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The Ice-Phoenix Stories by Kevin Williams The Ice-Phoenix Stories by April 21, 2018 1,090 words
800 wds of a teen love story. (Teen texting is what i called it)
On Monday she Travelled to India (Free short story) by Alanah Andrews On Monday she Travelled to India (Free short story) by April 21, 2018 3,130 words Read a sample
"I fell in love through the lens of her letters. I slowly gained strength from the magic in the ink..." William has been in hospital for a long time. His daily routine involves staring at the ceiling, watching the little glowing lights on the machine beside his bed, and staring at the ceiling again. This all changes one day when the nurse delivers him a letter from a girl named Hope.
The Temptress and the Rogue by Dariya Saint The Temptress and the Rogue by April 21, 2018 49,020 words Sample 14%
When a descendant of a Half Elf, Half Faerie receives an inheritance, she and her friend decided to escape the slums. Dancing for a tavern full of low-borns they are one mis-step from becoming slaves in the brothel. The whole city seems to be against their departure, beauty is rare in the rotting thicket and their masters don't want to see them go. Will they escape? Can they survive if they do?
Desert OverWatch by Thomas J Eyre Desert OverWatch by April 21, 2018 16,940 words
Was it passion, jealousy or fear that turned a Royal Marine into a calculating, cold-blooded murderer?
Celebrating the Short Story by Narrow Way Press Celebrating the Short Story by April 21, 2018 26,670 words Read a sample
The seven short stories contained in this Celebrating of the Short Story are as diverse in technique and theme as one could hope for. Nevertheless, they are united in the fact that they are each in and of themselves short stories.
El Portador de la Muerte: Al Borde de la Extinción. Version de Vener 1 by DDZAYLAR DD ZAYLAR El Portador de la Muerte: Al Borde de la Extinción. Version de Vener 1 by April 21, 2018 8,460 words Read a sample
Vener, cansado de las constantes humillaciones de sus compañeros por haber nacido en un entorno diferente, decide que es hora de demostrarles a todos su valía. Anhelando ganarse el respeto de todos ellos, emprenderá un viaje a lo desconocido con el fin de acabar con la despiadada guerra que está llevando la raza humana a la extinción más absoluta.
Bareback For Mrs. Johnson  The MILF Part 1 by Elizabeth Thorn Bareback For Mrs. Johnson The MILF Part 1 by April 21, 2018 9,250 words Read a sample
It should have been an uneventful day. Should have been. And maybe it would have been just an ordinary day if only Mrs. Johnson wasn’t such a blue-eyed, blonde beauty with curves that demand attention.
Prickly Pair by John M. Kelly, Jr Prickly Pair by April 21, 2018 109,170 words Read a sample
Rick doesn’t know much. Rick doesn’t know he’s a gigolo. Rick doesn’t know he’s hurting his wife, Priscilla. Rick doesn’t know his Grandpa is his pimp. Rick has a problem. Rick thinks with only one thing. Rick’s about to stop living the life of a playboy. Rick’s about to get the severance package of a lifetime. What Rick doesn’t know, won’t hurt him…or will it?
The Mobster's Missing Diamonds by Darryl Matter The Mobster's Missing Diamonds by April 21, 2018 2,740 words Read a sample
A small plane crashed in a remote region of the national park three weeks ago. No trace of its pilot was found. The plane's registration suggests a link to organized crime. Now three men are at the ranger station. They're "going camping." The ranger has suspicions as to whey they're there--but October is no time for inexperienced hikers in those mountains.
Juz Amma From The Noble Quran Bilingual Edition English & Arabic by Muhammad Vandestra Juz Amma From The Noble Quran Bilingual Edition English & Arabic by April 21, 2018 190 words
Juz Amma from The Noble Quran bilingual edition with english and arabic languange edition. The Noble Quran literally meaning "the recitation"; also romanized Qur'an or Koran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from Allah SWT (God). It is widely regarded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature.
Een visser wenst... by Carolus Vonckx Een visser wenst... by April 21, 2018 5,010 words Read a sample
Wat wens je als een geest je drie wensen verleent? Een probleem waarmee Bernard Martens te maken krijgt wanneer hij een geest bevrijdt uit een stenen kruik.
Eternal Darkness by J. F.Johns Eternal Darkness by April 21, 2018 114,500 words
The world is divided between humans and cyborgs. Scarlet Lock is neither. She is a soldier created to kill on command. But her memory has been erased and when she awakens in a government facility, she soon discovers that this new world is a dangerous place, full of government secrets and cruel experiments performed in the name of progress.
L'incroyable échappée de Sylvia by Isabelle Gimbault L'incroyable échappée de Sylvia by April 21, 2018 7,220 words Sample 7%
Sylvia, jeune fille un peu sauvage, est habituée aux promenades solitaires dans l’épaisse forêt qui s’étend près de chez elle. Un soir, elle emprunte un chemin qui la conduit dans un lieu inconnu. Sylvia, perdue au fin fond de ces bois étranges, rencontre ensuite un homme insaisissable auquel elle doit d’emblée faire confiance.
Demon Sex Group 4 by Arla Coopa Demon Sex Group 4 by April 21, 2018 1,330 words Sample 20%
Twelve victims of demon possession meet and discuss the sexual acts demons made them do.
Phillip's Future by Jake Swartwout Phillip's Future by April 20, 2018 450 words Read a sample
On a journey out into deep space, Captain Phillip P. Pillbug receives a mysterious signal from an unrecognized ship. Taking the chance, Phillip leads his crew to rescue the small spacecraft. Little does he know, he'll find a version of himself that challenges the safety of his ship and the fate of his crew.
The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. Vener's Version 1 by DDZAYLAR DD ZAYLAR The Carrier of Death: On the Edge of Extinction. Vener's Version 1 by April 20, 2018 8,370 words Read a sample
Vener, tired of the constant humiliations from his companions for having been born in a different environment, decides it’s time to show them all his worth. Yearning to win the respect of all of them, he will set out on a journey to the unknown with the intentions of ending with the ruthless war that’s taking the human race towards the most absolute extinction.
Jools on The Planet Dragoon. by Von Kambro Jools on The Planet Dragoon. by April 20, 2018 880 words Read a sample
A young boy dreams of a fascinating world where animals come to his rescue before an evil Wizard tricks him into staying on the planet that he rules.
Free Sample of The Sword Of Heroes by Jonathan White Free Sample of The Sword Of Heroes by April 20, 2018 13,670 words Read a sample
Some of you might not be able to download the sample for the book properly, so I decided to publish it separately.
Decaying Kingdom, Everlasting Love by Albert Oon Decaying Kingdom, Everlasting Love by April 20, 2018 13,350 words Read a sample
The greatest act of all is true love Cinis and Favilla are a couple who are unlike any other. Their personalities and skills are the best in the Kingdom of Fornax and they can use the blessings of fire and light like no one else. They will defend their home to their very last breath, but how long will their kingdom last as the forces of rot and decay constantly assault them.
Old Friend Faith by Rori O'Keeffe Old Friend Faith by April 20, 2018 620 words Read a sample
Faith grows with time, but in directions one would never suspect when starting out in the world. One poem, ~ 470 words.
Going Home With A Lonely Teacher by Isa Adam Going Home With A Lonely Teacher by April 20, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
Alexa has just gotten out of a bad marriage and she feels lonelier than ever. That's when she meets a new student named Jon who is more than happy to make her job a living nightmare. However, with time, Alexa starts to feel attracted to him and doesn't think she could fight it. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Getting Close To Best Friend’s Daddy by Isa Adam Getting Close To Best Friend’s Daddy by April 20, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
Laura has never been the kind of person to share her troubles with anyone else so when she goes broke, she opts to seduce her best friend's father for money. Things go horribly wrong when her intentions are found out and she had to convince Harold and Sadie that she had changed. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Fun In The Office by Isa Adam Fun In The Office by April 20, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
Aileen has always been in charge of her destiny and prides herself on that. However when something she can't quite control comes her way, she has no idea how to deal with it. With her attraction to one of her employees grows stronger, Aileen must decide if loving him is worth the risk or not. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Dance with Neighbor by Isa Adam Dance with Neighbor by April 20, 2018 2,540 words Read a sample
With Peyton broke and living with her mother, she has to give in to the woman's demands to present the picture of the perfect daughter. Even if that means going to the neighborhood's annual ball and saving a dance for Hudson, the guy living next door to them even though she hates his guts. Mature Readers Only (18+)
A Night for Romance by Isa Adam A Night for Romance by April 20, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
Louis starts to get worried when his marriage quickly turns stale. Even his wife, Nicki can see it and being the type of woman she is, can't help constantly pointing it out. To bring back the flame, Louis pulls a few strings to ensure his wife has the best night of her life. Mature Readers Only (18+)
A Mexican Holiday by Isa Adam A Mexican Holiday by April 20, 2018 2,500 words Read a sample
All her life, Eleanor has craved the chance to be part of her culture. So when her birth parents reach out to her, she takes the opportunity to learn more about her culture and for the first time, she seems to fit in perfectly. That is until her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Lincoln, suffers. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Flower and Rain by Shireen Ayache Flower and Rain by April 20, 2018 9,420 words
Flower and Rain is a collection of poetry and prose that will thrust you into different themes such as war, bullying, assault, depression and anxiety. Flower and Rain explores the different aspects and areas that the author has experienced throughout her life.
A Dirty Weekend by Isa Adam A Dirty Weekend by April 20, 2018 2,520 words Read a sample
James has never had to work a day in his life. That is until he gets stranded with no phone on him on his way to a friend's party and he has to work to get his car fixed. He meets Gemma, a no nonsense mechanic and James plans to make the best of his weekend. Mature Readers Only (18+)
A Birthday Proposal by Isa Adam A Birthday Proposal by April 20, 2018 2,490 words Read a sample
Stella and Christian have been together for six whole years yet Christian has never asked her to marry him. With their joint birthdays coming, Stella takes the matter into her own hands and decides that it is the perfect day to pop the question. She has no idea what the love of her life has planned. Mature Readers Only (18+)
Behind our Walls by Cleo Wodehouse Behind our Walls by April 20, 2018 95,380 words Read a sample
Leonie and Felix are in love through written words, sound and smell only. The man who calls himself “ugly as sin” and the woman afflicted with intimacy issues have met in a forum designed to match those who never intend to meet. They write, talk, and even meet in the dark until they realize that a face-to-face meeting is inevitable. Can they make their relationship work with all five senses?
The Chicken and the Prickly Pear by Cleo Wodehouse The Chicken and the Prickly Pear by April 20, 2018 71,750 words Read a sample
In an English writers’ forum, a German anglophile happens upon the brilliant ramblings of a misanthropic American. Despite his prickly nature she manages to chip away at his walls until they decide to pursue their peculiar relationship offline. However, what seemed perfect on screen does not work as easily in the real world. Will their foundation prove to be too unsound after all?
Terjemahan Juz Amma Edisi Bilingual Inggris & Indonesia (Juz Amma Bilingual Edition English & Indonesia) by Muhammad Vandestra Terjemahan Juz Amma Edisi Bilingual Inggris & Indonesia (Juz Amma Bilingual Edition English & Indonesia) by April 20, 2018 570 words Read a sample
Terjemahan surat al-fatihah dan juz amma edisi bilingual dalam bahasa inggris dan bahasa indonesia. Juz ‘Amma adalah surat juz ke 30 dalam kitab suci Al-Quran. Di dalamnya terdapat 37 surat. Juz Amma ini dimulai dengan surat an-Naba’ dan diakhiri surat An-Naas. Dalam Juz ‘Amma ini terdapat 34 surat yang berisikan surat yang paling sering kita dengar dan paling sering kita baca.
Devil's Choice by Graham Wilson Devil's Choice by April 20, 2018 62,850 words Read a sample
A parents worst nightmare. A small child with an incurable disease and a father who served in Vietnam and blames himself for her illness. The family is torn apart. Finally only one choice remains to save the daughter's life, a Devil's Choice. She must confront three men who raped her mother, now in jai, seek to find out which is her father, then beg this person for help to be a transplant donor,
Kinky Anal Slut by Brock Landers Kinky Anal Slut by April 20, 2018 4,520 words Read a sample
Tommy Harper loves girls who love anal. Tonight he hooks up with Sandy, who is as kinky an anal whore as he has ever come across. Adults only. 18+
Banging The Barely Legal Slut by Dirk Rockwell Banging The Barely Legal Slut by April 20, 2018 3,390 words Read a sample
When I first ran into Nikki, I had no idea she was such a slut. And even if I had, I wouldn't have figured that she'd want anything to do with me. But boy was I wrong. She was looking for an older man to get freaky with and as it turned out, I was just the one. Adults only. 18+
Erotic Hardcore Sex - 8 Naughty Tales by AE Publications Erotic Hardcore Sex - 8 Naughty Tales by April 20, 2018 41,850 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes 8 naughty tales, featuring hardcore graphic sex, anal, alpha males, femdom, lesbians, threesomes, romance, bdsm, rough sex and more. Adults only. 18+
She Is In Charge by Scotty Diggler She Is In Charge by April 20, 2018 3,930 words Read a sample
Tonight I'm in the mood for something different. Still an escort, of course, because that's how I roll, but tonight I ask for a fine lady that loves taking charge. And boy, do I get exactly what I ask for. Adults only. 18+
The Ultimate Privilege - Book One - BUT WHY...? by Andrew M Stafford The Ultimate Privilege - Book One - BUT WHY...? by April 19, 2018 63,910 words Read a sample
THE ULTIMATE PRIVILEGE ‘Death is just another chapter in the cycle of your existence’
Poem 4.11.18 by Chris W Michael Poem 4.11.18 by April 19, 2018 820 words Read a sample
A poem written for Sedona, AZ and its splendors.
Phoenix Rising  (Book One) Steel Bandits MC by Cassie Alexandra Phoenix Rising (Book One) Steel Bandits MC by April 19, 2018 38,030 words Read a sample
Lily I left town to get away from my over-protective parents and to try and forget Vaughn, the bad boy biker, who thought I’d screwed him over. But now I’m back and he’s as unforgettable as always. I know that I should stay away, but he’s something I need right now. A distraction from the pain I’m going through. To hell with everything. I’m tired of being a good girl. I’m tired of running away…
Taming The Biker by Cassie Alexandra Taming The Biker by April 19, 2018 38,030 words Read a sample
After a couple of mind-blowing encounters with Taylor (AKA Tail) Adams, a notorious hell-raising womanizer, Lauren Macey discovers that she's pregnant with the biker's child. Knowing that the MC lifestyle isn't what she wants for their baby, and that Tail isn't exactly "father" material, Lauren chooses to keep it a secret. This proves challenging, especially when she realizes that neither of them
Miss Mysteria: Vol. 1 by Dame Adaline Miss Mysteria: Vol. 1 by April 19, 2018 12,520 words Read a sample
Join this teenage vigilante as she discovers that her body is both her greatest weakness and her most powerful weapon!
Within The Keys by Lee A Jackson Within The Keys by April 19, 2018 3,230 words Sample 20%
Johnson, a vital cog of routine and schedule in society, is joined on a park bench by a woman. Communication between the two comes about in an usual manner but Johnson persists to try and find out more. The woman carries with her an old typewriter that is steeped in history but yet it has an important message about the future.
Copper Plumbing by Rowan Wolf Copper Plumbing by April 19, 2018 2,850 words Read a sample
Love and good copper plumbing go hand in hand. Love starts out as perfect plumbing; all pipes slant slightly earthward and gravity does most of the work. There are no scratches and there is nothing wrong with the world. So it is with love when it is up to code.
Armario de letras by Caza De Versos Armario de letras by April 19, 2018 150,350 words
En un armario se esconde un centenar de historias de distintos países esperando ser descubiertas. En él se resguardan letras de: Venezuela, Paraguay, México, Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia y Costa Rica.
Lupercalia by Jessica Halsey Lupercalia by April 19, 2018 7,710 words
When is a mythological body not a myth? There are no mermaids in National Geographic documentaries, we do not have holy relics of Odysseus or the longitude and latitude of Skylla’s cave. However, the stories of trial and triumph are mirrors that reflect our collective human attempts at living. Living as verb, living as the adventure that is worth experiencing.
The Echo of Something Hitting by Jessica Halsey The Echo of Something Hitting by April 19, 2018 2,110 words
The Echo of Something Hitting is a lyric essay that explores the transformative journey from disaster to survival and beyond; a deconstructed body returning to the earth, becoming something new.
A Little Love by Larry Aceves A Little Love by April 19, 2018 1,000 words Sample 20%
When a family chooses to look beneath the surface and see possibilities their lives and that of museum goers is changed forever.
Les Sans-Terre by Ethan J Pingault Les Sans-Terre by April 19, 2018 460 words Read a sample
Une histoire courte qui se lit en moins de deux minutes ! « Plus haut sur le promontoire rocheux, le château du maître se dresse, majestueux. La fête bat son plein dans la grande salle. L’écho renvoie dans la vallée la mélodie des vielles et des lyres qui font résonner leurs coffres. » Les Sans-Terre - Ethan J Pingault (Extrait)
Die Hoffnung, die aus der Zukunft kam - Eine Zeitreisegeschichte by Eve Human Die Hoffnung, die aus der Zukunft kam - Eine Zeitreisegeschichte by April 19, 2018 155,530 words Read a sample
Jonathan macht sich auf, die Welt zu retten, David macht sich auf, die Welt zu verlassen, Hope macht sich auf, einen einzigen Menschen zu retten. Sie alle erfahren, dass die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart und Zukunft immer miteinander verbunden sind.