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My Naughty Internship (With My Father’s Best Friend!)

by Trina Cox

Copyright 2013 by Trina Cox

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“Anna! Hurry up or we’ll be late!”

"Coming, Daddy!" I yelled as I tried to decide between the pink top or the green one. Finally, I settled on the pink one, pulling it on and buttoning it to just above my bra. I tucked it into my skirt, gave my long blond hair one final brush, and stepped into my high-heeled black pumps.

Today was "Take Your Daughter To Work Day,” and I was going to my dad's office. He's a vice president at a big consulting firm, and he wants me to get an internship there this summer. I just turned eighteen three months ago, and I'm going off to college in the fall to study Marketing Communications. My daddy wants me to learn about what it takes to get ahead in his field. He got me an interview with his friend and work colleague, Mark Jacobson, who is hiring summer interns in marketing. He and Daddy have been good friends since I was little. They play golf together sometimes on the weekends, and he and his wife come over for dinner about twice a year. Daddy says that Mr. Jacobson had already picked his interns for this summer, but he agreed to interview me as a special favor. Daddy said that if I make a really good impression, maybe Mr. Jacobson will take me anyway.

On the way to work, I sat in the passenger seat and listened to Daddy giving me interview tips as he maneuvered his Lexus through traffic. "Make sure you smile and look him in the eyes when you're talking to him. Don't say 'like' all the time. You're a smart girl; use your vocabulary."

"Yes, Daddy," I murmured.

"And remember, you're going to need to stand out, somehow. Mark has already chosen his interns, so you'll really have to make an impression on him for him to take you on. Don't be afraid to use your charms on him. It may not be fair, but looks matter in the working world, and a pretty face and figure can work wonders for a young woman if you use them well."

"Okay, Daddy," I said, looking at him and batting my eyes. He laughed and patted my bare knee. Then our conversation moved on to other subjects.

Once we arrived at his office, Daddy parked his car in his executive spot on the parking garage and then we took the elevator to the 23rd floor. I had been here once before, when I was about ten, and I remembered the big glass doors that faced the elevator. We walked through them and into the main reception area. "Hello, Dolores," my daddy said to an older lady in a dark blue suit sitting at the front desk. "I'm not sure if you remember my daughter, Anna."

"Hello, Anna," Dolores said, smiling warmly. "I do remember you, but last time I saw you, you were just a little thing. You're all grown up now!" She shook my hand, and then we continued down the hallway to a large area with cubicles in the center and private offices all along the outer corridors. My daddy led me to his office and told me to sit down on a couch along the wall.

"What time is your interview with Mark?" he asked me, even though he already knew the answer.

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