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The Third Wish is Death by Bill Russo The Third Wish is Death by Dec. 08, 2017 6181 words Read a sample
Young Nate Crosby is on the verge of revolutionizing the salt making industry in the mid 1800s.The only thing standing in his way is his doting father, who has been given the proverbial "three wishes".
The Evil Lesbian Lifeguards by jaja stinks The Evil Lesbian Lifeguards by Dec. 08, 2017 1534 words Read a sample
A very pretty young (19) trainee lifeguard is swimming in the sea when she gets circled by a large shark. She screams out for help, panicking as it closes in. Fortunately for her two big muscled female lifeguards, one black (39), one white (43)), are nearby in a boat and see her predicament. They speed over to save her and the shark swims away.
Cyan and Other Stories by Alina Cvetkova Cyan and Other Stories by Dec. 08, 2017 6839 words Sample 15%
An unusual transformation on the square, jumping to conclusions, the awkward experience of immigration, traffic accidents and why breakfast is so important: thirteen stories about human nature, all based on or connected with Barcelona. "CYAN and other stories" is the first story collection book by a Latvian-born Alina Cvetkova
THE SECRET - Book 1: Mind Magic: (Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12) by Katrina Kahler THE SECRET - Book 1: Mind Magic: (Diary Book for Girls Aged 9-12) by Dec. 08, 2017 18948 words Read a sample
When 12 year old Tess moves to a new neighborhood, she tries to befriend the boy who lives next door, a boy of the same age, named Sam. Tess doesn't know that Sam has a special power, one that he must keep secret at all costs.
Nights & Sharks by Benjamin Ashton Nights & Sharks by Dec. 08, 2017 97586 words Read a sample
Dan and Nathan were never supposed to meet. They live on different continents, with different pasts and different secrets. But Nathan visits his childhood friend Jonah, who has moved to Australia, and Jonah needs to tell him something about Dan.
OUTLAST: Geeks Will Gather by Shane Lassetter OUTLAST: Geeks Will Gather by Dec. 08, 2017 94502 words Read a sample
Geeks vs (realistic) zombie-ism. Fighting humans without humanity left. To many, normals are a threat or food. What would geeks do in the type of apocalypse we have been fighting in-game and in film for years? Set in South Texas, they will begin to gather and help others in the first week. Much happens in this small amount of time. A few will fall but many will rise.
Hivernatien Minimus. The Low-Fashion School by Robert Dorazi Hivernatien Minimus. The Low-Fashion School by Dec. 08, 2017 13661 words Read a sample
Hivernatien is a sorcerer living in Antarctica, His parents decide to send him to Paris, at the Low-Fashion school. What they don't know is that this school is in fact run by Garr Gorr, the second most Machiavellian criminal who plans to rule the world with an army of gnomes. Fortunately, with the help of Sassou, a girl from Botswana, and some magic, Hivernatien will prevent this from happening.
To Live Again (The Living Series, Volume 1) by Melody Dawn To Live Again (The Living Series, Volume 1) by Dec. 08, 2017 101328 words Read a sample
An incident in Chloe's past leaves her broken and unable to move on. Until she meets Jayson Reece; he's determined to fix her and make her love him in the process. Will she learn to live again or lose a fairy tale romance in the making?
Dup Departs by Gavin Mills Dup Departs by Dec. 08, 2017 86787 words Sample 20%
Arnold Du Preez, known as Dup to his friends has had enough. It's time to get out, time for a fresh start. And it looks like there's a way. But will he be prepared to pay the price? Will he and his family be able to make it through and still stay alive? When you're dealing with rogue cops & politicians, organised crime, and a Nigerian movie maker with a murky past, anything is possible.
Angry Dog vs Happy Dog and Poetry by Krista Belk Angry Dog vs Happy Dog and Poetry by Dec. 08, 2017 1612 words Read a sample
This book is a twist on the parable of two dogs: which one to feed? It was extremely pleasing to write! I do hope that it's as fun to read as much it was to write.
Infected Peckham 6 Expansion Medic by Harley Quinn Infected Peckham 6 Expansion Medic by Dec. 07, 2017 1282 words Read a sample
This takes place with the other group looking to expand the ASDA supermarket with a medical expansion this also includes a new person joining the series
The Unsealed Heart by Susann Oriel The Unsealed Heart by Dec. 07, 2017 46229 words
Miri Jamieson, dreams of opening her own art studio and gallery in her home town. So when the right building comes up for sale, she puts in a bid to buy the place. Except she misses out to sexy newcomer Nick Brannagh. Miri sets out to buy the place from him, but her innocence soon has her in his hotel suite. When she learns he has lied to her, she is devastated. Can she ever trust him again?
Poetry Spectrum by Rajesh Ranga Rao Poetry Spectrum by Dec. 07, 2017 6394 words Read a sample
Poetry for all ages. Get dissolved into various emotions of life. Love, Betrayal, War, Death, Victory, Loss, Agony and Ecstasy. Life's various offerings are presented in this short poetic collection. Let yourself go free and get lost into this.
Paul the Apostle A Short Narrative by Marsha B. Hosford Paul the Apostle A Short Narrative by Dec. 07, 2017 9140 words Read a sample
The year is 100 AD. Thad and Levi are two teenage brothers living in Caesarea with the parents. The family takes a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover. Along the way their father, Bart, will give the account of the legendary Paul the apostle, missionary to the Gentiles of the Christian faith.
Pangaea: Jacob's Awakening by Ross Parkes Pangaea: Jacob's Awakening by Dec. 07, 2017 92215 words Read a sample
Jacob embarks on a great journey across the last remaining continent of Pangaea. From the wintry mountains he travels through the deserted wasteland and ruined skyscrapers, where he meets allies and battles against the army of the rich. A climatic end sees Jacob reach his destination, the Ark, a monstrous city in the sky where he will engage in war against those who seek to destroy his destiny.
Femdom Castration College (Cruel Female Erotica, Female Supremacy) by Chrissy Wild Femdom Castration College (Cruel Female Erotica, Female Supremacy) by Dec. 07, 2017 3299 words Read a sample
You wouldn’t believe how great my first year of college has been. I joined a sorority, the cheer-leading squad, and a secret society of castratrices. That’s right, I’m only 19 and I’m a card-carrying castratrix. I’ve cut twelve guys, so far, and I’m still a freshman!
Scorched by Kathryn Kelly Scorched by Dec. 07, 2017 3657 words Read a sample
Spend an evening on stage and in the bedroom with Sloane and Georgie Mason in this three-thousand-word short. NOTE Contains SPOILERS from Inferno and Incendiary
Оса на медовой капле by Sergey Stepanov Оса на медовой капле by Dec. 07, 2017 15642 words Read a sample
"Оса на медовой капле" – неимоверно притягательная книга Сергея Степанова, сборник лучших стихотворений последних лет. Вдохновенная, яркая, пронзительная поэзия Сергея Степанова находит поклонников по всему миру!.. Стихи Сергея Степанова влекут своей удивительно звонкой и одновременно тонкой красотой, выразительной глубиной мысли. Книга Сергея Степанова "Оса на медовой капле": алмазная поэзия!..
The Captain's Sphere by Malcolm Schmitz The Captain's Sphere by Dec. 07, 2017 4841 words Read a sample
Lady Ava Loftus hunts eldritch angels on a steampunk sky ship while dealing with Victorian social mores.
Stories for Success -Teaching Kids Life Skills through Stories by Jyoti Hegde Stories for Success -Teaching Kids Life Skills through Stories by Dec. 07, 2017 5580 words Sample 50%
Do this, don't do that and the chorus never ends... Isn't it irritating to be continuously corrected and advised? As most of us like listening to stories why not use stories to teach kids? This book contains original stories that can be used by parents and teachers to teach kids good habits and life skills.
The Joint (A Grimaulkin Story) by L. A. Jacob The Joint (A Grimaulkin Story) by Dec. 07, 2017 6231 words
In prison, the old teach the young … and sometimes the other way around. A young boy, new to magic prison, asks James, a veteran of the place, for help. If James helps him, James could fall prey to the Satanists. If he doesn’t, he will certainly hurt his own heart.
Loving My Slutty Babysitter: A Rich Richardson Short Story by Rich Richardson Loving My Slutty Babysitter: A Rich Richardson Short Story by Dec. 07, 2017 3150 words Read a sample
For Eddie, having a daughter and his drive to better himself have kept him out of the dating game, but when his young and sexy babysitter starts to show interest in the older stud, he'll suddenly find the boldness and virility he thought he had lost.
Infected Isle of Dogs 4 Isle of Grain 1 Supply Run by Harley Quinn Infected Isle of Dogs 4 Isle of Grain 1 Supply Run by Dec. 06, 2017 1345 words Read a sample
In this book it is nearly 3 pages :D 2 full pages of words, the group goes on a supply run and raids one farm house while the girls left back at the farm have a little fun while the group is out.
Seduced by the Billionaire Next Door by Kenzie Haven Seduced by the Billionaire Next Door by Dec. 06, 2017 5600 words
Peering through his basement window, I watched in anticipation… Marty didn’t even live there; his real home was a mansion somewhere in the hills. The house next door was just his f*ck-pad and I was getting tired of the screams of pleasure that bellowed out of his window. Enough was enough. I was going over there to give him a piece of my mind.
Between Here and Nowhere by Livian Grey Between Here and Nowhere by Dec. 06, 2017 14850 words Read a sample
Stuck in a small country town with next to no choices, Quinn and Kat dream of a better life for themselves, all the while stuck with the horrors of their dead-end jobs, messed up parents and the threat of worse to come.
The Caravan Tales: Shadow Lingers by David W. Hepp The Caravan Tales: Shadow Lingers by Dec. 06, 2017 7740 words Read a sample
A lone traveler finds himself on foot at night in a daunting forest. The mist grows along with a feeling that he's being stalked as he tries to reach the town of Del Rek or any form of safe shelter.
Rienspel, Issue 1: The Forest by Ryan P Freeman Rienspel, Issue 1: The Forest by Dec. 06, 2017 23777 words Read a sample
Rien Sucat wiles his days away, bored stiff in his small backwoods village. But after he encounters a flaming phoenix, his safe familiar world begins unraveling. Suddenly, all-consuming choices like which profession he’ll learn, or the fate of his missing father, are dwarfed in light of the mysterious firebird, along with the terrible secrets his older brother and the town watch harbor.
pp by Yuki Joshua pp by Dec. 06, 2017 3773 words Read a sample
Daddy's In My Wet Pussy! by Sara Kitty Daddy's In My Wet Pussy! by Dec. 06, 2017 1974 words
I have a special treat for you all. It's a hot new daddy and daughter mind control story by Sara Kitty!
Christmas Spirit by Nell Peters Christmas Spirit by Dec. 06, 2017 5860 words Read a sample
A not-so-cosy Yuletide short.
Seeking Vegas Part 5 by Sarah Warman Seeking Vegas Part 5 by Dec. 06, 2017 5063 words Read a sample
Danielle is finally settling into life in Las Vegas, but rebuilding her love life is proving to be a more difficult task than she expected. She finds herself trying to decided between two suitors.
نبضات فكرية وخواطر تفكرية - رسائل by Ibra Him نبضات فكرية وخواطر تفكرية - رسائل by Dec. 06, 2017 15552 words Read a sample
خواطر على شكل رسائل سطرتها لأشخاص وجهات مهينة بهدف التصح والتوجيه والدردشة والمناقشة
Nowhere Man by Beyond Beyond Books Nowhere Man by Dec. 06, 2017 171117 words Read a sample
Who is the man from nowhere - parts of his body have been found in a billabong. At first is seems like a crocodile attack but turns into murder, And who is the girl who was with him in his last few days?. Why will she tell nobody what really happened? She wants to know who this man is for herself. She has his diary and needs to read it to understand, but cannot bring herself to do so
Trapped by Graham Wilson Trapped by Dec. 06, 2017 164273 words Read a sample
She thought she had escaped the nightmare but cannot do so. She thought she had broken the connection with the man who had captivated her but finds it is not so. Part of him possesses her body and another has invaded her mind. Now she is taken back to that place as a prisoner. She sits inside a cage looking out, watching the world pass her by. One cage - bars that enclose her, the other cage
The Acid Trips of Saint John The Divine by Mel Thompson The Acid Trips of Saint John The Divine by Dec. 06, 2017 76410 words Read a sample
Saint John, a bipolar saint with multiple-personality disorder, and his sex-crazed pagan priestess, Helen, have quite a romance going on. Athenodorus, a perennially-single island-resort owner, finds himself hosting Helen and John as their erotic, religious and accidentally-political adventures ensue.
Trigger - Mercenário Espacial - Capítulo 1 by João Victor Trigger - Mercenário Espacial - Capítulo 1 by Dec. 06, 2017 7733 words Read a sample
Um cadete da polícia espacial vê sua vida despedaçar-se diante de seus olhos quando seus aliados juntam-se aos seus piores inimigos. Para enfrentá-los ele precisa tornar-se algo diferente. Uma homenagem aos seriados japoneses que assistia na infância.
Home in Time (Book III in the Christmas Village Trilogy) by Lisa Pendergrass Home in Time (Book III in the Christmas Village Trilogy) by Dec. 05, 2017 26677 words Read a sample
The Final Chapter in the Christmas Village Trilogy tells us what happened to Josh and Kellany's commitment-phobe foster-daughter Florrie. Orphaned before her 11th Birthday, Florrie found something to look forward to in Snowy Pines, but life's drama pulled her away. Now the Magic of Snowy Pines has pulled her back and she has the chance to make things right with her family and the boy she loves.
The Sleeping Mime: a Love Story by Cuthbert Clark Hemingnot The Sleeping Mime: a Love Story by Dec. 05, 2017 5286 words Read a sample
A dead wife. A missing cat. A mysterious mime. A plaid-clad lad. A woman with a cat-eared headband. And love.These are the makings of one of the greatest love stories ever told.
1967: Accidental Hippie in a 2+2 by Edward Minges 1967: Accidental Hippie in a 2+2 by Dec. 05, 2017 76754 words Read a sample
In 1967, three vans and two cars full of teenagers come to San Francisco from around the country to the Summer of Love. They gather at the Embarcadero in celebration of their freedom; soon they will cross the city to join in the Gathering of the Tribes. Unbeknownst to them, four of their number are beginning the hunt for the resolution of a mystery a century in the making.
O Julgamento de Christopher Tynard - Um Conto dos Lobos by João Victor O Julgamento de Christopher Tynard - Um Conto dos Lobos by Dec. 05, 2017 2559 words Read a sample
Um julgamento incomum, que não é passado ante uma corte, mas ante seres sanguinários. Uma história de lobisomens.
Melody gets Caught by Happy Rose Melody gets Caught by Dec. 05, 2017 3082 words Read a sample
Melody can't believe her luck when her father and his two best friends walk in the living room where she is laying on the couch under a blanket naked. So what does she do but text her best friend about the situation. How is Melody going to get out of this situation, better yet what happens when she gets caught under the blanket naked.
Now Hiring by S.A. Meyer Now Hiring by Dec. 05, 2017 2141 words Read a sample
It's summer and for 12 year old Isaiah that means no more school. That also means having nothing to eat or do all day. He doesn't want to end up another statistic; just another young black boy who gets drawn into the drug game. But with rent due and an empty belly, Isaiah might not have a choice.
Single Family Asylum by Jon Ziegler Single Family Asylum by Dec. 05, 2017 49255 words Read a sample
When viewed through the eyes of a husband or father, every day family life ends up appearing less-than-normal . . . even ridiculous. Single Family Asylum is a collection of short stories that illustrates this difference in perception. Adding to the the silliness is the fact that the author, Jon Ziegler, is far from a perfect parent in spite of his efforts to be so.
From Popular to Freak by Jennifer Katherine From Popular to Freak by Dec. 05, 2017 3269 words Read a sample
The most popular girl in high school, Julianne, has kept her anxiety a secret from even her best friend, Maddie, and boyfriend Luke. During a school dance, her secret is uncovered. Julianne must learn how to live her life as her real self, and accept who she is. She must learn how to not fear the labels of "crazy" and/or "mentally ill." Will she be an example for others?
Screwed Up by Amy Sparks Screwed Up by Dec. 05, 2017 29396 words Sample 15%
Death. It's an amazing word if you think of it. Death. Most people think death is some crazy, scary thing, but for me? It's not. A word like that thrills my life, and I want to learn more about it. You might think that I'm some crazy, psychopath that's depressed. Yeah, well I'm not. Or maybe I am. Who knows. But hey, it's the thought that counts. Oh, by the way, my name is Genesis.
Santa by J. Meverington Santa by Dec. 05, 2017 4502 words Read a sample
Have you been naughty or nice this year? The Phillips family are enjoying Christmas eve, singing carols around a grand piano, when an unexpected visitor drops in. Can you guess who it is?
The Grey Wolf by Alistair Shand The Grey Wolf by Dec. 05, 2017 7335 words Read a sample
A young man becomes a werewolf in contemporary Scotland
LIFE IN HIGH SCHOOL by Tessi Jimoh LIFE IN HIGH SCHOOL by Dec. 05, 2017 1842 words Read a sample
A girl moves to a new house which means new friends and a new school. She is the daughter of two very rich and intelligent people. She has to go through high school experiencing love, friendships, revenge, enemies and many more she also....................................... I wouldn't like to spoil it for you
Sigo Respirando by Chary Ca Sigo Respirando by Dec. 05, 2017 7391 words Read a sample
Un relato tierno, que te hará sentir el amor en estado puro. Siente la Navidad y las mariposas a tu alrededor.
McEdifice Returns by Camestros Felapton McEdifice Returns by Dec. 05, 2017 30874 words Read a sample
From Timothy the Talking Cat and Straw Puppy comes Chiseled McEdifice’s latest and greatest adventure. All he wanted was a peaceful life after decades of fighting evil but a cowardly attack sets him off on a bicycle ride of revenge and into an adventure across space and time.