing Oranges is about survival and struggle and a shrinking apartment. Space pirates, and fart propelled rocket launchers. It' time travel, and the blues. Explosions and corruption. It's hope, death and love. A piano, a nutty professor and an eagle-headed individual.
In Others by Arla Coopa In Others by May 22, 2017 972 words Read a sample
Nancy has never been an attractive woman. And now she thinks she’s dying. A lot of things are about the change. They’ll get a lot hotter.
Jon's Story by Beth Hoyer Jon's Story by May 22, 2017 19483 words Read a sample
This Jon the Humanian's story involving at first living on Terrania then living on Shadan. He learns various memories of other Humanians while mind scanning them from his trapped in The Hall of One Thousand Voices' tubed status among the others speaking tales to whoever is listening.
2084 by Mason Engel 2084 by May 22, 2017 89969 words Read a sample
“Lenses”, computerized contacts produced by a corporation called Newsight, are worn by everyone. A teenage boy named Vincent Smith, however, has a feeling that something is wrong. Through his father in the Senate, and through a friend’s father in development at Newsight, Vincent learns of the corporation’s true motives. Vincent’s feeling, though correct, may have come too late.
Edited Builder's Journal Book 1 by Beth Hoyer Edited Builder's Journal Book 1 by May 22, 2017 41895 words Read a sample
This is the edited version of the original story "Builder's Journal" book one. This story has quoted conversations and additional material included into it. Brandis the Record Keeper details life of William before he became known as Brandis the Record Keeper. He details quoted conversations and memories of people mostly Builders he remembers as a record keeper, living computer.
Artefactum (Free Preview) by J.E. Tobal Artefactum (Free Preview) by May 22, 2017 12277 words Read a sample
Sam and Una are a match made in hell. Their predilections toward alcohol and sexual deviance all but ensure they’ll live a life of depravity that will go down in history as massively insignificant. Of course, that all changes one day when they discover that Una’s statue of an aboriginal fertility goddess somehow allows them to travel to sexually explicit alternate realities. Free Preview!
Her Aunt's Guy 6 by Gina Candy Her Aunt's Guy 6 by May 22, 2017 954 words Read a sample
Kindy goes to live with her Aunt in Michigan. Her aunt lives with a really good looking guy, and her aunt works nights.
El Castillo en la Niebla by Carolina Garzón Rubiano El Castillo en la Niebla by May 22, 2017 2537 words Read a sample
Sofía debe llegar a la costa a tiempo, para encontrarse con su familia y subir juntos al barco para al otro lado del mundo. Sus planes se alteran cuando, durante una parada del tren, sale de la estación y se extravía. Encuentra un castillo misterioso en medio de la niebla que le impide encontrar el camino de regreso al tren y, también, una aventura en la que está en juego mucho más de lo que cree.
Erotica: Work Perks by Roy Gino Erotica: Work Perks by May 22, 2017 3067 words Read a sample
Brian and Janine got close since they were coworkers. In addition, Brian was older than Janine and used to advise her on different matters. He helped her through her divorce and she was there for him when he lost his wife. This brought them even closer and they seized the opportunity to fulfill their fantasy. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: Happy Ending with Best Friend’s Dad by Roy Gino Erotica: Happy Ending with Best Friend’s Dad by May 22, 2017 3130 words Read a sample
Amanda already knew that her best friend’s dad was peeking at her generous chest whenever she was around. However, she was surprised to find out that she was not the only target of his desire. Jeff was afraid that Amanda would sell him out after she busted him but he did not know that the young woman was selfish. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: Unreal Expectations by Roy Gino Erotica: Unreal Expectations by May 22, 2017 3068 words Read a sample
Brigitte was happy to have a break from college and her best friend took her to her house. However, things got awkward when Brigitte met Greg, Gertrude’s brother. He was really attractive and Brigitte found herself having wet dreams about him. Little did she know that she was not alone but her expectations seemed unreal. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: Oriental Assistance by Roy Gino Erotica: Oriental Assistance by May 22, 2017 3074 words Read a sample
Chad was happy to have Kim as his secretary. She was so efficient that she was the one who managed the staff. However, it was not easy for Chad to keep their relationship professional. He was surprised to discover that she was expecting a move from him, but she was mysterious when he made a move. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: New Stallion by Roy Gino Erotica: New Stallion by May 22, 2017 3076 words Read a sample
Jennifer was a hard working young woman who never took anything for granted. This was unlike her roommate, Paula, who got everything without too much effort. Paula was using men at her mercy since she was very gorgeous. Jennifer considered herself as a decent lady but one night, her craving changed her completely. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: A Warm Meeting by Roy Gino Erotica: A Warm Meeting by May 22, 2017 3111 words Read a sample
Julie was happy to move in her new house with her lovely boyfriend. They were both young and excited to own a house together. They spent the weekend unpacking. When her boyfriend left for work, she met her new neighbor, Denis, who was really old. However, things escalated when she accepted his invitation to drink coffee as a welcome. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Yes, Master. by Blanche DuBois Yes, Master. by May 22, 2017 737 words Read a sample
The money. The power. The unapologetically raw sex. Which is it that draws woman after woman to their unsuspecting fantasies? I'll let you decide. Fancy yourself a little 50 Shades? Master Aizen will make Mr. Grey look like your high school sweetheart.
Testament by Pam Crane Testament by May 22, 2017 7645 words Read a sample
'Testament' is an anthology of spiritual poetry by Pam Crane. Many are Christian in their theme, but by no means all, as her experience has embraced many other dimensions including spiritualism, reincarnation and direct inspiration. Her whole spiritual life is here, from an early intuition of the universality of God to the Christian conviction that in 1993 brought her to ordination as a Deacon.
Lifescapes by Pam Crane Lifescapes by May 22, 2017 11952 words Read a sample
'Lifescapes' is a collection of Pam Crane's versatile poetry, written over many years, observing 'life's rich tapestry' from her own doorstep to the troubles of the wider world. Her poems, written in many forms from rhythmic free verse to beautifully structured rhyme, cast a critical and philosophical eye on culture, climate and love.
My Niece Came First, Her Angry Mother Soon After by Jack Vitale My Niece Came First, Her Angry Mother Soon After by May 22, 2017 1944 words Read a sample
A big turn on for Jack is having sex with women he shouldn’t be screwing, like family. Oh, yeah! Jack really loves family, especially the older neglected aunts whose husbands totally ignore three wives many sexual needs.
The Flip Side & The Funny Side by Pam Crane The Flip Side & The Funny Side by May 22, 2017 10048 words Read a sample
The Flip Side & The Funny Side is a collection of Pam Crane's wittiest poems, a mix of scathing social and political commentary, clever parody, pure fantasy and gentle humour, including three long, imaginative ballads which are complete stories in verse.
Haiku & Senryu by Pam Crane Haiku & Senryu by May 22, 2017 4195 words Read a sample
Haiku and Senryu are both tiny seventeen-syllable poems that paint a word picture of a moment in time and space. This Japanese form has been a favourite with Pam Crane for many years, building up into a verse journal - and often replacing a forgotten camera!
Amaranth's Garden by Margaret S. Haycraft Amaranth's Garden by May 22, 2017 42524 words Read a sample
Amaranth Glyn's comfortable life comes to an end when the church funds disappear. Her father, the church treasurer who drew out the money, is also missing, to be followed shortly by her mother. The disgrace this brings on the family means Amaranth's marriage plans are cancelled. Amaranth is a competent artist and moves away with her young brother to try to earn a living.
The Girl From Space by Michael Kush Kush The Girl From Space by May 22, 2017 80776 words Read a sample
The Girl from Space is an extraordinary 80 000-word post- apocalyptic sci-fi story set in the Y10K era about a young amateur astronaut, Yolanda and a young Xapien warrior, Gabriel whose paths collide in a mysterious portal as both try to survive the devastation of mass extinction of human and Xapien race respectively.
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Amy Sparks He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by May 22, 2017 47546 words
Mia is a normal seventeen-year-old girl who thought she had a perfect life. Then, her crush notices her and everything seems to change. Then, she finds out that he only likes the idea of her and she thinks that her life is over. Then she meets Lucas, who is a new student in her class that makes her heart light up like fireworks. Mia loves Lucas, but can she ever learn to trust him?
The Dragon by Steven Bevell The Dragon by May 21, 2017 542 words Read a sample
The Dragon will show the people simple truths; but there is danger, always.
Hate Him Book 1 by Alice Bello Hate Him Book 1 by May 21, 2017 19327 words Read a sample
My name is Liz Hamilton. My career and sex life are circling the drain. My art gallery is about to become a laughing stock, and I can’t get past the heavy petting stage with a man without turning into a cold fish.
Héroes de la Antigüedad: Episodio 1x01 (Edición en Español) by Anna Erishkigal Héroes de la Antigüedad: Episodio 1x01 (Edición en Español) by May 21, 2017 19825 words Read a sample
El Coronel de las Fuerzas Especiales Angélicas Mikhail Mannuki'ili se despierta, herido mortalmente en su nave estrellada. La mujer encargada de salvar su vida posee una extraña habilidad para sanar. Pero, ¿quién disparó a Mikhail? ¿Y por qué? Ninsianna, quien proviene de una extensa línea de chamanes y curanderos, siempre ha tenido una relación especial con la diosa. Al irse al desierto...
Good to Have Friends by Circuit Static Good to Have Friends by May 21, 2017 2811 words Sample 30%
If you were to gain a true mastery of hypnotism, how would you use it? Would you dominate a female friend of your girlfriend, with her permission? Find out what I did with my mastery of hypnotism in this tale of hypnotism, seduction and domination.
Paashu Keeper of the Immortal Power by Rimsha Zulfiqar Paashu Keeper of the Immortal Power by May 21, 2017 11713 words Read a sample
The story begins when a strange bird hands over a greatly powerful baby girl called Leena to a wizard. Eighteen years later an evil king named Atrodarka got to know about Leena's power through his dreams. Atrodarka became determined to get Leena's power, however due to a misunderstanding Atrodarka killed Lia (Leena's sister) instead of Leena. Leena then did something which foiled Atrodarka's plans
The Hairy Ones by Terry M. West The Hairy Ones by May 21, 2017 1211 words Read a sample
An elderly couple living deep in the woods prepares a sacrifice for the Hairy Ones on All Hallow’s Eve.
Beginnings (Garden Falls, prequel novella) by Allie Kincheloe Beginnings (Garden Falls, prequel novella) by May 21, 2017 12163 words Read a sample
You know how they say there’s a moment in your life when everything changes? Mine was on a dance floor in the hottest club in town. Not because I met the man of my dreams, well, not entirely. But because I realized I didn’t like who I’d become. That had to change. It was time for me to make some new beginnings.
ياليتنا by Dalia Mohamed Reda ياليتنا by May 21, 2017 110 words Read a sample
ياليتنا .. قصة قصيرة جدا بقلم داليا محمد رضا تصف القصة بأيجاز ما نعانيه من تناقضات بداخلنا ، وتقارن بين مشاعرنا بطفولتنا وعندما نكبر أسرع مما نتخيل