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Disappearance in the Desert by William Wresch Disappearance in the Desert by Aug. 16, 2018 82,350 words Read a sample
In this fourth book in the series, a former lover, the president of a Swiss bottling company, comes for Jessica. He proposes, and she travels with him to Dubai to be his wife and to help set up a new branch of the company. But she is not the only woman who wants him. Tricked into visiting a desert village, she is held while the other woman plots to take her fiancée.
Christian retreats UK - Technique Ahead For an Impressive Experience by Jeffery Jenkins Christian retreats UK - Technique Ahead For an Impressive Experience by Aug. 16, 2018 420 words Read a sample
Christian retreats UK are said to be some of the most significant events in a teen's life.
Tales from the Virginias - an octet of short stories by Mike Bozart Tales from the Virginias - an octet of short stories by Aug. 16, 2018 20,370 words Read a sample
8 short stories that take place in southwestern Virginia and southern West Virginia are gathered: 1. Galax_ Galaxy (thought interception) 2. Charlie West (Charleston, WV) 3. Fries or Freeze (a quick sketch by an old New River dam) 4. Gallivanting in Galax (encore) 5. The Race (New River Trail) 6. The Cipher (Wytheville, Bland) 7. A Blue Whale of a Tale (Bluefield) 8. Bridge Day (Fayetteville, WV)
Deserto Lunar by Ana Teia Deserto Lunar by Aug. 16, 2018 8,440 words Read a sample
A vida é um mar de experiências. Algumas boas, outras más. O seu conjunto forma aquilo a que chamamos "uma pessoa". Deserto Lunar fideliza numa expressão poética os largos anos de experiência da autora como pessoa.
The Taming of Samantha Roe by Pringle McCloy The Taming of Samantha Roe by Aug. 16, 2018 43,660 words Read a sample
Samantha Roe has it all – beauty, brains and a bad attitude. A natural cynic she uses her intellect to condescend to others, even her boss. But this all changes after her nephew comes to live with her and the two bond. The problem? Her globe-trotting sister returns to place her son in boarding school, much to his dismay. Will feisty Sam fight for a boy’s happiness? Yep. Stay tuned for war.
The Escape by E.J. More The Escape by Aug. 16, 2018 1,870 words Read a sample
The world has been taken over by a new race of cyborgs who view human flesh only as a resource. If Trix and her makeshift family are to survive they must escape the ravaged city, and they cannot do this alone. Fortunately a band of young freedom fighters has come to get them out, and guide them toward the mountains, where more human survivors await. But in this new
The Secret Keeper by Angela Carling The Secret Keeper by Aug. 15, 2018 52,020 words Read a sample
After the disappearance of her brother, Winter’s family was never the same. Now she’d done something terrible that would bring her to the door of the mysterious Secret Keeper, and the bargain she’d make would alter her life, forever. Can she find a way out of the dark bargain that binds her tongue, or will her deal with the Secret Keeper bring devastating consequences unimaginable, even to her?
The Chess Players by George Vaughan The Chess Players by Aug. 15, 2018 5,060 words Read a sample
The greatest storm in fifty years. Three lessons of love. One game of chess. In this heartwarming story, set against a timeless Tasmanian backdrop, young Izzy Hanaleigh gains wisdom that will change the course of her life… if only she can accept it.
The Last Day (Book 8 Forest at the Edge) by Trish Mercer The Last Day (Book 8 Forest at the Edge) by Aug. 15, 2018 277,680 words Read a sample
No one's sure what the "last day" means, or who the Deliverer is, or what the "destruction" is, but Young Pere, on his way home but being prodded along by Lemuel Thorne's sword, is pretty sure that he's running out of time.
The Soldier in the Middle of the World (Book 7 Forest at the Edge) by Trish Mercer The Soldier in the Middle of the World (Book 7 Forest at the Edge) by Aug. 15, 2018 208,300 words Read a sample
Young Pere may have survived a volcano's eruption, but he's not so sure he can endure General Lemuel Thorne's plans for him. Still, the uncomfortably close proximity to General Thorne means Young Pere can learn to take over the world himself. Except Perrin is determined to preserve his grandson Young Pere, which is a little tricky since Perrin died last year.
Yoga 4 Adults (A British Sitcom: Episode 1) by Jimmy Keaton Yoga 4 Adults (A British Sitcom: Episode 1) by Aug. 15, 2018 14,540 words Read a sample
What is it like to live in the shadow of a successful, infinitely more popular sibling – and where does the git get off being younger and better looking? Join Bill Turrock; a balding, middle-aged community centre worker in the first episode of this farcical British sitcom.
The Impetuous River and Other Poems by Richard Batchelor The Impetuous River and Other Poems by Aug. 15, 2018 6,170 words Read a sample
The Impetuous River is a gripping, harrowing and magical tale of two otters on the run whose homeland becomes riddled with jealousy and destructiveness. The poem is composed entirely of serious limericks. As one reader commentated, 'It’s kind of Richard Adams writing Othello while sponsored by Greenpeace.'
Connects by Katrina Rose Connects by Aug. 15, 2018 70,950 words Sample 20%
Connects is a supernatural ‘Who Done It’ murder mystery based on Abigail Morrison’s dreams of a drug dealer, his wife found dead on the railroad tracks, and the psychic premonitions that help her solve the 19 year old mystery in the sleepy town of Gardner. Based on true events this story has been written as fiction to protect the innocent and even the guilty! The truth is stranger than fiction.
Unpredictable by RAMS Unpredictable by Aug. 15, 2018 2,310 words Read a sample
This the story of a guy who reacts unpredictably in real life crime situations. DESTINY?? :
Umthombo wobomi by Hlumeka Dumezweni Umthombo wobomi by Aug. 15, 2018 2,630 words Read a sample
Le yincwadi yesihobe equlathe imibongo eyinkuthazo kwaba ngenathemba, ebopha amanxeba kwabophayo, ezisa inkululeko kwabo babotshwe ngamatyathanga obu bomi futhi inika nomkhombandlela wokuhlalisana ngoxolo siluluntu kwindawo esihlala kuzo.
Portia by Barbara Jaques Portia by Aug. 15, 2018 4,310 words Read a sample
A short cautionary tale; when does a stranger become something more?
The Dispersal Part III: Black Cloaks and Burning City by Greg M. Hall The Dispersal Part III: Black Cloaks and Burning City by Aug. 15, 2018 7,110 words Sample 20%
Toval has defied his oath to save a conquered princess from a fellow soldier's assault. The two of them have managed to flee, but with the dreaded Black Cloaks on their trail, their chances of getting very far are slim. In this final chapter, with death at their heels, the only way they could make their plight worse is to try rescuing her father from an Imperial garrison.
Bumnandi Ubomi Noxa Bunamahla Ndinyuka by Nonzwakazi George-Benenengu Bumnandi Ubomi Noxa Bunamahla Ndinyuka by Aug. 15, 2018 1,460 words Read a sample
La ngamabali amafutshane ayingqokelela yeziganeko ezahlukeneyo, ayalumkisa, ayayala amanye ayabulela.
Bridge Day by Mike Bozart Bridge Day by Aug. 15, 2018 2,830 words Read a sample
A late-twenty-something, still-getting-to-know-each-other, content Asian American couple goes to the Bridge Day festival in Fayetteville, West Virginia in October of 2006. All seems to be going well on the autumn-splendor drive up I-77 from Charlotte. But then a veteran BASE jumper has a severe mishap. The mood of the day changes. Suspicions creep in. Sometimes the past is vengeful ... and crazed.
Edge of Reality by Shaun Hume Edge of Reality by Aug. 15, 2018 14,290 words
Stanley Rue, a self admitted psychiatric patient, tries to convince others within his new hospital home to help protect his as yet unborn daughter when she is 11 years old. Doctor Vivian Eldridge, a newly qualified psychiatrist, tries to come to terms with her new life, and her new patient, a man in his mid
The Promise by CM Fritzen The Promise by Aug. 15, 2018 100,770 words Sample 20%
Silver White, half werewolf half Light Wolf, leaves home to avenge his father. Inexperienced and naive, he finds himself in the very clutches of the immortal he tried to kill and is soon sent on a mission that should spell his death. Along the way, Silver discovers who he is and the destiny that his creator has made for him.
Nice Stories For Once by Dustin Lewit Nice Stories For Once by Aug. 14, 2018 1,160 words Read a sample
7 new flash fiction pieces from the creative work table of Dustin Schuyler Lewit. All selections were penned by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. Copyright 2018 by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. All rights reserved.
La Leyenda de Hércules III by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) La Leyenda de Hércules III by Aug. 14, 2018 8,980 words Read a sample
Aventuras del héroe griego Hércules. Actividad sin fin. Luchas épicas. Beligerancia de dioses y mortales
The Study Group by Amanda Hamm The Study Group by Aug. 14, 2018 22,480 words Read a sample
A college study group. A classic love triangle. Annie is trying to get one guy's attention while shaking off another. Maybe if she brings her little brothers on a date, he'll get the idea that they'll only ever be friends. Or maybe he doesn't give up that easily. The Study Group is a short story prequel to They See a Family, a Christian romance.
Carpe Sodium by Penn S. Mightier Carpe Sodium by Aug. 14, 2018 6,680 words Sample 20%
This book provides a new vocabulary for the Politically Incorrect.
Imágenes de mi alma by Luz Victoria Díaz Imágenes de mi alma by Aug. 14, 2018 5,480 words Read a sample
Esta antología de 30 poemas refleja vivencias y percepciones de sentimientos como amor, gratitud, imaginación, reflexión y adiós. Tengo la motivación de ayudar entre versos a decir mucho con poco, y de poder tocar con amor esos espacios donde hay tanto en común con otros, despertando sensaciones que explican por qué tan fácilmente está mojada el alma de felicidad y de tristeza.
Lucky Chance by Rowan Knight Lucky Chance by Aug. 14, 2018 5,130 words Read a sample
This compilation of short stories, describes the true stories of individuals that were blessed by the luck of finding someone that redirected their lives towards a more fulfilling outcome. They learned, through the suggestions received, to embrace themselves and their life purpose, and in doing so, find more love, happiness and confidence in their dreams. The stories shown here are inspirational a
Up In the Air by Jonathan Solomon Up In the Air by Aug. 14, 2018 29,280 words Read a sample
Charlie is the owner of a circus Arts School, but who is behind the mysterious pink graffiti? Eckhart leaves behind his old life, in the hope of finding meaning and purchases a derelict house, but can the house be saved? Margot has been appointed partner at a law firm, but can the actions of Fiona Fern, undo all her hard work? Blanche De Bonheur has a circus to run but can she find a successor?
Fiction in a Flash by A.S. Patterson Fiction in a Flash by Aug. 14, 2018 2,580 words
A.S. Patterson intertwines love, betrayal, and darkness in FICTION IN A FLASH, a collection of flash fiction with compelling characters and suspenseful plots. While all dramas, the stories lean toward different niches, from crime to thriller to suspense.
Value by Elaine Jemmett Value by Aug. 13, 2018 12,760 words
Cast out by her parents because of teenage pregnancy, Elizabeth Simmons finally lands a housemaid’s job with great pay and a free apartment. But Mr. Booth has selected Miss Simmons very carefully. Completely vulnerable to being exploited and controlled, she is precisely what he has in mind. But what Mr. Booth doesn’t know is that Miss Simmons’ ordinary exterior hides an extraordinary secret.
They Must Play by Chuck Sperati They Must Play by Aug. 13, 2018 4,050 words Read a sample
A series of intertwined supernatural stories that will make you wonder where the darkness ends and the light begins. All small towns keep secrets, but in Coal Ridge when the secret gets out, it begins to feed…again. One of the more creepy stories in the Haunted Coal Ridge series, "They Must Play" diverges a little from the other stories, exploring a different type of supernatural event.
Isolation by Mateo Gutierrez Isolation by Aug. 13, 2018 17,030 words Read a sample
ISOLATION is a 50 page novella and provides backstory on seven characters in the forthcoming WHITE OUT series. It is set in the last days before all Caucasian men are put into United Nations created "Male Caucasian Zones" due to the MCIV (Male Caucasian Immunodeficiency Virus) outbreak.
Семейные ценности by Алина Кошкина Семейные ценности by Aug. 13, 2018 74,450 words Sample 20%
История одной семейной драмы, произошедшей в одной семье, казавшейся всем идеальной.
Strega Fey by Yari Garcia Strega Fey by Aug. 13, 2018 42,930 words Sample 20%
Clara is fourteen, and her life has become a nightmare since her mother’s passing. Desperate for a new life, she conjures up a spell. She's taken to the world of Strega Fey, which she must now save, before she gets her new life. That is, if she survives.
Nighttime Photography by Jordan Dumer Nighttime Photography by Aug. 13, 2018 2,410 words Read a sample
Areal Photographer from Rural Wisconsin finds more in the backwoods of the Kettle Moraine forest than just some good pictures for his homepage. He discovers something far more sinister with his drone. But will he live to tell about it?
Migina: Just a Human (Tales of the Executioners) by Joleene Naylor Migina: Just a Human (Tales of the Executioners) by Aug. 13, 2018 8,120 words Read a sample
To protect themselves from one another, the Executioners took on human slaves - or guard dogs,. Fifty years later, with no attacks, the vampires have decided to get rid of them. To protect the immortal's secrets, the law says they must be destroyed. They're only humans, so why is it bothering Migina so much?
Meet Copycat, Early in the Morning by Tiffany Brodsky Meet Copycat, Early in the Morning by Aug. 13, 2018 360 words Read a sample
A funny, fictional tale that about how the phrase copycat came to be.
Spring Thaw (A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery Novella and Other Mystery Short Stories) by Lauren Carr Spring Thaw (A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery Novella and Other Mystery Short Stories) by Aug. 13, 2018 68,690 words Read a sample
In today’s hectic world, many whodunit fans don’t have time to get their mystery fix diving into a whole novel. Lauren Carr’s SPRING THAW AND OTHER MYSTERY SHORT STORIES is for these fans—but that doesn’t mean whodunit fans who do have time can’t dive in as well.
Awake: A Fairy Tale by Rowan Wolf Awake: A Fairy Tale by Aug. 13, 2018 2,870 words Read a sample
When people in the land could not consume more because they had to sleep, the most powerful man in the land set out to remedy this flaw in the fabric of the consuming society. And, brilliant and determined man that he was, he did—but with an unforeseen and rather tragic outcome.
The Grifters: And Other Stories by Lee Duffy The Grifters: And Other Stories by Aug. 13, 2018 12,590 words Read a sample
Four Short Fiction Stories on Crime and Justice: 1. The Grifters 2. Bone 3. The Plan 4. Redemption
Three Stories by Stephen Moran Three Stories by Aug. 13, 2018 4,690 words Read a sample
Three Short Stories from Stephen Moran taken from SERVER. These stories turn The Terrorist of Providence Street into a special edition.
Monster Heart, An IPMA Troll Brother Extra #4 by P. Edward Auman Monster Heart, An IPMA Troll Brother Extra #4 by Aug. 13, 2018 5,920 words Read a sample
Among the Faerie Folk, what creature is most feared? A Human. Find out why in this Short Story addition to the Troll Brother, IPMA and Goblin Queen lore.
The Good Old Days by Bonnie Milani The Good Old Days by Aug. 13, 2018 990 words Read a sample
Where do you go when the night closes in around you?
Mini Tales Fairies A Western Rescue by Havelah McLat Mini Tales Fairies A Western Rescue by Aug. 13, 2018 7,320 words Read a sample
Join the fairies as they soar on an adventure in the west. When the humans capture a black stallion, the fairies launch a rescue to bring him home. But then their lives and the future of all fall into jeopardy as a wildfire spreads across the land. Will they be spared from the wildfire? Read it to find out!
Predator by Hiranya Borah Predator by Aug. 13, 2018 5,610 words Read a sample
The story is written in such a way you that may like the predator though ethically you are supposed to hate the predator. I am sure you love the victim, the beautiful girl throughout the story. It is a fictitious story and if any of the character or situation resembles with any character or situation, it is mere coincidence only.
Mr. Silhouette-Head by Thomas M. McDade Mr. Silhouette-Head by Aug. 13, 2018 3,060 words Read a sample
Can down-and-out Ronnie Layne but on the way up find redemption at the Life-You-Save Blood Bank or the Regulation Bar next door? Will the woman he meets help or hinder his recovery. Read more. Cheer Ronnie onward! Enjoy a cast of accompanying characters that will have you laughing as well as scratching your head.
A Brief History of Mishaps by Jordan Dumer A Brief History of Mishaps by Aug. 12, 2018 3,430 words Read a sample
A Collection of three short stories about sex, drugs and sharks. The first story is set in the past, the second in the modern world, and the third in an alternative future.
The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion by H.L Dowless The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion by Aug. 12, 2018 25,230 words Sample 10%
This work is intended to stand unto itself as more a living, breathing, portrait of art painted with carefully chosen words, than just a really interesting story told. Come along on this walk into a metaphysical realm. Feel what the main character feels as he walks, see what he sees. As the main character investigates his own spirituality, the reader may feel eerily motivated reexamine his own.
Fantasy Collection: A Collection of Fantasical Stories by Tyler Berry Fantasy Collection: A Collection of Fantasical Stories by Aug. 12, 2018 6,030 words Sample 20%
A collection of three flash fiction fantasy stories. These stories follow characters on a short, yet wonderful journey in a world that is sometimes foreign, and sometimes all too familiar.
The Tomb and Its Collection of Arty Facts by Frankie Lassut The Tomb and Its Collection of Arty Facts by Aug. 12, 2018 18,900 words Read a sample
If you read it, you’ll want to tell the world about it and I’ll love you forever. I may invite you around for tea. I’ve actually heard that you’ll soon be able to get a computer app called e-meals. It, through a projector, puts a very realistic picture of your meal on the table and you eat it. There is an app with it called taste and texture which simulates both.